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  1. 18 MA Console

    Yes that’s exactly what I was looking at. Not sure if I’m up for the project though... it’s a 7 hour ride for me to go check it out and I’m not sure if it’s worth the rebuild. It’s hard to find an original console.
  2. 18 MA Console

    Hey guys, does anyone know where I can get a 18 Master Angler console? Looking to buy a 1998 18MA but someone put a giant tower on it... I'd like to get it back to the original look if I buy it. Thanks in advance!
  3. 21 Maverick MA / Yamaha 150 VMAX / $18,000

    Hey guys just fished this afternoon, hull was bone dry when I pulled the plug. Took a deposit as soon as I hopped off the boat, pending sale @ $17000.00
  4. 21 Maverick MA / Yamaha 150 VMAX / $18,000

    I do not know the actual hours. I am going to call the previous owner when I get off work to get as much info as I can from him. All I know is I have ran this quite a bit in the last 3-4 months and there hasn't been a single hiccup. It's a great engine.
  5. 21 Maverick MA / Yamaha 150 VMAX / $18,000

    Here you go guys.... Before and after. And to answer the question about the speed... She really doesn't dog with the 150, its a great motor and will push her mid 40s with a few people, and that's GPS speed. It has a great hole shot and runs really well.
  6. 21 Maverick MA / Yamaha 150 VMAX / $18,000

    Thanks for the advice... I live in DeLand right now (just graduated from Stetson University) headed back to my home town, Tarpon Springs, for a job in a couple weeks. I split this boat with my best friend/ roommate from college and he's headed to law school in August. I wasn't planning on moving back home until August but landed the job I applied for a lot sooner then expected. I wouldn't be in such a hurry to sell if I wasn't moving and having already bought a Mav Mirage II (really sweet boat, doing a lot of custom stuff to it, I can send pics if anyone wants to see it) puts a little more pressure on me to sell the 21. When I get back home this afternoon I will send more detailed pictures of the boat. it has not been advertised at this price yet....... but if someone brings me $16,500 cash I'll take it. There really is no problem with this thing, engine runs like a champ, fires right up. Trailer is in super clean like-new shape and the boat has been fixed professionally. No structural issues, no blown stringers, no soft spots, it was simply deck damage that looks like it never happened now. (pics are coming soon). I appreciate all the help from everyone on this forum, really glad I joined, you guys have taught me a lot in a very short amount of time.
  7. 21 Maverick MA / Yamaha 150 VMAX / $18,000

    Will do Nag Juice.. I'll have a handful of before/ after pictures within a few hours.
  8. 21 Maverick MA / Yamaha 150 VMAX / $18,000

    Someone come make me an offer! Willing to entertain all sorts of cash offers! I am moving in 10-12 days and need it gone.
  9. 21 Maverick MA / Yamaha 150 VMAX / $18,000

    Thanks linesider 159, you certainly know more about this rig than I do. I didn't ask any questions about the engine because of how well it performed/ looked/ sounded, he simply told me there were a couple hundred hours but didn't know exactly. And no worries man I don't take any of that personally, just trying to sell this boat at a good deal so I can get my money and move on. All the damage from the dock incident was repaired at the same time as I stated above. I appreciate the information though, I probably should have joined the forum before the original purchase. But at this point it has all been repaired professionally and looks great, it was all on the deck, the hull/ transom were never damaged.
  10. 21 Maverick MA / Yamaha 150 VMAX / $18,000

    I appreciate the feedback! I am just trying to be as open and transparent about this as possible, what i know, yall know. It really is a beautiful boat and needs a home that will serve her better then I can. I have a guy coming to look at it today driving all the way from Tampa, so it might not make it through the day. I'll keep yall posted!
  11. 21 Maverick MA / Yamaha 150 VMAX / $18,000

    If you guys could have seen this guy who i bought it from you would understand, he seemed to enjoy more of the idea of being a guide than actually fishing. Really nice guy but far from a serious guide. When I purchased it there was a 12 inch long crack on the port side bow area, really close to the edge on the deck. Apparently he had it docked and a big sport fish rolled by and the wave brought it up under the dock and cracked the deck. I took it to Jam-Up boat repairs in Lake Mary and had it fixed professionally, and was far from cheap! Pictures of before and after are below.. look right above the gas overflow valve. (sorry for the bad pictures but its all I have). Let me know if y'all got anymore questions!
  12. 21 Maverick MA / Yamaha 150 VMAX / $18,000

    There's a few small spider cracks, nothing abnormal for a almost 20 year old boat. He was an older guy (mid-late 50s) and doesn't guide a whole lot anymore apparently. I understand that concern, as it was a concern of mine too. The boat really is in good shape. I can take some detailed pictures tomorrow and post them.
  13. 21 Maverick MA / Yamaha 150 VMAX / $18,000

    The hull, deck, and transom are in really good shape no structural damage anywhere on the boat. I ran it with 4 of my friends (5 total people) 2 weeks ago out of New Smyrna and topped out at 44 on the gps. She gets up and goes and runs strong. Bought it from a guide down in Stuart about 3 months ago who owned it for 12 years, put a new bilge pump in it, had it wetsanded and compounded professionally. Way too big of a boat for what I like to do, I just bought a Mirage II last weekend and definitely cannot afford 2 boats. It's priced fairly, no issues with it, just not what I thought I wanted.
  14. 21 Maverick MA / Yamaha 150 VMAX / $18,000

    Thanks man! I'll upload some more pictures, I have a ton.