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  1. Carb rebuild question

    Got them rebuilt, easier than I thought it would be. can anyone tell me what screwdriver I need to adjust the mixture screw on this engine? Johnson 130 2000, uses same carb as 150
  2. Gas pump out question...

    Mine was going on 18 years and I doubt had ever been cleaned, was having water issues to to a leaking sending unit and vent fitting. had to get creative reattaching the sending unit as all the holes were stripped and didn't have mich working room as the access port was off the mark as well.
  3. Gas pump out question...

    Just drained my tank, used a little plastic pump and taped the hose to a dowel rod so I could move it around the tank and get the crud in the corners. If possible I would recommend using the sending unit hole. Reason being you can tilt the trailer up then push your hose to the bottom to make sure you are getting all the water/crud that settles there. I was surprised how much water and trash was in the tank.
  4. What did you do to your boat today?

    That's work in and of itself!
  5. What did you do to your boat today?

    Looks good, did you install the vinyl yourself?
  6. What did you do to your boat today?

    Got the house projects done early this morning so went to work on the boat.... new light in livewell new switches for said light and stealth charger new fuel lines from tank to motor went to clean the carbs and on the first one I pulled off there wasn’t even a gasket between the carb and throttle body, stopped right there and ordered the rebuild kit, now on hold a few days.
  7. Carb rebuild question

    Blasted carb cleaner into the idle jets while still in the engine the other night and today the idle was notably worse making me think I moved something further in. Lookes like a rebuild is in the future.
  8. Carb rebuild question

    Thank you for the picture! its a 2000 with 4 carbs, unfortunately I do not think it has that fitting.
  9. Carb rebuild question

    Plugs are relatively new, few months old. tried tracing the line for that fitting but did not see anything like that, you are talking between the fuel pump and carb?
  10. Carb rebuild question

    Have a Johnson 130 that runs fine at speed but has a rougher idle (idles then rpms drop catches itself then gets back to speed but eventually dies in neutral)Also do not know the last time the carbs have been rebuilt. should I mess with a rebuild since it does seem to be running fine at speed and try to just do some adjustments or just rebuild them, see if it helps and chalk it up to maintenance if not?
  11. WTB powe pole

    Just looked at it, little bit more than I’m looking to pay for one but I’m sure that due to the extra parts etc. I’ll keep my eyes peeling and if he separated it that may be the ticket. just tired of pulling a pluff mud covered anchor pin in the boat each time I move.
  12. WTB powe pole

    Looking for an older used power pole, prefer 8ft may consoder 6 for the right price. Don’t mind replacing a pump etc located in SC and would be open to working shipping costs into the right deal.
  13. Isle of Palms Questions

    Not familiar with wild dunes, but is there a side lot they will let you park it in? If not they may be able to recommend a place. not sure on the ramps as I fish mainly the Wando and bulls bay but you have multiple other public ramps close/ish by.
  14. Daiwa BG 6500

    Shot in the dark but looking to trade this for the same reel in 5000. in like new condition spooled with braid, been on the boat twice and stored in the garage.
  15. Get boat off lift in shallow H2O

    A little off topic but one of the slicker things I’ve seen was a guy down my canal had a sprinkler system hooked up to his cradle that spayed the hull down.