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  1. Jobsite322

    2013 Yamaha 200 sho Ecu

    Looking to do the same upgrade to my 200 SHO. Where did you locate the 250 ECU?
  2. Jobsite322

    T-Top Builder

    I have a 2013 22 Tournament and i am considering installing a T-top. Does anyone know who builds them for Pathfinder. Is there backing in the deck standard? Don't know since the boat did not originally have one is there backing for it? Thanks
  3. I have a new to me 2013 2200 TE. It currently has speakers in the rear of the forward rod lockers facing the console. It appears looking in the console there is another set of speaker wires. Does Pathfinder prewire speakers somewhere in the rear deck?
  4. Jobsite322

    2013 Tournament 2200 jack plate setback

    Thanks, NC Tribute. I have the same setup with the 200 SHO. I used the Power Pole adapter wizard and it's telling me the correct one is (PK S-2-2). Thanks for the pictures they are a big help!
  5. I am currently away from my boat and want to order a power pole mount that will allow me to move my pole. I'm the second owner and the original dealer mounted the pole on the transom with top through bolts and lags in the bottom holes. Needless to say its a less than ideal installation. I want to move the power pole to a jack plate mount. Does anyone know what the standard setback is for the Atlas jack plate? The setback distance apparently dictates what mount I need. Thanks
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