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  1. Boat rehab

    Well I was replacing the carpet in the rod lockers with hydro turf and I discovered some wet rotten wood in the supposedly wood free hull. Looks like the carpet was holding water and not drying against the wood.Now we get to grind and do some glass work before I go back to the original project.
  2. Dry box/release well drain plug

    I had a large release well I wanted to make dry storage as well. Since it was inside a hatch I went and bought the rubber stoppers from the hardware store and put a stainless screw into the middle to grab onto when I want to remove them. It keeps things dry, will fit odd sizes due to the conical shape, and is very inexpensive.
  3. Mercury torrent 21p with pvs

  4. Good condition, no chips etc. Looking to trade for a 19 or maybe 20p similar style prop would really like a ofx3 or similar
  5. Boat rehab

    Already on it!
  6. Boat rehab

    I apologize as it isn’t a MBC product but I thought it would of some interest to put this up in here. i picked up an old prosports flats boat for a good deal that had been living outdoors and needed some life breathed back into it. one year later here is the before and after with what all has been done..... new trolling motor circuit board and wire full rewire fill and fair all scratches/chips on hull bottom and deck endless gelcoat compounding and cleaning new electronics new trim tabs New trailer new seating New pumps and plumbing and a lot more little things I’m forgetting its nowhere near what some have done but it’s been great having something to work on in the evenings while fishing it on the weekends and I keep thinking of more to do with it.
  7. Fishing shoes

    Just ordered these, thanks!
  8. Fishing shoes

    Thanks for the recomendation. I’m trying to avoid flip flops as I see myself getting into trouble on a flats boat in them. I have been looking at other Simms shoes though something I could wear without socks would be great though.
  9. Fishing shoes

    After a full day fishing and especially multiple days in a row I’m left with knee and some back pain. I have always fished barefoot but am considering getting actual shoes to use to help with this. Does anyone have any recommendations on a lightweight, dry shoe for fishing?
  10. HPX Gunnel Carpet Removal and Fix Suggestions

    Just an uneducated question.... why go through the work of gelcoating the area if you are putting seadek over it? Could you not remove the old carpet adhesive, sand it, clean it and install the seadek and save a good chunk of change instead of finishing an area that won’t be seen. looking to replace the carpet in my rod lockers as well so I’ve been looking at different options
  11. WTB powe pole

    Bump, still on the search
  12. It's a Small World

    Earlier this week I posted a picture of a console door I made, another member Coto recognized the console and a sticker on the side and reached out to me. Turns out this is originally his boat that changed hands some before I ended up with it over its 19 year life. I have done a lot of work to it (which I should probably put up here as well) to get it back in fighting form. I have had a blast making the connection and learning more about its past as well as knowing it has long been a fishing machine. You never know who you will come across!
  13. What did you do to your boat today?

    Recently made an acrylic door, ordered the sheet on amazon. Only challenge was drilling holes close to edges, just take your time, start with small pilot holes and open them up. Cut the sheet easily with a cutting wheel on an angle grinder.
  14. Boca Grande

    Looking ahead at the forecast in 2 weeks I’m worried about the S/Sw winds killing my shots at tarpon on the beach
  15. Boca Grande

    Thank you!