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  1. DWoodham

    Off Topic: Dog Related Westminster Dog Show

    I watched an English bulldog compete in the agility course there. It was pretty funny, did better than I thought she would. The weave poles were hilarious. Watching dogs work and compete is something special. Enjoy
  2. DWoodham

    Minn Kota or Motorguide

    I have a 22’ pathfinder t with a 48v ( 80 lb I think) minn Kota I pilot. It was the first one that came out. No problems, very happy. I use it (spot lock) offshore and nearshore a lot. Total game changer. Inshore it’s also really nice, but I don’t use the spot lock if I can get the pp down.
  3. DWoodham

    Boat Insurance

    I also have progressive and had to make a large claim and a small 6 k claim ( 06 pathfinder 22 t) in north Florida. Both times the boat came back in better condition than it was before the accidents. Very happy
  4. DWoodham

    Rtic coolers

    Doubtful, I was at the dealership on sat and they are putting Engel 80qt under the leaning post
  5. DWoodham

    Rtic coolers

    I have a RTIC soft cooler and they don’t crush down well. Polar bear coolers may be better for you. It’s a company out of South Georgia. They make good coolers , I have a bunch( no affiliation)..there is a 50% off sale until Christmas. The code is 2112 http://www.polarbearcoolers.com/SFNT.html
  6. DWoodham

    New Fishing Buddy

    Great looking pup. Consider a life jacket for her when on the boat. Of course they are great swimmers, but the real reason, is the handle or handles on the back. If you have ever tried to get a full grown lab into a wet boat after she jumped it, then you will understand. Makes life much easier. Good luck
  7. DWoodham

    OFX 17

    That’s encouraging, mine came in yesterday. Can’t wait to get it on. I’ve had the wrong prop for way too long. Thanks
  8. DWoodham

    OFX 17

    I wound contact Marcus at power tech. He’s the pathfinder guy. Just ordered a ofx 4R 15p CL YX 200 port 3/8” for my 22’ 06 T.
  9. DWoodham

    SeaDek install in the morning

    Looks good. Let us know if it’s hard to keep clean. I have light grey on a cooler that I’ve had a hard time keeping clean. Magic eraser is good for stubborn spots
  10. DWoodham

    SeaDek install in the morning

    I had to do a double take as your boat looks almost exactly like mine. Post up some pics. What color did you go with?
  11. DWoodham

    Best Fluorocarbon Knot?

    Loop to everything not on a swivel or ring. Uni on 80 lb plus.
  12. DWoodham

    Apalachicola, St George and St Vincent Islands

    Great pics, thanks for posting
  13. DWoodham

    looking for a new tackle box

    I bought a Plano z bag, love the idea of no zippers, but when I looked at it closely, I couldn’t get over how glaringly poor the top design was. It will funnel water inside the bag. I took it back and got a regular Plano, zippers rusted in less than a year. Academy sports has a tackle box that is advertised not to have any metal on it at all. I got one and have been happy so far. I think the zippers are plastic, but the teeth are small and I can’t be 100% positive
  14. DWoodham

    Cooler seating

    I bought a yeti 65 w the thick sea deck to use as a seat because I was tired of replacing the igloo pads every year. It works ok, but not very comfortable. I moved it up front to use as a casting platform ( love sea deck for standing on)and got another with the yeti cushion for the seat. It is made a lot better than the igloo pads, and I believe it will hold up for a while. It’s super comfortable and has memory foam. I like it a lot. Good luck
  15. DWoodham

    Stereo Systems for MA17

    I put 2 pairs of 7.7 and a pair of 6.5 ( to fit existing holes) jl audio speakers and a 400 w jl amp. It sounds great and you can certainly hear it running. 2 pairs of 7.7 and a good amp will be more than enough. Don’t skimp on wire either