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  1. 1999 Pathfinder 17T CC (Reduced)

    Bump. REDUCED to sell $9,200. New boat has arrived and can't keep 2. Boat is in Miami til Tuesday, can bring it to Naples mid week if anyone is interested.
  2. Trollling motor for 2002 hpx-v ??

    I am more interested to know where to hide a second battery. Not much room is right. Mine is an 05 and i cant see fitting a 2nd battery in the console.
  3. 1999 Pathfinder 17T CC (Reduced)

    Bump. Price reduced $9500. Needs to go. No room for 2.
  4. WTB 16' 17' flats boat 15-17k budget

    dont know how shallow you want to get, but you can take a look at my 17T. just reduced the price on Craigslist. https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/col/boa/6111727687.html
  5. 2005 HPX 17 with f70. Prop suggestions?

    Thanks for the input. I will getting ready to try a borrowed prop. will let you know how it goes.
  6. 1999 Pathfinder 17T CC (Reduced)

    Bump. Price Reduced.... https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/boa/6097371151.html
  7. I would like to know what the best prop would be for this combination. Any input is appteciated.
  8. 1999 Pathfinder 17T CC (Reduced)

    Reduced to $9,800.00 need to make room for the new boat 1999 Pathfinder 17T Center Console 1999 60hp Yamaha 1999 Trailer. Custom full boat cover. Stringers were repaired under warranty in 2004 by the factory. Hydraulic Steering Boat is currently wrapped in Realtree Camo. Message me if you are interested. https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/boa/6097371151.html
  9. 1999 Pathfinder 17T CC

    This is our 17T. Just posted her on Craigslist. Hate to part but we have an HPX on the way. It is a classic. We have our share of "Blast n' Cast". She will be missed.
  10. Wtb Pathfinder 17t or something similar

    1999 17T center console, not side with 1999 60hp Yamaha. It is currently wrapped in Realtree Camo (duck hunting) but is Fighting Lady Yellow under the wrap. I just posted it on Craigslist. I have the boat in Miami but will work with you if you want to see it.