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  1. Locking compartments ??

    Fishcast, I don’t have a 2000v, but I have keyed latches on some of of the lockers of my 2200. I never lock them. I figure if there’s something so valuable in the locker, that I fear it’s loss, then I need to secure said items in the house (lift kept boat). The last thing I want is a thief with a crow bar doing $1000 damage to get to a $50 item in the boat. If they want to get into a locker, they will, with or without locks. Make it easy and empty. You can purchase and install new keyed latches from Gemlux or others if you want.
  2. 2500 Dash Complete

    Thanks.....beautiful panel!!!!
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

    Aaaaaaah yes, now I see! You ought to see me sight cast! Not too often anymore b/c I can’t see s**t! thanks!
  4. What did you do to your boat today?

    Nice work! Did you eliminate the shutoff valves?
  5. 2500 Dash Complete

    RCW, Not only you.....I even signed up for a Photobucket account, but no luck on the pics.
  6. CCA Life Member Outing

    Headhunter, Not being a life member, I know nothing about the event. The area CCA banquet is March 8 which we, of course, will attend. Let me know when you might be in the area, and we would be proud to reacquaint a “life member” to the area! Mike
  7. Center console black door

    If you haven’t already, try https://www.updplastics.com/ They make custom black acrylic wind screens for boats and are a supplier to MBG. If they can’t make for you, they might know who does. Good luck!
  8. Minimum garage requirements pathfinder 22-24

    Fishcast, Mine is actually a Maverick windscreen that was installed on 2008 TEs. They are available at https://www.updplastics.com/maverick-boat-windshields/ They have many varieties and colors for about any boat. I’m sure they can custom make anything you want. A replacement for my boat is $125, which isn’t too bad. I have never bought anything from them, so I can’t vouch for their quality or customer service. Just figured I’d break one sooner or later. Let me know if you find a grab rail for it. M
  9. Minimum garage requirements pathfinder 22-24

    Fishcast, i can’t comment on the garage size issues, but I can on the short windshield. I did not want a Tee top on my 22TE and found a good boat in NC. It has the bug slinger, and I have had no problems. A buff to keep from wind burn is necessary for longer runs. No bugs in the teeth yet! The only thing my passengers miss is the grab rail. IMO, the two small ones as pictured above are useless. So holding on for anyone without the steering wheel is a chore. I did get two large beanbag chairs for each side of the leaning post so two can sit and hold on to the lean post legs. I would love have a grabrail for the CC that goes over the short windshield. For short trips or fishing anywhere, I love the “shorty” and lack of casting obstructions it provides. Please post here if you find any good ideas for a new grab rail, M
  10. LENCO tabs LED switch conversion questions

    Thanks Headhunter! I called LENCO this morning..... Required part number to convert on my boat is 15170-001. It is “plug and play” with the caveat that I may not have the connectors and may have to clip off and hard wire. All colors will match up. Dash hole same size. Removal of old control box will not be necessary. Orange wire addition is required b/c of an auto retract feature that functions when the throttle is closed. It is one wire to the ingition switch. Thinking about it, it must function when the ignition is switched to off, but she specifically said “throttle”. A quick look on the internet said the price is about $260, no tax from one vendor. I had a bad trim tab breaker in the PF panel last year, and couldn’t find the breaker or a new panel anywhere. We jumped out the bad breaker, left it installed, and installed a new breaker hanging off the wire bundle with zip ties in the console. I’ll have to think about that and if it makes the job harder. NOTHING is never as simple as the OEM says it is! I think it would be a nice upgrade, but at $260?.........I don’t know, maybe. I’ll be at the boat after the holidays and do some more thinking. Merry Xmas headhunter!
  11. Guys, I’m planning my springtime projects and would like to add the LED style switch for the single ram each side, trim tabs. I’m tired of forgetting to completely raise the tabs and going miles burning gas. Has anyone attempted this? I’ve reviewed the data on LENCOs site, and think I can accomplish without “fishing” a new harness through the hull. Is that the case? Another question is the “Orange” wire for a tach signal. Anyone know what that is for and where do I get that signal. My PF is 2008 TE with factory tabs. Thanks in advance for your input, and Merry Christmas to everyone !!!!!
  12. Steering question

    I think he’s referring to the adjustable torque tab above the prop. I’m not an expert, but he’s on to something.....it looks like a rigging/motor position issue more than a fluid/steer system problem. Do you have a jackplate? My 22TE is nearly impossible to steer when the motor is down and speed is high. Your problem seems to worsen with higher speeds/RPMs. As I raise the JP, steering improves to normal. Pretty much the same for all flats boats and I assume one of the major reasons they were invented. IOW...JPs do a lot more than allow shallow water running.
  13. Newborn angler

    Congrats!!!! The greatest Christmas gift ever! We are glad everyone is doing well.
  14. Boat Shopping - Motor Hours

    Agree....discount the price if you can for specific known issues, like Yamaha 150hp harmonic balancer issues if it applies to your motor ( I have no idea if VMAX is affected). Spend money to find that and other issues. I bought a used F250 about a year ago. It had 980 hours on it. After the pre purchase mechanic inspection, including comp test, exhaust leak down, etc., I took it home to FL and immediately took it to a PF dealer, to do another 1000 hr service. Previous owner had done one too. I did not adjust the valves as called for, but everything else including timing belt. Added was a bore scope of what they could see in the exhaust system. Doesn’t cover 100%, but what they saw was clean for corrosion.These inspections were expensive and after my purchase, but I was determined to have a known starting point for the motor. I am changing the fluids every 50 hours, b/c a CG macininery chief told me they do 50 hour changes and they get 3000-5000 hours on an F250. Haven’t decided if I’m going to continue, but for now I will. Test drive with a good mechanic. With due diligence, I was not afraid of a “so-called” high time motor. Time will tell, but so far so good. Good luck!
  15. Boat lift with remote control

    You don’t need the limit switch unless you have a radio remote. Do you have a remote?