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  1. Rained In

    While dealing with Florence I got some free time to tie a few. It has been awhile but it's slowly coming back.
  2. Minn Kota Riptide

    24v 80lb New circuit board and wiring replaced about a year ago by authorized shop. Only selling as I upgraded to a newer motor. Comes with quick release bracket , both boat and motor sides, and master repair handle (has on off switch at end but is currently not working). I should be able to find a plug and foot switch for it as well. $350 located in Columbia SC
  3. Spinning rod suggestion?

    I have had good luck with star rods, my go to is on 14th year of use.
  4. Hydraulic jack plate flush

    On the home stretch, put everything back together, tested it out, and shot fluid all over the bilge and garage(rethinking the 90 degree pieces facing straight up). I thought I had installed these correctly but clearly I did not. Can someone explain how to install these or point me in the right direction to find out? https://bobsmachine.com/product/3-piece-reusable-fitting-bobs-hose/
  5. looking for a new tackle box

    For years I have had different Plano trays bouncing around the boat. I recently switched to the Plano guide series bag which has been great. I just switch out the boxes for salt or freshwater and keep all terminal tackle which I use the most as the box on the top for easy access.
  6. Hydraulic jack plate flush

    Sounds easy enough, just disconnect the hoses and shoot it through?
  7. Hydraulic jack plate flush

    Cleaning up my jack plate with new fittings, solenoids, wiring etc. I noticed a lot of sludge in the bottom of the reservoir as it had likely been a long time before me since it was cleaned. I am now worried that sludge has been picked up into the lines. is there a good/effective way to flush the lines out?
  8. Cooler seating

    I use a cooler as a seat in front of the console like many others. I want to put some padding on it and was wondering if the thicker seadek is comfortable enough for a passenger or should I get an actual cushion for it? also does anyone know where I could find a small cushion to use as a backrest on the front of the console without having to go to a custom shop?
  9. Sedek Question

    I did my rod lockers with the "b" stock sheets of hydroturf for about $50. Not as nice as the seadek I have up top but fine for the rod lockers and a step up from carpet.
  10. Boat rehab

    Finally done with the rod lockers. Ended up with way more glass work than I was anticipating as the more I ground the more voids I found, as well as open areas that were never glass closed. I also learned a painful lesson about wearing gloves and not rushing when using a grinder in tight quarters.
  11. Can someone identify this push pole holder?

    I was actually just looking at some of these this morning. How do they hold up, mainly is the plastic clip strong enough to hold the pole while trailering and in chop? im tired of nailing my foot on the ones I have now when I don’t have the pole on the boat.
  12. WTB powe pole

    I might be interested if you are willing to ship? Would prefer an 8 but for a good deal I'd take a 6.
  13. Boat rehab

    Well I was replacing the carpet in the rod lockers with hydro turf and I discovered some wet rotten wood in the supposedly wood free hull. Looks like the carpet was holding water and not drying against the wood.Now we get to grind and do some glass work before I go back to the original project.
  14. Dry box/release well drain plug

    I had a large release well I wanted to make dry storage as well. Since it was inside a hatch I went and bought the rubber stoppers from the hardware store and put a stainless screw into the middle to grab onto when I want to remove them. It keeps things dry, will fit odd sizes due to the conical shape, and is very inexpensive.
  15. Mercury torrent 21p with pvs