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  1. Front Console Cooler Size - Pathfinder 20

    Thanks for the info!
  2. Front Console Cooler Size - Pathfinder 20

    I really want to go with the 50, but not sure if the 50 will fit the 2000 console ( which I believe is smaller in size than the 2200). Unfortunately my boat is kept I a marina ... so tough for me to get down to measure. dcathy - do you feel the tie downs are necessary if boat is not trailered?
  3. Front Console Cooler Size - Pathfinder 20

    Recently purchased a 2008 Pathfinder 2000v and want to replace front igloo cooler with a Yeti or Engel cooler. I plan on installing a seat cushion on it. Would like to work with factory installed tie downs, but can go without or install new tie downs to accommodate new cooler. Does anyone know which size cooler would be the best fit? I’m looking at the Yeti 45 and 50, but would certainly consider an Engel. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. 2006 Hewes Redfisher 18 * PRICE DROP*

    How many hours? Where are TM batteries located? Is there a battery charger? Also it would be helpful if you posted some pictures of the interior of storage, live wells and bilge area. Thanks.
  5. Pathfinder Fusion 19 price reduced

    Nice looking boat. I have some questions about the layout. Can you call me this evening assuming the Fusion is still for sale. My number is 407-694-5100. Thanks.