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  1. What is Practical Limit On HP on a 22V

    I had a 2003 2200V with SHO 225. With just me it would run 60-61 on GPS with a 19p 3 blade prop. Prop was a Stiletto I believe. When I first got it I was on this forum and it was stated many times that the transoms on those older boats couldn't handle much more torque than the 225's gave. If you choose to up the HP you probably should have the transom reinforced along with some of the other ideas listed above. Be a shame to watch 25K in motor sink as the transom comes apart.
  2. 2500 Hybrid

    Take a businessman's holiday. Come to Fort Myers, I'll get you on mine for a bit.
  3. 2500 Hybrid

    I'm not close but we took our 2500 to the Chesapeake in July. It performed well. I'm sure there are days a true deep V would be the better boat on a body of water that size though.
  4. 2500 Garmin transducer

    I was out last weekend on a friends boat. It was a large 32' step hull with twin outboards. Their sounder with a thru-hull transducer read flawlessly at speed in depths to 190'. I notice some air interference in my Garmin with the standard thru hull transducer and it becomes difficult if not impossible to read when at cruising speed. (Not sure which one comes with the boat but would like to know if someone can chime in). My question is do other 2500 owners lose good bottom contact with their sounder at speed or is there something I can do with what I have to improve its performance? Being able to read the bottom at speed is a game changer when looking for new stuff. Thanks for the replies.
  5. 2500 trailer tires

    I made the trip to Amera Trail yesterday. I arrived bright and early and everyone was ready to fix my problem which was determined to be a misaligned axle. Scott, the owner went over the planned repair and I bugged out to find some breakfast and make a quick Walmart stop. If anyone ever has the chance to be in St. Cloud for breakfast I highly recommend the Coffee Cup restaurant. Huge portions of excellent grub at a very fair price. Returning to Amera Trail I found my trailer completed and the boat was being lowered back onto it. After a tour of the assembly line and some good conversation I was on my way home 3 hours after arriving. My hat is off to Scott and his crew. I can't begin to tell you how well I was treated or how pleased I was to be back on the road so quickly. If any of you have the chance to stop in to visit or get parts I highly recommend them.
  6. 2500 trailer tires

    Spoke with Scott of Ameratrail last night. Super nice guy. I will be seeing him next week. I am assured the issue will be resolved above and beyond my satisfaction. Kudos to those who helped get this ball rolling faster. You know who you are.
  7. 2500 trailer tires

    Mine is set up just like yours is. So we are saying the same thing. Lol
  8. 2500 trailer tires

    It's going to have to go to the shop soon. I believe this is probably the issue. Thanks for the info. I'll use it for sure.
  9. 2500 trailer tires

    Mine is a standard Silverado 2 wd. The tongue weight is so much I actually had to raise the ball to get the trailer level. I don't believe I've got it too high. I could put a level on it but just eyeballing it...its either level or nose down just a bit.
  10. 2500 trailer tires

    I'd believe that if the wear was even across the tread. The tire was nearly bald on the inside half but the outer part of the tread was still quite deep. There's an issue. The longer the dealer ***ks around with it the more tires they are going to end up paying for. Calling daily and I'm starting to feel as though I'm getting put on the back burner while they wait on a reply from the tire manufacturer. We all know it's not the tires fault that its wearing fast and uneven......
  11. 2500 trailer tires

    Ameritrail dual axle from the factory. It came with the boat. D rated 14" radials also came with the Ameritrail. I'm unsure of the tire manufacturer.
  12. 2500 trailer tires

    I agree with both of you. Will be calling the dealer *AGAIN* to get this resolved. Thank you!!!
  13. 2500 trailer tires

    I'm 9 months along with my 2500 and have already had 2 tires (both on rear axle) get worn unevenly and fail. One on right side, one on left. The trailer has never even left the county and has only seen highway speeds a handful of times. Figuring all my charters and fun trips there might be 2500-3000 miles on the tires. To me, this isn't acceptable. I have brought this to the attention of my dealer and am waiting for him to respond. So my question is.....is this normal to chew up the tires on the rear axle? I've always had single axle trailers in the past. I had planned several long distance towing trips over the summer but currently hesitant as I don't want to have to carry a truckload of spares with me. Appreciate the input.
  14. Pliers

    Excellent little tool. Put a carabiner around your belt and they are always within easy reach. If you cut heavy line with them they will wear faster. They cut braid like butter when not abused.
  15. Repowering 2200V

    Agree. I did the same motor upgrade about 5 years ago. The 22 responded so much better to the 225 SHO. Backing, general maneuvering and of course, hole shot and top speeds all saw vast improvements. Fuel economy from the VZ 150 to the SHO 225 was almost the same.