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  1. Yeah, if you're 5,800 with a 20" pitch, mine will drag you down another 400 RPM's. I'm running a 21" right now and that brought me up 200 RPM's to 5,800. I might take you up on trying your 20. That should put me right at 6,000.
  2. When you say "short", do you mean the RPM's were over or under 6,000? I had it on a Young 20. I was getting 5,600 and just over 61 mph with this prop. Your 20 is probably perfect for my setup.
  3. OFX4 prop like new, ran around 60hrs on Yamaha 250 SHO. Part #: OFX4R22PCL200. 22" pitch. $250.00
  4. Selling a PowerTech OFX4R22 prop. Perfect condition with no dings or nicks. It's hubbed for a Yamaha. $225.
  5. 2007 24TE JL 8.8 fit?

    Thanks Jazzy and Brad for your responses.
  6. Mercury

    Thanks. I was aware of that; but, I believe that hull is really designed to run with a 20" shaft. A few people I spoke to said it ran great with the F300; but the jackplate is always up due to the extra 5" of shaft length.
  7. 2007 24TE JL 8.8 fit?

    How do you like just two 8.8's? Enough sound or do you wish you had gone with 4 (2 forward and 2 aft)? Thanks!
  8. Mercury

    Skip, what about the 2300 HPS? I'm looking for digital controls which the 250 SHO doesn't have and the 300 Offshore only comes in a 25" shaft length. I'm thinkng one of the new Mercs (250 or 300) would suit this boat perfect.
  9. New 505 lb Mercury V8 4 strokes

    That 300 with the 20" shaft would be perfect on the 2300 HPS! Plus you can get DTS!
  10. HPS 250 vs 300

    Thanks for the info. The 300 then is really too long and also adds an additional 57 lbs on the transom. I'll never understand why they don't offer the SHO with DTS.
  11. Trolling motor mounting

    I honestly don't believe the glassed-in mounting plate is thick enough to have enough threads to hold a trolling motor. Personally, I would through bolt it with either a backing plate or large S.S. fender washers on each bolt.
  12. HPS 250 vs 300

    Sorry to revive an old thread; but, I was wondering if anything has changed in reference to the 300 shaft length. I thought the F300 NCA was shipped from Yamaha without a lower unit. The manufacturer (in this case MBG), installs the required gear case. Won't a 20" SHO lower bolt onto a F300 NCA? Thinking of ordering a 2300 HPS and don't want to go back to cable controls. On a side note, funny how Merc can build the VRod in 4 different colors with three different shaft sizes and Yamaha just recently introduced white (300 only) and no 20" shaft. And no one could possibly want digital shift & throttle on their SHO, right? A 2300 HPS would SCREAM with a 300 VRod on it. Unfortunately, it would hurt the draft too much I think.
  13. Reds Devils Elbow

    What size Maverick are you running?
  14. St Augustine Fishing Guides

    You can't go wrong with Capt Tommy Derringer. Great captain and and a hell of a nice guy!