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  1. SouthernWake

    WTB push pole

    No idea where you are located but I have a 2 piece fiberglass one in SC if that is any closer.
  2. SouthernWake

    WTB power pole

    Thanks just reached out to them.
  3. SouthernWake

    Trolling motor type question

    Looks like it might be time to trade in the fortrex for some type of remote system, thank you everyone.
  4. SouthernWake

    WTB power pole

    Still looking if anyone is upgrading theirs anytime soon.
  5. SouthernWake

    Trolling motor type question

    First off let me say I have always been a tiller controlled guy and that is what I am used to. That being said I am now going to be doing some guiding out of my boat which makes me think I am crowding the bow if I need to be up there running the trolling motor. My question is: do I keep my current fortrex or trade it in for a co pilot type one I can control from the back while others are fishing on the front? I am mainly thinking of when working a shoreline too deep to pole. Or am I just overthinking this?
  6. SouthernWake

    Corroded head bolts

    Wire brushed and shot with boeshield after the picture which cleaned them up a good bit.
  7. SouthernWake

    Corroded head bolts

    Sorry keep forgetting to grab pictures as it has been dark when I get home. i too am worried it is going to be opening Pandora’s box and lead me down an expensive and time consuming path. engine is a 2000 Johnson 130 that runs perfect with great compression. That being said I am already on the repower thought train in the coming year or so.
  8. SouthernWake

    Corroded head bolts

    Solid input thank you. They aren’t terrible yet but will take a picture tonight. My big worry is I will break one trying to get it out. when replacing do I need to remove all the bolts, replace gasket and re torque in order or can I just do the couple on the bottom without touching the others?
  9. SouthernWake

    Corroded head bolts

    Engine is a 2000 and is in great shape for its age. I’m just picky over maintenece and wanted to see if this was worth adding to the list.
  10. SouthernWake

    Corroded head bolts

    Boat is trailered and lives in a garage.
  11. SouthernWake

    Corroded head bolts

    Was doing some engine work and noticed my lower head bolts are starting to become noticably rusted/corroded and have lost their paint. Do I replace them now before they get worse or shoot them up with corrosion blocker and hope for the best? I am worried replacement may lead to more work than it is worth but would hate to have it bite me later if I do need to remove them.
  12. SouthernWake

    Which Bluetooth dongle?

    2nd vote for the JL unit, compact, easy to connect, and has given me no issues in the year or so I've had it.
  13. SouthernWake

    Trailer Bunk Help

    I agree with the others on fixing the gelcoat yourself. i would remove the y bunk completely and mount a roller as low as possible
  14. SouthernWake

    2 cranking batteries, excessive?

    Is the console battery wired forward to be used as a trolling motor battery and the switch is there in case the cranking in the back dies?