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  1. Poling platform mounting

    I have noticed my platform swaying side to side as I hit bumps while trailering more than I would like as well as some movement while I am poling. The screws are not backing out nor loose. any ideas on how to sturdy it up? I am thinking of making an oversized backing plate as it is currently bolted down with large washers to hopefully give it a wider surface area, will this help?
  2. Broken Minn Kota shaft

    I just went ahead and got a new shaft to install as it is the older screw in type (fortrex). Those things are tough to screw in but I think the job is done just need to reassemble. here is the damaged old one
  3. Seadek Sale

    Never done this but I would think you could only do it with the brushed finish on the bottom one and not embossed. i have never routed it but never had any issues using a razor blade to cut it.
  4. Broken Minn Kota shaft

    Wondering if anyone else has had this happen as otnit a first for me. Was moving on the trolling motor at about 75% speed and hit a stump. The entire shaft splintered and shattered, both across the middle and all the way up from the motor to the handle. also how hard are these to replace? Is it as easy as heat and unscrew then install the new one with sealant?
  5. Minn Kota Riptide

    Sorry, this has been sold.
  6. 2002 Mirage Restore

    I second the above advice, can probably make it out of the same diameter starboard easily. I would keep that engine until it blows then worry about replacing.
  7. Seadek Sale

    50% off sheets and other items, just ordered some more and thought I’d pass it along.
  8. A little different

    Pulling double duty as duck boat for another season.
  9. 21 Redfisher (no longer available will keep)

    The pro sport....was a joke though
  10. 21 Redfisher (no longer available will keep)

    Trade you your old boat back, even of course ha! Great looking boat!
  11. Bait well LED light

    I added one, used a waterproof LED of amazon and put it on its own switch. Easy install just make sure it’s sealed well. I went with red to not mess up my night vision.
  12. Stripping Bucket

    I like it! could the tube be filled with sand to further lessen the cost?
  13. Replace motor or whole rig??

    I would think you could find a good running 2 stroke for at or under $5500. Could also find a newer used engine under that 16500 point. Use the boat, see if you want to keep it long term, and that will determine if brand new power is worthwhile.
  14. Best Fluorocarbon Knot?

    Rapala loop on all lures as I feel a loop gives the best action Snell on all live bait hooks.
  15. Trolling motor size

    24v 80lb, 54 if remote or gps, 60 if tiller