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  1. Laker

    t-top or Bimini top

    I looked the TUCCI up....... over $2000 for the umbrella... You can buy really good t-tops for that !! still contemplating my choices.
  2. Laker

    t-top or Bimini top

    The "Blade" is a really cool,simple & innovative solution !! Thanks for the input.
  3. Owners opinions about tops for a 2200 Pathfinder (2001 model) Which is better for sun & weather protection for a old geezer like myself?? I don't really need a top al the time, but after long hours in the sun or a sudden downpour some protection is nice. Your replies as to your top type ( T or Bimini ) and source if possible as well as your horror stories, if any. All replies are appreciated !!
  4. After several hours of "inspection", I figured out how to take care of this..........
  5. Here are some pictures the upper bilge does not drain to the bottom of the boat. In one pic you can see the broken scupper hose
  6. I just purchased a 2001 2200T and while it was sitting in my driveway it rained 2 inches. I pulled the transom plugs out of the scupper drains and discovered the lower bilge (which has no bilge pump) was flooded. After emptying the hull I discovered the starboard scupper hose was broken in half at a previous "splice" repair. How can I replace the entire scupper hose with no access to that area?? The same with the bilge pump hose- no access to it either but would like to replace it when I put all new pumps in it. Also, where can a person buy the rubber seals around the dry boxes, live well and battery compartment? All help appreciated!!
  7. I may end up doing the same thing. I have on other boats I have had. Right now I just have a melted pump, not sure of it's function yet. I could not dig any deeper until I cleaned the bilge of oil residue. It was NASTY!! More this weekend I hope.
  8. Wow!! I missed that first link... Thanks for pointing it out to me. I hope this solves my problems!!
  9. I hope that diagram is consistant withthe 2001 model as it is very helpful. Thanks A owners manual anyone??
  10. I just bought a 2001 2200T Pathfinder with a Yamaha 200 on it. I am very much in need of an owners manual and wiring diagram so I can find & operate (and correct) the boats systems. Bilge pump, live well pump, various valves and switches. I have many issues to correct that my dealer was to fix but did not. Any help or reference is appreciated.