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  1. Post your MA pics here!

    Good picture, great location
  2. Bob's jackplate motor issue

    If I remember right they use a mercury trim pump and parts should be interchangeable. DB electrical sells aftermarket parts for them reasonably priced last I checked.
  3. Tab dilemma

    Looking to replace my tabs as they currently do not work. I have boat leveler tabs which I would love to replace with electric from another brand but am worried I will have to drill new holes for all the mounting and actuators. Is it best to just replace what I have or is the headache of new holes worth it?
  4. 1978 Maverick Berg Boat Project

    Really is, hope this one makes it back to the water
  5. Master repair trolling motor extension

    Will do thanks! they are great for when on the bow standing on a cooler. Also like a foot switch for dock fishing.
  6. Master repair trolling motor extension

    Ouch was hoping it wouldn't be anything too major, trolling motor works fine just not the switch on the extension.
  7. Master repair trolling motor extension

    Unfortunately I'm up in SC, but if y'all ship that might work too.
  8. I have one of these that makes life easier in a lot of situation but recently it has stopped working. I get a click when I press the button. Any idea if the parts on these are easily replaceable or do I need to buy a new unit?
  9. Rod locker carpet alternative

    I need to replace the carpet in my rod lockers in a bad way. I am thinking there has to be something better than carpet but not as expensive as sea-Dek. thought about the roll on rubberized paint but worried that could break down quickly. I don't keep any expensive tackle in these. any ideas?
  10. 1978 Berg Boat aka Maverick Master Angler

    Looks good, what all was done with the cap off? Photos of a quality restoration can help with the sale.
  11. Compass for Hewes

    Agreed, i will remove it from the console but keep it in the boat somewhere.
  12. Compass for Hewes

    I have a smaller Ritchie compass the mounts with 2 small screws on top. That being said I've never had to use it and want to remove it to clean up the console.
  13. Why Do You Need To Check Your Fuel Filters ???

    Similar lesson learned, after some engine troubles I dumped mine out and found this. Found a gap between the sending unit and tank letting water in.
  14. 2002 18.5 Maverick Master Angler - Sold

    Don't let that stop you, it's an easy drive especially if you time it at night.
  15. Is this bad?

    Stress cracks in the gel coat around the transom is not uncommon in older boats but I would be concearned that the repair is cracking. I would at least grind that down and see what's going on underneath and clean it up.