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  1. Got her sll lit up

  2. Master Angler Repower

    I know you guys wont believe this but I repowered my 1987 ma 18.5 with a2007 mercury 4stroke 90 (cause I had it on another boat I wasn't using ) yes I said 90. I run two weekends and then some on a tank of gas Top speed is 38 at 5500 rpms and loaded two men fuel ice and fishing rods. I'm not a speed demon so this works well for me.
  3. 1987 18' MA

    just saw this post anything I can help you with
  4. Newbie 97 Maverick RL

    are piling platforms taller then poling platforms sorry couldn't help myself lol, Nice boat I have been kicking around the sea deck idea yours looks great. Enjoy your maverick
  5. "tower boats"

    we are trying to figure out seating im a little short so the console is a little tall for me and when my tall son sits down I have to stand but then the console is a little low. I know this may sound petty but I like to be comfortable (like in by truck with the adjustable seat lol) . I just see where this could take away all the small problems and not only that it would look cool. We already have one of the only flats boats in our area this would make it stand out even more .
  6. "tower boats"

    I was going through you tube videos and found the east cape videos. They are building a lot of what they call "tower Boats" I like the maverick hull better but also really like that tower set up. Anybody done this to their MA 18.5 . I would love to see pics and see how it rides.
  7. kevlar hull on 87 MA

    anyway to confirm this I looked again and the inside of the hull is dark brown with black fibers. cant get a good picture due to the size of hole im looking in.
  8. kevlar hull on 87 MA

    I tried to do a search about this before I asked but could not find anything. It looks like the hull of my boat is Kevlar does that make sense . 1987 MA
  9. Does anyone know if the rod holders are structural. I want to remove them and finish the underside of the gunnels but Im afraid that the rod holders may support the gunnel for weight.
  10. Are the rod holders structural

    I walked around the boat and I think if I do remove them I will put something back structurally.
  11. kevlar hull on 87 MA

    I looked further into the hatch up front and the hull material looks just like the console material. Going to reach out to the factory and see if they can confirm.
  12. kevlar hull on 87 MA

    I will take a picture and upload it the hull is brown substrate with black fibers running diagonal . Whichwayup is that a Kevlar console in the boat ?
  13. Hope I can get some help here. We bought WICHWAYUP's 18MA and have used the heck out of it. The boat had three Optima Blue tops when we bought it and they functioned flawlessly . The first to go was the cranking battery (its the older of the three) I always bump the motor before we leave the house just cause. Well this time the battery discharged from the house to the bay 2 hours. thought it was a fluke so I took the boat to my weekend place and plugged it in until the next tide. Bumped the motor before I left the house and when I got to the ramp 10 minutes battery was done. Still thinking I could not be losing this battery I bought it its own on board charger. So when I get home or back to the cottage I always plug in but even with its own charger the cranking battery died replaced it with a 6 year old everstart I had laying around lol. I had been bragging about this boat to my buddy since we got it (like all of us that own a maverick MA do) and finally got the chance to take him fishing. Got to the ramp boat started right up on the walmart battry lol. Got to my first stop and the trolling motor wouldn't work. Long story short I ended up nosing my buddy into all the spots and letting him fish that day. Got back home and checked all the wiring etc (because I knew my 2 year old blue tops were ok) turns out they both had 2 volts and I have tried all the tricks to bring them back. Soooo do you guys think that the on board charger for the trolling motors may have worked opposite and discharged the batteries. That's the only thing it could be I use the boat and bring it back and plug it in everytime.
  14. Batteries discharge overnight sorta

    I added a on board charger when the cranking battery started giving me trouble . I have the wiring all opened up now I think Im going to re wire. I have been hooked on the show Dream Boats and I have a bunch of cool ideas from the show. Everything they work with is older. Looking into sea decking the ole girl (grey with black outlines) . Funny if we are pulling the boat out and anybody is around they always come ask about it and cant believe its a 87. Also going to add some stake out poles to it. Cant afford the power pole just yet. I might take you up on a fishing trip when it warms a little .
  15. Batteries discharge overnight sorta

    Wow you talking about living right. My neighbor bought a boat and it had a bow mount trolling motor. He went and bought 2 new batteries for his boat and never used them . I asked him if he wanted to sell them and he said no but he would give them to me. He gave me 2 brand new Duracell 27 group marine batteries. Save me a lot of money for sure.
  16. Batteries discharge overnight sorta

    Thanks for all the replies. My motor is just a standard bow mount trolling motor. I plan on a re wire here shortly and will no better how the boat is wired. Just find it tough to swallow that 900.00 dollars worth of batteries that are only 2 to 3 years old are bad and a 7 year old everstart is still good .
  17. Batteries discharge overnight sorta

    so I did not turn off battery switch but to be honest im not sure its even tied into the trolling motor circuit. Why would the batteries drain if they are just hooked up to the trolling motor . Thanks for the replies. Update I thought I had recovered one battery but when I checked the voltage it was back to 5 volts. Im giving up going back to Walmart batteries lol.
  18. Newsed motor for our MA

    Purchased our 18.5 MA from WHICHWAYSUP and have loved everything about the boat except its desire to kill mosquitoes (smoked like a freight train) . We would pull into the dock and I could tell if everybody was oogling the boat or trying to see who was driving in all the smoke lol. Now when I bought the boat WHICHWAYSUP was 110%honest about the motor and I knew what I was buying just to clarify. I also have a 17 boston whaler that had a really nice 2007 mercury 4 stroke 90 sitting on it. I got a lot of good info on this site about how everybody thought the 90 would work on the MA (most said don't do it) . Well my son and I decided to take the time and effort and switch the motors just to see how it worked. Much to my delight the 90 will be staying on the boat until another opportunity for a 115 or a 150 comes along. The top end is the same 38 to 40 mph (yes that WOT) but we can cruise at 30 with half throttle . The hole shot is non existent but Im not pulling skiers and I will trade no hole shot for the pure pleasure of a 4 stroke motor (no mixing fuel can take a nice cruise and talk over the motor etc). The motor jumps on plane quickly but just not as quick as with the 115 Yamaha. So if anybody where to ask me should they buy a 90 hp for their MA I would say if you can get one real cheap or free go for it but if you plan to re power and spend real money stay above a 115. Since we purchase the boat we have added the new trailer and now the newesed outboard and did I say we absolutely love this boat . We where catching reds and trout last weekend in the bay and where fishing for largemouth lastnight in the locale river. This spring we went island hopping down in florida . what else could you want.
  19. Newsed motor for our MA

    as you can see in the picture the 115 is on the whaler now curious to see how that thing acts with a 115 on it lol.
  20. 150 SHO on 18 Redfisher?

    that's better than a picture of a hot chick in a bikini right there.
  21. 1990 MA

    My 87 has the wood and yes it does look great
  22. 1987 Maverick MA

    Nothing really wrong with the old trailer just getting ready to tow boat 900 miles each way . Figured newer trailer would be more reliable
  23. 1987 Maverick MA

    New Trailer