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  1. Yea I was turning 5300 rpms @ 51 mph. But it’s to get one step. Only turning 2500. After plugging in the numbers on Yamaha’s website it recommends an 18 pitch. I also think I need to bring my motor up a notch or two.
  2. So I just purchased a RF18. Getting on plane is a struggle but once on plane it runs great. Current prop is 14 3/4 with 21 pitch. I need to check out the RPMs this weekend. Buddy thinks the prop is too big.
  3. Sold

    Did this boat ever sell?
  4. For Sale 2012 Pathfinder 20

    I told my wife I found a boat. “Where?” Delaware. “Forget about it. You not going that far!” LOL!
  5. 2006 Hewes Redfisher 21’

    Where is the boat located?
  6. Good price on 21 fusion

    I called and talked to the guy. Original owner. I’m just going back and forth if I want to stand the whole time.
  7. Good price on 21 fusion

  8. 2005 Maverick MA 21

    If you head to Louisiana let me know! I’ll check the boat out.
  9. Good price on 21 fusion

    Called, texted, nothing
  10. 2006 Redfisher 21 for sale

    Where is the boat located?
  11. 21' hewes not mine

    Saw this yesterday also. Boat looks good. Just have to get that engine looked at. Ive had to put my boat hunt on hold. Moving first!
  12. WTB: Pathfinder Fusion 19/22 or Late Model Redfisher 18

    They all sold. I was going look at one on a Saturday and it sold on the Friday!
  13. Hewes redfisher 18 2003 for sale

    That's the reason I've passed on some 18's. I'm set on a 21 Redfisher/Mav or a 200XS Sterling. I have a family of 5!
  14. 2007 Master Angler 21ft - 250 HPDI VMax

    Where is this boat located?
  15. 21 master angler 225 sho

    Texted. No reply.