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    farewell Abbey

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    Fingers crossed
  3. DWoodham

    OT: Competitive Shooting Clubs So. Florida

    I can’t help with the South Florida part, but I’ve shot a little competitively. The association that I was involved in was called IPSC ( international practical shooting ).... there is an open class ( scopes and compensators) and limited class, you can modify, but no scopes or comps....there is a major and minor class that is determined by bullet weight times speed .... basically 9mm is minor and 45 acp is major... there are practical scenarios with a course and targets that you run through...I’ve shout out of cars,,, from behind a desk, ,pushing a shopping cart etc..... they also have 3 gun which is pistol, shotgun and rifle..... if you google ipsc you should be able to find videos. It’s pretty cool
  4. DWoodham


    What I use
  5. DWoodham

    Best years for 22 TE

    I have an 06 and the rabuds completely solved the water intrusion problem. I only wish I didn’t wait so long to put them on. I absolutely love the boat and will never sell her. Just put a full tower with second station on last year. There is an 06 for sale on Florida sportsman forum classifieds. Good luck
  6. DWoodham

    Indian River Gar in Stuart

    Definitely a gar. I see them in salt water especially after a big rain.
  7. DWoodham

    Post Micheal

    Talon range in Tallahassee has skeet, trap and a sporting clay course. Coon bottom gun club has skeet, trap and a 5 stand sporting clay course I believe.
  8. DWoodham

    power pole questions

    The difference between a sportsman and pro is upgraded hardware on the latter. My pay in law has a sportsman on his 16’ hewes and is is fine. I have an 8’ pro on my 22’ pathfinder and really like it. I want with the pro bc my original one finally broke( which is similar to the sportsman), but I was replacing parts more often than I wanted to. I’d go with an 8’ pp ( 10’ sticks up pretty high), if you fish shallow. My original I pilot is still going strong and seems to hold well. But in 3’ or less it kicks up a lot of sediment
  9. DWoodham

    Anyone with a Suzuki on a Pathfinder?

    I didn’t know he was the owner. He helped me with a prop for my pathfinder. There were a lot of variables, and I was having many issues, but he nailed it on the first try. I didn’t know my boat could perform like it does now. I couldn’t be happier, dude knows his props and pathfinders.
  10. DWoodham

    Tournament Edition vs V Differences?

    Correct. And the rear deck is also considerably higher in the t than the v.
  11. DWoodham

    Off Topic: Dog Related Westminster Dog Show

    I watched an English bulldog compete in the agility course there. It was pretty funny, did better than I thought she would. The weave poles were hilarious. Watching dogs work and compete is something special. Enjoy
  12. DWoodham

    Minn Kota or Motorguide

    I have a 22’ pathfinder t with a 48v ( 80 lb I think) minn Kota I pilot. It was the first one that came out. No problems, very happy. I use it (spot lock) offshore and nearshore a lot. Total game changer. Inshore it’s also really nice, but I don’t use the spot lock if I can get the pp down.
  13. DWoodham

    Boat Insurance

    I also have progressive and had to make a large claim and a small 6 k claim ( 06 pathfinder 22 t) in north Florida. Both times the boat came back in better condition than it was before the accidents. Very happy
  14. DWoodham

    Rtic coolers

    Doubtful, I was at the dealership on sat and they are putting Engel 80qt under the leaning post
  15. DWoodham

    Rtic coolers

    I have a RTIC soft cooler and they don’t crush down well. Polar bear coolers may be better for you. It’s a company out of South Georgia. They make good coolers , I have a bunch( no affiliation)..there is a 50% off sale until Christmas. The code is 2112 http://www.polarbearcoolers.com/SFNT.html
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