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  1. I have a F115 running RXB4 18 pitch PTprop. 2006 Redfisher trolling motor 2 batteries, power pole. 45mph@ 5600. Moderate load.
  2. Garmin Louisiana Bayou Satellite Chip

    What are some of near by towns on the chip. Venice, Shellbeach?
  3. Mercury Spitfire X7

    I have a Power Tech PTR 3 blade 19" pitch. What's up with your spitfire. Hard to turn? No grip? Just asking.
  4. New to forum

    Ok, called Minn Kota....Gave them serial number off motor. She then asked me if my remote had check mark on one of the buttons, it did. Wrong remote, check mark is for Bluetooth capable trolling motors. Mine is not.....Got a new remote coming. Thanks for the help.
  5. New to forum

    Ipilot, trolling motor. Controller was stolen, have new one now. Having trouble getting TM and controller to learn each other. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. New to forum

    I have 14ft. 2 piece hybrid stiffy. I use in low windy/current conditions and stand on deck. Stowe away in side gunnell.
  7. New to forum

    It's good for me. A little to much when loaded extra heavy. 22 is what I see most folks like to run on this boat.
  8. New to forum

    Power Tech OFX4 23 pitch.
  9. New to forum

    250 hpdi Series 2
  10. New to forum

    No sir, not right now. Thank you for the complement.
  11. Hewes Redfisher

    It was in a lift in Fish River Al. We had one those 100 year rains that happens about every 10 years you know. Boat was pinned down by the roof and when the water receded it was still in the lift, that's how cowling got cracked. Boat has been running around since then with no issues...3 years ago by the way. Gonna purchase in the next couple of days. Thanks again for the responses everyone.
  12. Hewes Redfisher

  13. Hewes Redfisher

    Also it sank in fresh water and was tended to shortly afterwards.
  14. Hewes Redfisher

    Boat is in good running order. Buying it tomorrow. Thanks for all the responses.
  15. Hewes Redfisher

    Looking at 2006 Hewes Redfisher 115 Yamaha cracked cowling 400 hours Ipilot TM Boat has gone under water once What is a good number for this boat?