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  1. Transom Saver

    Being that the transom tends to be weak/problematic on my 92' Redfisher i was thinking a transom saver to use while trailering would be a good idea. Anyone have any experience with this or able to recomend one that will work well with my 150hp?
  2. Suzuki 140 or 150?

    Yup, you're exactly right....even the parts inside are cover in Honda lables. Someone i would trust told me it is the best 150 out there now, all things considered.
  3. Suzuki 140 or 150?

    Yea thats what Im thinking right now too. Just want to be sure im not missing anything or will later regret not having a 150 on there for some reason. I really like the Tahatsu 150 too but think i will go with the Suzuki 140. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Suzuki 140 or 150?

    Thats what I hear. I think the 115 is built on the same block as the 140. Thanks for your feedback.
  5. Suzuki 140 or 150?

    Im looking to repower my 1992 Hewes Redfisher 18. Its rated for up to a 150 HP engine but someone had mentioned that i would potentially get better benefit from the 140. The 140 is about 100lbs. lighter which may give me better top end speed, draw less water, and save me about 1000 bucks. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this; or can anyone weigh in on the validity of the previous assertions?
  6. moisture meter reading?

    I think im going to take the cap off and restore this boat for several reasons. I can beef up the transom, rewire it more easily, and check the fuel tank out and replace. I want to remove the old foam and pour new foam. Thanks for the posts, and ill let everyone know once i get into it.
  7. moisture meter reading?

    No its a device that looks like a stud finder with a needle to measure the moisture inside through the hull. As far as I know anyway. To me this would mean the foam is wet inside but im not exactly sure.
  8. moisture meter reading?

    So I just had my newly purchased 1992 Redfisher surveyed and the moister meter on a quarter of the boat from console to stern was wet. Very wet. I dont know what to do now. Do i need to pop the cap and gut everything? Is it normal for a hull this old to have a reading like this? Im really so disappointed about these results. I feel like i got ripped off for at least 4k. If anyone has any advice or guidance Id appreciate it.
  9. 1992 BF Repower question and hydraulic Steering (updated)

    Very nice! I like the decision to go with the black evinrude too...
  10. 92 Redfisher Boat Cover

    Lap it Up - appreciate that! The cover looks like it fits well. Like the PVC idea too. Looks like a sweet boat too!!
  11. 92 Redfisher Boat Cover

    Could anyone recommend a good boat cover for a 1992 Hewes Redfisher? I got one from Taylor Made for about 250 bucks for a flats boat but since the poling platform is more flush to the transom it left a gap where some poles would go around some other types of flats boats. I'm hoping I don't have to spend too much more but having a hard time finding something that will fit well. I was wondering what some other people on the forum might be using? thanks in advance for your replies.
  12. Cooler Recommendations

    I just got a the RTIC 45 for 175 bucks compared to 350 or so for Yeti equivalent. They are essentially the same quality too. For the price I think its hard to beat. Plus I think they just lost a lawsuit against Yeti, so not sure how much longer you'll be able to get them. Im looking to replace the stock console on my 92 Redfisher without the front hatch/seat and put the RTIC lengthwise. I believe there are kits available that you can screw snap buttons into the side of the cooler to fit a cushion on top too that I plan to do.