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  1. Hunter44

    99 Redfisher 19

    I just purchased a Terrova 80 and am trying to decide where to put the batteries. The storage compartment between the anchor locker and the livewell would be ideal,but it is "v" shaped and I would have to place wood or something else to create a flat surface. Anyone have any suggestions? I would like to run the wires in a way that it is not difficult to unhook as I would like to store the TM in my home. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hunter44

    WTB Hewes

    Good choice buddy and hope you find the one you are looking for
  3. Hunter44

    1999 Hewes Redfisher 18

    Nice boat!
  4. Hunter44

    99 Hewes Redfisher 19

    Haha thanks guys. Every time I pull up to a sandbar during the summer everyone comes up to talk about her. It's funny some of these guys have 50-60k in their boats but wanna talk about the old hewes haha. I love it and don't ever plan on selling it. Has anyone poled one? Can't decide if I wanna get a pole for her or just run a trolling motor and not get too skinny.
  5. Hunter44

    99 Hewes Redfisher 19

    Thanks guys! I absolutely love it. Looking for a trolling motor now just don't know which one. Also a platform for the bow but can't find one.
  6. Hunter44

    99 Hewes Redfisher 19

    New to the forum just thought I'd post up some pics of my boat. Planning on adding a trolling motor and some other odds and ends. Let me know what you think.