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  1. Friction hinges

    I called Jerry and ordered one of the square 3x2 hinges and I’m gonna see if that works. Also order two new lockable latches for the rod lockers can’t wait to be able to leave the rods on the boat at the high and dry
  2. I was gonna go the amertrail option until I realized it was going to cost 5k+ for a new one. Think I’m just going to repair my old one.
  3. Friction hinges

    Steve you wouldn’t have a pick of the hinges you bought would yah?
  4. Friction hinges

    I called gemlux and I believe I spoke to Jerry but he said that none of their friction hinges would work on a 2002 ma. What year do you guys have that you added friction hinges and also what part number did you get? I really want to add these but was super disappointed when he told me this.
  5. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    I had a very similar situation happen with my 2002 MA 21 and at the end of the day it cost me roughly 9k to get the boat fixed but luckily progressive covered my claim. With that being said the company who fixed the boat for me did not have the nicest things to say about how the bottom of these boats are built. On the MA 21 with the long ride pad, he said that area was such thin fiberglass with not much reinforcing he was surprised that it lasted this long. It really took me by surprise as he was showing me problem areas with the stringers as well at the bottom of the boat and how it was laid up and put together. Hopefully now I have a boat that won’t crack down the road but I’ll keep enjoying it as much as I have been. It really is a great boat. wish you luck on the rebuild, just make sure you take it to a competent shop otherwise you’ll have two headaches on your hands. also don’t bother calling maverick as they aren’t repairing any boats that aren’t warranty claims, I called them first when looking to get my boat fixed earlier this year.
  6. 2002 MA latch hinges

    Thanks Crc I’ll look at southco!
  7. 2002 MA latch hinges

    Hey guys im looking for suggestions for either hinges or springs for the hatches on my 2002 MA. I called gemlux and they don’t have friction hinges that’ll work the way the hinges were designed in 2002. Can anyone recommend either another friction hinge company or someone who matches hatch pistons to keep my hatches from slamming etc. thanks matt
  8. Cracked Bottom

    Got it back about a month ago had Stewart at Reliance Marine here in st pete do the work. He did an awesome job, there was way more damage to the bulkheads and stringers than we originally thought so it ended up costing double what I thought and took twice as long but had the boat out this past weekend and it ran like a champ. Gonna really put it through its paces on Sunday going fishing with a buddy! Good to be back on the water now I just gotta find the fish!
  9. Never-ending Verado Issues...

    Give Mike Culhane at First Choice Marine down in St Petersburg a call. These guys practically only work on Mercury's with a few yamahas thrown in the mix. They have two locations, a satellite location at logger head marina and their main location at 2509 24th Ave N. phone number 727-322-6003. Tell him Matt M sent you but fair warning I was just there today and he's got boats stacked in every which way in his yard. He barely had room to store my trailer over night for me, so I am not sure how far out in advance he is scheduled but he's totally worth the wait. They charge a fair price and they do excellent work and both the owners Mike and Dan know Mercury's like crazy. Worth a shot if you don't feel like tracing it yourself. That electrical stuff I don't even attempt to touch anymore so wish I could be more help!!
  10. Trolling Motor Size

    It just so happened the 60" 36 volts came into stock today, so I of course pulled the trigger. Now I gotta get another battery and a new stealth charger.
  11. Trolling Motor Size

    That's what I thought too, go 60". Of course universal mania has been out of stock on the 60" for as long as I can remember. Guess I just need to keep waiting
  12. Trolling Motor Size

    Hey guys I need confirmation. I was planning on buying a new ulterra 60" trolling motor but when I measured my existing trolling motor it looks to be a 54" I have a 2002 Master Angler 21, does everyone recommend a 60" or a 54"? Thanks in advance!
  13. Humminbird Solix?

    I was originally looking at the hummingbird helix but when I saw the solix that has color it kind of sold me. I'm really needing something in the 12" range. I have terrible eye sight with one eye being pretty much useless and the other eye 20/20 with a contact but it's tough to focus on small written things on a screen so I wanna go as big as I can with as clear data as I can. any more input greatly appreciated always looking to see what other people are using and what's working
  14. Humminbird Solix?

    Is anyone using this GPS? I'm looking at picking up the new Ulterra with link as soon as universal mania has it back in stock again and I'm really liking the idea of connecting the trolling motor to the gps to follow contours etc. Is anyone using this? Is it worth it? Am I paying a ton of money for a GPS that has no right to be on a flats boat? Looking for all thoughts on this matter except for the thought of, keep a hand tiller because that's just not gonna happen. Hate having the hand tiller that came with the boat when I bought it. PS boat is almost out of fiberglass, just waiting on new fuel tank, will update everyone with pictures once it's finished. What an ordeal that's been
  15. Cracked Bottom

    Well I ended up making a claim against my insurance and they ended up covering the claim so I'm still in the process of getting estimates and actually selecting a company to do the repairs. It's been somewhat over whelming between how everyone wants to do it a different way. I was going to take it to ingman marine since maverick recommended them but now ted over there isn't calling me back so I may scratch them off the list. really stinks I just want to be out on the boat