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  1. Fall time reds

    Very nice! Hard to beat this time of year as we finally get a break from the south winds...
  2. Harvey won the battle with my fish cleaning stand so will need to replace it at some point. I want to keep it relatively simple - don't need any storage but will have power (at least one outlet and an overhead light) and water (at least one hose bib) and will need a roof for shade. Thinking about Starboard or something similar for a cleaning surface. On the previous stand I had glued a thin sheet of formica to the plywood counter top and while the formica surface held up pretty well, the plywood did begin to disintegrate over time. Pictures and recommendations would be appreciated! TIA Rob
  3. I mainly sight fish in very shallow water so use Gulp about 95% of the time - Gulp shrimp in Natural or New Penny or Gulp Jerk Shad in white/chartreuse on a 1/16 oz or 1/8 oz Flutter hook, rigged weedless. I also will break out the baitcaster and throw Top Dogs or Top Pups in deeper water when the sun is low. I haven't bought live shrimp in at least 5 years - not that I have anything against live bait, but where I fish most of the shrimp are destroyed quickly by pinfish or catfish. Few survive to find a redfish or trout. Most guides in our area stake out and soak cut bait or finger mullet.
  4. Ideas for new fish cleaning stand

    Thanks - I will search around to see if I can find a S/S counter top and stand that might work. Good idea!
  5. Keel Guard on MA17

    I don't have any pix as I sold that boat a few years ago. I believe I used something like this: Dino - Fingers crossed you have minimal damage.
  6. Keel Guard on MA17

    Just a thought - I had the same problem on my 22 when I would load on a steep ramp. I added a couple of rollers on the front cross beams and that seemed to keep the aluminum and fiberglass from intimate encounters...
  7. Pressure vs Temp Guage?

    I have always used the pressure gauge as the primary monitoring device for the engine - a leading indicator of potential overheating. In our area I occasionally have to run the jackplate at maximum height and while it usually will hold pressure, there are times where it does not. Also there are times of the year where we have a lot of floating grass that can quickly clog the intake. There is about a five second warning with a pressure drop before the alarm goes off and the engine goes into limp mode. When I am running very shallow or through floating grass I always have one eye on the pressure gauge .
  8. Coastal Texas

    Somehow my HPXT survived with no damage in the garage of my house in Rockport. Unfortunately the rest of the house was not so lucky. The front porch blew off, leaving a six inch gap down the living room wall that allowed a lot of rainwater in the house. All the laminate flooring throughout the house is buckled and much of the drywall is already turning interesting shades of blue, green and black. The living room wall also is significantly bowed out but surprisingly did not break any of the large windows that line the wall. The power lines were ripped from most of the houses, including mine, and many of the poles and lines are down so expect it will be sometime before service is restored and we can start drying out. Water service has already been restored although it is limited to daylight hours as they work on repairing all of the system breaches. It was interesting to note that the brunt of the hurricane hit us from the north as we were just south of the eye. The water level never rose above the dock so no flooding in the area due to tidal surge. We rode out the storm in our home in Houston and were very fortunate that we had no flooding in our neighborhood. The Rockport house is a second home so no concerns with making it liveable right away. There are a number of permanent residents in our RP neighborhood that have much more damage and have lost most everything. Our hearts go out to them and we will help anyway we can.
  9. Possibly moving to Houston

    Hi Larry, Texas has a very good fishery and you will have a lot of options. I am not too far from Spring and Galveston Bay is doable for day trips. I have fished in the West and East Bays and have found the Top Spot maps to be very helpful in identifying shell reefs and structure to fish. There are a few other folks on here that fish Galveston frequently so am sure they will chime in. There are a lot of great options along the coast - from the LA border all the way down to the Mexican border. The water tends to be clearer the further south you go. I spend most of my time sight fishing in shallow water so fish the central coast area (Rockport) as the water tends to be clear and there are many shallow flats and back lakes to fish. Rockport is 200 miles south so about a three to four hour trip from North Houston. Good luck with the move!
  10. I have business meetings in the Orlando area next week but decided to fly in this weekend with the wife. We will be staying in New Smyrna Beach but would be interested in a site fishing trip in the goon either Sunday or Monday. Any recommendations? TIA!
  11. Thanks everyone. I was able to book a trip with Capt. Willy Le (on his HPX) on Monday morning. Can't wait!!!
  12. Loose console help!!!

    I had the same problem on my 04 22V. Tried Loctite but didn't last long. Tried going up a size on the screws and re-tapping the backing plate - didn't last. Thought about glassing the console to the boss but just removed all the screws, rocked the console back, and ran a wavy bead of 5200 around the boss. Put the console back down, put the screws back in (with the 5200 they had friction to hold them in place) and the console never moved again - even after 4 years of frequent use. Could be a challenge if there was a need to remove the console in the future but expect low probability of that type of repair.
  13. Non-skid repair

    I have had reasonable success by filling the holes with slightly thickened gelcoat (used cabosil as well as the gelcoat with wax) and then using a small foam roller, or dabbing the repair with a small piece of foam, to get a textured finish. Wasn't perfect but was pretty close.
  14. last day of spring break

    Very nice! Love the smile!! We spent spring break in Rockport. The week started off cool but relatively calm and progressively got warmer and windier throughout the week. Of coarse Saturday and Sunday were beautiful but had to leave Saturday morning for a biz trip - why is the day you leave always the best conditions? We did see quite a few fish on the flats and got enough in the box for a couple of fish dinners - before the water turned to a milk shake...
  15. Sun Glasses

    Any recommendations on prescription sunglasses? I have a pair of Costa Pescadors with the amber lens that have held up well for over 5 years - except for replacing the arms a couple of years ago. At the time, there were very few lens choices for prescriptions (580 was not available in prescription). Most of my fishing is sight fishing on shallow grass flats. My prescription has changed so time for a new pair.
  16. Yes - Lonestar PCA. Agree that the 996 Turbos are a great deal - there are still a few low mileage ones around for mid to upper 40's although I think that market will turn around soon. Even the 996 GT3's are a good deal - if you can find one.
  17. Still looking for my favorite boat but pretty content with what I have now (17 HPXT). After winning the lottery I would add a large SeeVee for offshore fishing and diving and then a Gunboat 66 with a 15' HPX hanging off the davits to spend a few months each year exploring remote bonefish flats. For autos I am very happy with my current toy - 2004 40th Anniversary Edition 911. Spent last weekend blasting around the Texas World Speedway roadcourse and still smiling four days later! Although I can't stop drooling every time I see a GT3 RS....
  18. Push Pole preference

    Another Stiffy Hybrid fan. Going on about 8 years and two boats and it still looks and performs great. I also was able to go over to Danny's shop and pull a "factory second" out of the rafters for a significant discount. I cannot find any blemish so don't know why it would be considered a second.
  19. Best method to fill old holes in deck

    While a more expensive route, I purchased the color matched gel coat (with wax) from Minicraft as I had a few holes to patch on the console and non-skid (as well as a few dings on the keel). Fortunately most of these were small holes, approx 3/16", so I mixed in cabosil to thicken the gelcoat, placed a piece of masking tape on the backside and filled with a small squeegee. For the console where I needed a smooth finish I used a piece of cellophane tape on the outside of the hole to get a smooth and (almost) flat surface. Still had to do some wet sanding and polishing but was minimal. Push on the repair while still wet to make sure you don't have any air bubbles. For the non-skid in the deck I was able to access the back side in some cases so could use masking tape behind the hole. Where I could not access the backside I balled up a small piece of tape and pushed it well down into the hole. I also used cabosiI to thicken the gelcoat and then filled the hole most of the way and let it cure and then came back with a second application of thickened gelcoat and used a small foam roller to get the non-skid pattern. Came out pretty close. I don't recommend using epoxy fillers (including Marine-Tex) as I believe most of the boats were built with polyester resin. Epoxy will stick to polyester very well but polyester will not form a strong bond to epoxy. Gelcoats are polyester. A small hole may not matter but would be concerned over time. I know you can buy gelcoat repair kits for less cost than matched gelcoat so can be an option if you are patient with matching the gelcoat.
  20. Thinking about trading my 169 ghost for a hpx t

    I am running the F70 and have a top speed in the mid 30's and typically run right around 30. I am sure draft will depend on many factors but for me poling draft is between 5" and 6" with some one on the bow platform and me on the stern. Running depth is very similar with the motor raised all the way on the jackplate.
  21. Best Compound, Polish, and/or Wax?

    I have used 3M, Collinites, Woodys and Zaino. I still use all 4 but for different applications. I have had great results bringing gelcoat back from the dead with the 3M Finesse-it and Finesse-it II compound with a 9" wool pad on an orbital machine. I think the 3M wax and Collinites are equally good. I switched to Collinites wax a couple of years ago and have been pleased with the durability and finish. Big fan of Woodys for the non-skid. I re-apply every couple of months and makes cleaning the decks much easier. I tried Zaino but as mentioned above it did not seem to have much ability to protect from the tannin stains. I gave it a second try by stripping the boat with Dawn, using hull cleaner to get the stains off, and going back with the Z-AOI and a couple of coats of Z3 but came home with a brown hull after one trip. Switched to Collinites and have not had any stain issues since. I will say that the Zaino finish is superior to anything I have seen so I do use it on my car.
  22. Rod Holders on Poling Platform

    I also installed a Taco clamp-on holder. Went with the gold anodized to add a little bling to the sled.
  23. HPXT versus HPXV.

    I have both on my 17T - a 6' PP Sportsman and a Wang with a bracket mounted on the stern on the opposite side of the PP. Honestly, I rarely use the Wang as I pole or drift 99% of the time. The PP and Wang came with the boat when I bought it. When I started on my quest to find a 17T I thought the PP would add too much weight on the stern so was looking at just adding a pin but now that I have had the PP for a couple of years I don't think the weight is much of an impact and the convenience is worth it. I also have a jackplate and I believe it is essential for my area - very large, shallow flats and back lakes that have little to no deep water access. I use the jackplate on plane as well as getting out of the hole but need to trim down to keep the water pressure up as well as running in deeper water when the chop kicks up.
  24. bulkhead patch

    I just repaired a similar issue with a bulkhead joint between my property line and my neighbor's in Rockport. We looked at going the route of removing quite a bit of concrete to get at the joint but found a company called Uretek that injects a two part urethane foam through several small holes to fill the voids. They pump the foam in under pressure until is seeps out all gaps and then it expands when it drys. This process will actually push the concrete back to the original location if it has settled. The repair was just done this week so time will tell if it holds up. It was quite a bit less expensive than going the concrete removal and replacement route. A couple of You Tube videos from Uretek: