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  1. Lbs Test Leader - 20,30,40 ?

    For trout I'll go as light as 12-15lb fluoro if just throwing a jig. Will bump up to 20lb for popping corks,heavier artificials, or reds. heavier tackle (4000-6000 size) will get 40 or 60 depending on what I am going after.
  2. Looking for a closer Fl. vacation

    This! if looking at Florida though I always like boca grande
  3. Wtb console door

    Looking to buy a console door like that on the MA or Hewes. Looking to find a used one or directions on how to make one. It's more of a want that a need so I don't want to fork over all the money for a new custom made one.
  4. Bob's jackplate motor issue

    Last solenoid I replaced I think I got at napa. Just brought the old one in and they matched it.
  5. When to give up on a trailer

    Starting the search for a new used trailer!
  6. When to give up on a trailer

    I have a galvanized performance trailer that is in need of new springs, axel, and bunk hardware. There is currently a good amount (about a 6ft stretch) of rust on the inside of the beams with chunks flaking off. Other than that no issues with it. In your opinion is this trailer worth putting the money and time into upgrading or is it worth taking that money into a new trailer? If worth rebuilding can I grind/brush the rust off and cold galvanize the areas?
  7. Seadek install

    Thank you I retract my previous statement about it stretching slightly. Not sure if it is the harsh SC winter or not but the pieces seem to have shrank slightly leaving a tiny gap between some pieces. Is it noticeable to me, yes, but probably not anyone else.
  8. Seadek install

    I'm pretty sure I'm not breaking new ground here but thought I would put this up for anyone else thinking of installing it themselves. I had kicked around the idea of getting seadek for awhile but didn't want to shell out the money or pay less for a product that wouldn't hold up and be a pain to scrape the remains off a few months later. Well seadek had a 50% off and free shipping special so I figured this was my shot and picked up one large sheet and one long one. I went with this pattern to hopefully hide stains and any misaligned pieces. Traced and cut the templates from some thin sheet plastic I found, it ended up being too thin and tear prone which didn't make things easy. I used a razor to cut everything but it is slightly sandable for any mismatched edges. It also will stretch some which helps. While it's not perfect this is a fishing boat and I don't need it to be. Fished the other weekend in the rain and it has better traction than the old diamond non skid. I'm hoping it's a little easier on my legs after a day fishing barefoot.
  9. Some inshore grouper action

    I used to pull a lot out off the shipping channel pulling the Mann stretch plugs. Look for structure and keep bouncing them off the edges. its a lot of fun watching the rod go down with heavy braid and a tight drag
  10. Post your MA pics here!

    Good picture, great location
  11. Bob's jackplate motor issue

    If I remember right they use a mercury trim pump and parts should be interchangeable. DB electrical sells aftermarket parts for them reasonably priced last I checked.
  12. Tab dilemma

    Looking to replace my tabs as they currently do not work. I have boat leveler tabs which I would love to replace with electric from another brand but am worried I will have to drill new holes for all the mounting and actuators. Is it best to just replace what I have or is the headache of new holes worth it?
  13. 1978 Maverick Berg Boat Project

    Really is, hope this one makes it back to the water
  14. Master repair trolling motor extension

    Will do thanks! they are great for when on the bow standing on a cooler. Also like a foot switch for dock fishing.
  15. Master repair trolling motor extension

    Ouch was hoping it wouldn't be anything too major, trolling motor works fine just not the switch on the extension.