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  1. Dock to boat lift boarding

    This is my simple "walk the plank solution." Used an adequate plank screwed to dock via two galvanized hinges with a pulley at the lift beam to raise and lower. If you put the gunwale level with the dock you have a level one step walk. With the pulley, it does not interfere with height boat is lifted. Crossing to the boat, you can grab the T-Top for stability and the lift beam coming back. It is simple, cheap, and a little bit of a thrill. For info only. No advice intended and any liability disclaimed. Parkin Hunter Garden City Beach, SC
  2. Lift Cradle

    Thank you. Parkin
  3. Lift Cradle

    What is the recommended bunk spacing for a lift cradle for a 2017 Cobia 210 Bay?
  4. Can someone tell me approximately where the center of gravity is on a 2017 210 Bay with a T-Top? I need this for centering on a lift. Thanks.