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  1. HPDI Vmax issue

    I have a similar engine VMAX 225, 2003 and had similar issues but it ended up being the VST filter and others. Kinda weird that you are burning at lot of oil...they are mechanical pumps i think so I find it strange they are using more oil at low loads. Let me know what you find out!
  2. 2004 2200 w/ 225 Yamaha SHO

    I have a 2003 2200V with 225VMax running a new OFX21 4 blade. The hole shot is fantastic, works well with the jack plate and top speed is 57MPH. I did the prop slip calc and i'm getting 3% slip with the new prop. It's like using mud tires on the water if you get the analogy. Very happy with the set up. I tried some other 21 pitch 3 blades and never was really happy with the hole shot. I hit the gas with the 4 blade and I'm gone! Thought I'd share...
  3. Not sure what rabuds are but the duck bills install inside the transom of the boat. I called Gemlux and they said they only make them for 1 1/2 inch openings...***, mine are 1 7/8 wide. I've read somewhere else just using corks...which i'm going to do. $20 fix should work! Any other suggestions outside of a cork is helpful.
  4. A friend of mine showed me his new "duck bill" system installed in his drains that he installed in his center console boat. He had water coming into the boat when launching it and when too many folks were on one side of the boat. I'm going to install them on my boat and was curious if anyone has done this before on a 2200 pathfinder. Anything i need to know before going ahead? If you are scratching your head as to what i'm talking about, click the below link... http://www.gemlux.com/catalog/Thru-Hull-Adapters/THA-150-DB
  5. Yamaha 200hp SHO

    did you sell the motor?
  6. I have one if anyone needs it. Gonna toss it if no takers...