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  1. Pathfinder

    Gorgeous! I'm really liking these 1810's. I never really paid attention to them until the last few popped up. I may be in the market for a "garage" boat so this will have to be something to consider. I love that custom leaning post and great re'wire that has been done. My only issue with these is that there is no real livewell. I guess you would have to do a custom well under the leaning post huh? What's the max HP on this? How many hours on motor/boat?
  2. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Also, Tarpon muddin at end of runway!
  3. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Same exact place I had my cup in the corner.
  4. Any pictures of 21ft MA with push pole on deck

    This sits 5 doors down from me on Ft. Myers Beach and teases me everyday I drive by it. Absolutely a stunning 21' MA!
  5. Master Angler 21 For sale Tampa bay

    Thanks Nag, I know it sounds crazy, but I may be back into another 18'. We might be moving into a house in which I'll have to store my boat in a garage. I need to buy that first and then I'll be looking at a pontoon that I can leave at the in-laws dock. I'll definitely hit you up when that gets closer. I think this time I'm going to try to get a side console 18' MA. I know, good luck with that.
  6. Master Angler 21 For sale Tampa bay

  7. Master Angler 21 For sale Tampa bay

    I hear ya. I sold my 18 MA because I need a "Bay" boat. I've got three boys. I'm tempted to buy another 18'/21' MA and a pontoon to satisfy the family!
  8. Master Angler 21 For sale Tampa bay

    Didn't you buy this not too long ago? Why you selling? Going to NEW 26' MA??? Haha
  9. Master Angler 21 For sale Tampa bay

    I really like those Power Pole Up/Down bow deploy buttons.
  10. What did you do to your boat today?

    Holy Sh%#...SICK..Looks sweet!
  11. New Master Angler???

    Yep, I agree. Not sure which way the new MA will go. Being that PF has such a bay boat presence and just came out with the 2500, I can only assume it has to be lower gunnels, less deadrise etc....The 26' size is throwing me off. I could understand coming off the 23' HPS hull, but 26' seems very long to put the MA name on it.
  12. New Master Angler???

    Shearwater 260 Carolina Flare and it's priceyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  13. Looking for a 2000V..

    I'm confused. Who's 22' TE w/250 SHO is this?
  14. New Master Angler???

    Yep, and I would think they went with less of a transom deadrise to get the draft down and probably will be similar to what Egret has done with the 21' Moccasin, which I think is really a great layout. And let the speculations begin...lol. All I know is that at 26' this is going to be a beast of a "Flats/Hybrid" boat that will set a new bar. I see this being the modern day "flatback" west coast style tarpon machine.
  15. New Master Angler???

    425 Yami and a brick of C Notes and it’s yours! Or 6 Million dollars! “We can rebuild it...Bigger, Faster, Stronger!
  16. 2008 22' Pathfinder XL, Tournament ***SOLD***

    Congrats....very nice sled!
  17. 2008 22' Pathfinder XL, Tournament ***SOLD***

    I'm right there with ya on the 6 month time frame. This or a 24' in the same condition is what I'll be waiting for.
  18. WTB Pathfinder 22 or 24

    Congrats. Looks great.
  19. Red Tide?

    Fort Myers Beach South to Naples was pretty bad a week ago but has been much better now. Not sure what all this weather will do?
  20. Craigslist 2200 PF

    I like when the seller generates a good ad like this. It shows that he cares.
  21. 2008 Maverick MA 18' w/F150/ Side console

    I thought I remember reading that 2008 was the last year manufactured and only 6 boats were sold that year.
  22. Just popped up today. If red is your color this looks really nice. I like the side console! https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee/boa/d/maverick-master-angler/6590323751.html
  23. 2008 Maverick MA 18' w/F150/ Side console

    For sure. I've seen some really nice looking wraps on boats.
  24. Boat search

    Sorry about that I meant to put this on Justfish thread.
  25. Cast Net Recommendation

    What Hurricane said. I have a 10 & 12' and they both have been superb. I really like the warranty because I throw a lot around bridges and have loss multiple nets in the past.