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  1. Pliers

    Excellent little tool. Put a carabiner around your belt and they are always within easy reach. If you cut heavy line with them they will wear faster. They cut braid like butter when not abused.
  2. Repowering 2200V

    Agree. I did the same motor upgrade about 5 years ago. The 22 responded so much better to the 225 SHO. Backing, general maneuvering and of course, hole shot and top speeds all saw vast improvements. Fuel economy from the VZ 150 to the SHO 225 was almost the same.
  3. Losing power

    Back when I had an HPDI V-Max I had a power loss issue as you describe. It was the VST. That filter in there was brown with fuel resin gunk. Changed it and issue was resolved.
  4. Rhodan

    Installed mine when I got the boat in August. So far I love it. It does what it's told to do and the "anchor" feature is truly the bomb!! Being able to jog 5 ft in any direction while in anchor mode is also a great thing. I can really creep along and work every corner of a ledge or artificial reef offshore. I am using wet cell interstate batteries from Costco and after a full day of anchor-mode they have yet to be drawn down below 60% (as read on the charging system of the boat). Perfectly happy that I bought my Rhodan. I do wish I had gone with the 6' shaft for the bumpy days in the gulf though. I've gotten spoiled not having to use a real anchor.
  5. From 2300 HPS to a 2500 Hybrid impressions

    That's a new option. I shall re-state. Up until recently, SHO's were only available only in 20" shaft. Now, reviewing the Yamaha website, I see they offer it in 25" as well. That just kicks a**.
  6. From 2300 HPS to a 2500 Hybrid impressions

    Robert, all the SHO engines are 20" shafts. I'm curious if Onionrings can lift his jack plate completely and not blow the prop out. The 25" shaft on the 300 keeps enough in the water even when jacked up fully that I can run and not break the prop loose or lose cooling water pressure.
  7. From 2300 HPS to a 2500 Hybrid impressions

    4 blade, 18 pitch. That's the one I and my dealer couldn't get our hands on when I was testing props. I may go borrow a 19 pitch 3 blade to try on a day when I have 4 people on the boat. See if it has any noticeable difference. When I tried the 19 pitch 4 blade it had an awesome hole shot but nothing for top end.
  8. PF 2500 owners: fishbox drain

    If they could have just gravity drained it over the side and had a ball valve in the line for safety I would have been all for it. As I was told it was either macerator overboard or drain to the bilge....which stinks (both literally and figuratively). The macerator, imo is almost overkill for that little box. As soon as its turned on all the liquid is gone and the pump then starts sucking air. Anything big gets stopped by the strainer that covers the drain anyways.
  9. My 2003 was rated at 225. Those putting 250's on them risked transom issues that were not covered by warranty. I believe, as others said, the TE that came out around 2007 was the first rated for 250. They didn't run any faster than mine with the SHO 225 did. Changes to the hull and increased weight sapped that extra 25 ponies right up.
  10. Yamaha 2300HPS

    Lane snapper. There are yellowtail, lane, mangrove and vermillion snapper in there as well as a gag grouper and a red grouper. We caught and released a short mutton snapper, numerous red and gag grouper shorts, lots of trigger fish and a 4' tiger shark. I never knew they came in a size other than "holy sh**, look at that".
  11. Yamaha 2300HPS

    This is why I love having the Rhodan. We fished all day offshore yesterday. We spent hours and hours on the trolling motor, never once dropped an anchor. The ability to "hover" directly over structure or to play the current successfully over structure allows me to drift my snapper baits exactly where I want them to go. We had a blast. Put 90 miles on the boat and burned 31 gallons of fuel. The trolling motor batteries aren't even down to 60%.
  12. Yamaha 2300HPS

    I spend quite a bit of time offshore. There have been several days that are fishable but bumpy. The 60" shaft definitely cavitates long before I would consider conditions to be difficult to fish. Moving anglers forward does help alleviate this to some degree. I do see where a longer shaft would impede the port locker from fully opening if mounted at an improper angle. When I wear this one out I will absolutely put a 72 on there. Having it hang out over the side a little doesn't cause any issues for me.
  13. From 2300 HPS to a 2500 Hybrid impressions

    What prop are you running?
  14. Yamaha 2300HPS

    Congrats on the new rig!! I put the Rhodan 60" 36 volt on my 2500. Wish I'd have gone with the 72". I called Rhodan the other day to see if they can change out the shafts and was informed that it is impossible. The lower unit and the shaft are bonded in such a way that they are one forever after. Unfortunate for me. Lesson learned. Even with the head hanging over the gunnel I'd take the 72".
  15. Prop and rpm

    I ran a 19 P 3 blade on my 2200 with SHO 225. I could turn 5900 rpms. There's no way a 200 is going to turn a 21 that fast on the same boat.