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  1. DWoodham

    SeaDek heat question

    Light colors show dirt and are a little harder to keep clean.
  2. DWoodham

    Insurance for new boat

    I’ve made 2 rather large claims on my pathfinder with progressive in Florida. They did a great job. Very easy to deal with. Both times the boat came back better than it went in. I’m very satisfied
  3. DWoodham

    Bull Red Fish trip Recommendations

    I’ll second woodland plantation for nice accommodations.
  4. DWoodham

    Ping outlaw

    I’m having trouble pm’ing the photos. Any way I could e mail them to you?
  5. DWoodham

    Time to step it up a notch

    I did the same last year. You will be happy with the results.
  6. DWoodham

    Ping outlaw

    Ok, I’ll get some today. Thanks
  7. DWoodham

    Ping outlaw

    Outlaw, I was looking at the swim platform thread and it was mentioned that you might have a jig to to platforms on older 22’ pathfinders. I’d love to get one for my 06t. Is that something you can do? Thanks
  8. DWoodham

    Boarding/swim ladder

    Can you make a swim platform for a 06 22t outlaw? Ive been looking for a while.
  9. DWoodham

    Anybody know a cork that won't tangle?

    The wire only bends if line is wrapped around it
  10. DWoodham

    Anybody know a cork that won't tangle?

    What Bernie said, except I use a 6-8” piece of fluro. It is stiffer than mono and more likely to keep the braid away from the cork. (Plus I don’t keep mono around).... it makes a huge difference. Good luck
  11. DWoodham

    Cooler on Bow Using SeaSucker Mounts

    I’ll warm you. Be careful about cans and ice up front. I did the same thing ( but used the yeti hardware) and when I got to my first spot 4 beers and 2 Coke’s had busted open. I use it for extra dry storage now. A 4 blade powertech prop will push that stern right up. That helped much more than moving a cooler up front, and it wasn’t even close... good luck
  12. DWoodham

    RTIC Fathers Day Sale

    For the hard coolers, their pre sale price is pretty close to the price of a yeti. I think that is new.
  13. DWoodham

    Dealer should be ashamed of himself

    They were the only pathfinder dealer close to me at the time. But I agree. It’s wrong
  14. DWoodham

    Dealer should be ashamed of himself

    When I bought my pathfinder in 05, I told the dealership I was completely unfamiliar with a boat larger than a gheenue. They didn’t offer any kind of assistance whatsoever. Good guys, I still drive an hour and a half to take it for service, but offered me nothing it terms of instruction.
  15. DWoodham

    Pliers / Sheath

    After seeing y’alls holsters and getting seriously jealous, I got w Mr King and sent my and my father in laws ( brand new pair) pliers to him for their fittings. It will be a little late for Father’s Day for him, but will make a one of a kind gift. Thanks for the heads up gentlemen. Can’t wait
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