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  1. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Hey Buddy, Just a quick FYI that your contractor may not know. If you have a slab down there and if you ever have a significant event that would cause slab damage, you must have the slab tied into the piers with rebar for coverage. This is a fairly new bulletin straight from FEMA for covered slabs in a high hazard elevated home. Just a quick thought since it would be pretty easy to tie rebar into those actual piers now if possible. During major hurricanes with significant wave action we have seen slabs pop right out of the ground. If the slab is not tied into the foundation piers/pilings etc.. there's no coverage. Also the slab needs to be at least 6" thick. Call me if you need to.
  2. WTB 24 pathfinder

    How many hours?
  3. FOR SALE 2016 2400 TRS

    Beatiful! I like it with no t-top and a 250. What kind of numbers you getting with the SHO? GLWS.
  4. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Absolutely a great decision! I can't tell you how much you'll appreciate that in the future for a multitude of reasons. Nicely done!
  5. POLL: 2017 - more good than bad, or more bad than good?

    2017-Personal Best 2018-Hopefully Personal Best!
  6. 18MA VS 18 EGRET

    I've fished both many times and when it comes down to it IMO the Maverick 18 is a better value. The Egret is amazing, but I feel that their used price value is over valued compared to Maverick MA. The Moccasin is a very cool boat, but it's not an 18 flats boat. You would need to be a little more specific of what you really want and how you fish 80% of the time. I've learned that the boat that you think you want may not be what you need. Buy the boat that will work for you 80% of the way you fish. Nag has a crazy cool boat that's priced right and with a 4 stroke. If you took an 18 MA and a 18 Egret out the same day next to each other there would very little you would be able tell apart except for the price. In short, 18's with 4 strokes are rare so if you find one, buy it, because you will probably be able to fish for a year and sell it for the same price you paid for it and then you'll know if it was right for you.
  7. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    You're in a completely different coverage category now. You will now probably be re-zoned as a, Post-Firm Elevated home in a High Hazard flood plane. You will now have limited coverage under your new elevated home. Call me to discuss what you can expect for coverage below your first elevated floor now. As time goes by you'll soon realize you have a tremendous amount of "new" potential square footage beneath your home now, which you obviously didn't have before. Be cautious before you start framing in or adding enclosed areas down there. There will be very limited coverage. As you know now, it would've been nice to know your policy before you flooded.
  8. 2006 Maverick 21 Master Angler for sale

    I know, but boats are like women, ......! You can fill in the rest...LOL
  9. 2006 Maverick 21 Master Angler for sale

    I likey!
  10. Craigslist 21RF

    I like the ad. It's hilarious to me. Bring your mechanic, sold as is, where it is. At least he's being honest.
  11. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Send it down here to us S. Florida boys and we will fish/show it all over down here for ya!
  12. 2006 Tournament 2200 Pathfinder

    Looks like 34K next to his name and number. 727 area code is Pinellas Cty. (Tampa Bay Area). Good looking boat and well taken care of.
  13. Snookin before front

    Came up to Clearwater/Dunedin to fish with a buddy and fished that full moon low tide in the middle of day. Got bait just off pier 60 in 20' of water. One cast and blacked out well with large threadfin and white bait. We were actually targeting redfish on the Belleair flat and on the other side south of coast guard station. We chummed heavy and kept catching small undersized snook out on the flat in potholes. I was a little surprised to see these guys still out in the open with the water temp dropping. I knew there would be some bigger fish out too then. Got this girl on a small whitebait in less than 2' of water just off the end of a dock in Belleair area. We then went and fished the east side of Dunedins deeper docks working lots of live bait as tide was coming in and caught multiple slot snook. Fish were very sluggish and we saw lots of fish that wouldn't eat. Not one snook ever came up and popped a stunned white bait like they usually do when chumming in warmer water. They probably were feeding on the full moon at night. Anyways it was a great few hours of catch and release snook action. No slot reds or trout though. All were undersized. I'm sure these snook will be off the flats after this front passes.
  14. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Next time don't waste your time. Just make sure you call me to do your flood claim and you'll be taken care of! .HAHA!!!
  15. 2007 18 master angler for you fanatics

    Is it because it's a side console? Don't see many side consoles.