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  1. HPX-T ideal motor height

    Great post Bruce Excellent information I have a few questions for you if you don't mind What year is your T and where did you get the smaller poling platform? Did you put those drain holes on the sponsons? I've heard the T can take on water in that area through the rub rail or design flaw. I've seen video of someone drilling into the hull in tat area and copious amounts of water coming out. How would one know if this is occurring? I'm not super keen on drilling holes in the boat below the water line if not necessary. I need to raise my F60 but do not have a jack plate or a water pressure gauge and have considered a compression plate but the boat really performed well the last time I had it in Port O'connor so not sure I need to change much but thought the motor height would be a small but noticeable change in hole shot performance. I think it will fit still under the standard platform since I don't run a jackplate. Some Day I may go with a smaller platform like just about all the serious HPX-T owners seem to have done. I currently don't use the boat enough to spend that kind of cash. So you really did that motor adjustment yourself? Can you please point em in the direction of the video that showed you how? I'm definitely a little nervous about "trying that at home" as they say. Who did your power pole install? Did you do that yourself or did you use a marina/service dept? I was planning on trying that on my own as well but very nervous about tapping the plate that is supposedly part of the initial build. Any thought you have on that would be appreciated as well. If I do raise the motor, how do I know if I "need" a water pressure gauge or not and how easy are those to install? Sorry for so many questions you just seemed to be very well versed in all this HPX T stuff. Once again, phenomenal post, thanks for resurrecting. ST
  2. HPX-T ideal motor height

    I don’t have low water pickup, how does that get installed/used? I did speak with Kevin Shaw and he said run it on the top hole, all the way up. I run a 4 blade PT prop Does anyone know if it’s possibl to get the motor raised up without taking off the platform? It’s the original platform not the shorter one people have changed to that sits in front of the motor. Thanks all!
  3. HPX T power pole install advice

    Hello all (Moved from General forum hopefully to get more responses) I searched all over the interweb and this forum for answers to my question but came up empty specifically I was looking for info on how to DIY a power pole install on my 2005 HPX T. It current has a PP Micro which is essentially useless in Texas. First, does everyone recommend to transom mount? if so how do you get to the transom to through bolt the PP on since the rear well has a wall separating it from the actual transom itself. Do you have to cut a hole? I’m not too keen on cutting a hole that big in the well wall. or should I just bite the bullet and get it professionally installed although I’m a little worried about getting that done in North TX where they don’t work in Mavericks hardly ever. all opinions and info much appreciated ST
  4. HPX-T ideal motor height

    Awesome info, thanks a ton!
  5. HPX-T ideal motor height

    I just "switched out" my '04 HPX-V 18 for a '05 HPX-T as the big girl was too big for my fishing needs on the TX coast. I know there is a lot of conversation out there about Jackplates (I've searched many forums on that subject) on the T and it seems that the consensus is that you really don't "need' it but many run them and love them. Mine does not have a JP and I'm not planning to add one but I do have a question about motor mounting height and if the T owners on this forum have a recommendation. I've noticed in some pictures of HPX-T's either in ads or on the forum that the motors are generally hung a few holes up on the motor mount, not all the way down in the last whole which is where mine is currently. Does anyone have an opinion on optimum height for the TX coast with the tunnel hull. I haven't run it myself down there yet and wanted to get it set up properly before I head down there the first time if possible. Interested to see what everyone has to say. Thanks ST
  6. How high to hang F115

    Dont know if this helps or not, from the actual bottom of the transom it looks way too low, there is that cut out section in front of the true keel that the drain holes are in, not sure which truly represents the "bottom" as far as measuring the cavitation plate height, thanks again!
  7. How high to hang F115

    Going to check all that tonight Have done some exhaustive(zzzz, nap inducing) research on youtube today while I should have been working Ill try to get some pics if I can tonight also try to figure out what pitch prop I have and get back with you guys thanks for helping me with this, I know its truly impossible without water trials with each adjustment but just needed a starting point
  8. How high to hang F115

    Thanks guys, is there a direction I should go in choosing the right prop when moving the motor up, I'm totally naïve when it comes to props. So ignorant in fact I don't even know what's on the engine right now except that its a four blade and seems to have a decent hole shot but not in shallow water.
  9. How high to hang F115

    Hope all the Florida folks on this forum are safe, especially Keys folks. Not expecting much response to this question in the short term as many don't have power or cell service but here goes. Does anyone have any advice about how high to hang a 2004 Yamaha F115 on a 2004 HPX-18, I've read on here that most people don't think jack plates work well on these hulls(more weight, farther back, no tunnel etc). I have noticed mine really struggling to run as shallow as I think it should. It's currently on the lowest hole so I could potentially raise it up a few inches if I went to the last hole down. Anyone have any experience either positive or negative with moving the motor up some, I've heard that it might even correct some of the porpoising which seems counterintuitive but I'm willing to try it. Plus hoping it might run just a shade shallower and we all know it's a matter of inches sometimes whether you are stuck or not. Thanks everyone
  10. '04 HPX 18 shark eye lights

    Just when you thought this thread was dead so I have searched and searched and ordered multiple lights including (supposedly) what Maverick recommended through a certified dealer...and NOT ONE fits the old screw holes. So I'm cool with tinkering here and there and I know it's way up on the sides of the boat and no where near the waterline...but...drilling a hole in something that is built to float makes me nervous, even if just a little. but I see no other option at this point so what do you guys recommend for a)drilling(standard bit etc) b) screws(nut and bolt or the self tapping type that were in there) and c) best/safest sealant thanks again
  11. wire splicing

    Excellent info, thank you everyone!
  12. wire splicing

    another quick newbie question what is the best way to seal a wire splice? is there a marine, waterproof shrink wrap? thx
  13. '04 HPX 18 shark eye lights

    No worries whichway, I have the same questions as well, keep em coming
  14. '04 HPX 18 shark eye lights

    thank you everyone I'm a total novice at boat repair so are the ones in the link pretty much a universal fit? Fairly easy to install? if not I may have to have them done for me because I'm pretty much useless as a mechanic thanks
  15. '04 HPX 18 shark eye lights

    Experts, I had a shark eye light fall out, no idea where it is(bottom of the bay somewhere), the main missing piece is the colored globe cover but I'm not sure even if I had that the whole thing would go back together. The bulb and base are still intact and wired up Any tips on replacing? where to get parts etc? I tried a "dealer" in TX as they have to order from Maverick I think but nothing has happened for awhile now. Boat is a 2004 HPX 18 thanks