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  1. 75' Redfisher project boat $ 2,500

    Lol no it's only 4 thousand I don't expect that much but I have it there to keep the riff raff away I am willing to negotiate bud . I'm not trying to get rich .
  2. 75' Redfisher project boat $ 2,500

    Anyone looking for a project boat ? I have a 75 redfisher that I have sitting . This is a project ! I won't claim that it's in amazing condition or anything . This girl needs a lot of work but well worth it to the right person. If I didn't already have my Bonefisher71 that I'm rebuilding , it has no motor . It has two consoles, a gas tank that isn't the original someone put one under the console the " bait wells" are still attached too . She needs love bad and I can't give it . $2,500 would like to see her go to a good home .
  3. 1973 Bonefisher Resto

    How's the project comming
  4. 1979 Bonefisher

    Ok here's a question , if I remove the wells on the transom would that decrease the value of the boat ? (The "keys " style bait wells )
  5. 1979 Bonefisher

    Cool thank you for the Lappy clarification, and he doesn't have any coosa board I asked him lol . He was telling me he uses a lot of that pvc board which I'm trying to learn about now . I was going to do some exploring on my transom to see how bad if at all it is . Would love some coosa myself. And yeah if you want the number I'll send it to you , he's a good guy and a huge source of information too .
  6. Ideas,how to rebuild a 71 bonefisher

    Any ideas with the bait wells on the transom? I'm debating on keeping them or not ? And how do I pull the cap off to check the stringers ?
  7. 1979 Bonefisher

    I'm not sure about your boats gas tank . Is it in the front under the casting deck ? And here's a little trick I learned when working for a boat builder . They used to put extra batteries in the bow like you said to move the weight forward . We would build shelves in the bow locker just big enough to fit the box and battery in and strap it down . Another little bit of useless information for you is I met a guy down here that has 100,000 lbs of all different fiberglass cloth for sale if you need it . I picked up three rolls of varying sizes for under 200 bucks . If you need any I can ask for you ?
  8. 1979 Bonefisher

    I'm thinking the same with mine too bud , I want to make the underseat a livewell or storage I was going to put the batteries under the console.
  9. 1979 Bonefisher

    I did that to mine and she's solid , other then around the console. I'm thinking of just stiffing it up with some brackets , and any good ideas on making deck lids ?
  10. Ideas,how to rebuild a 71 bonefisher

    Where should I look exactly ? And thank you
  11. New Lappy Owner

    How do you tell if the boats are " lappys" and I just got a 71 bonefisher and need to get some ideas on where to start if you don't mind , or have ideas . It would be appreciated.
  12. 1979 Bonefisher

    Nice score !! I just recently bought a 71 my self and have a ton of work I want to do to it , my knowledge is limited so if you hear of any good ideas on where to start please let me know and I'll do the same bud ! Also how did you upload your pictures?
  13. I just bought a 1971 bonefisher in ok condition, however it needs work and I would like to remove all the wood . I'm not sure how to go about this project and could use all the help I can get . I have some knowledge in fiberglass work , but have no idea how to remove and replace them . I've always loved Hewes boats and am so excited to finally own one Thank you for any and all help .
  14. hightailin15

    I just bought this 1971 bonefisher , needs work any help and all ideas of where to start , material etc would be much appreciated .