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  1. Boat lift newbie

    Crassh, I meant to ask you about the 4 poles with wires stretched across the top. Are those for a cover? Lightning protection? Deep space alien communicator? M
  2. Boat lift newbie

    He’s right. On most lifts, the two bow cables are a different length from the stern cables to create the stern down slope. I think my stern cables are 4” longer than the bow cables. I may have that reversed, but the point is that drain slope is created with the cables, not with the bunks. Put all 4 bunk brackets the same height. i also think you would be better off with carpet covered wood. Wood I’d softer and more forgiving with fiberglass. Pontoon boats are aluminum on aluminum. Use those aluminum planks with your boarding setup. Or sell them. I think they would be easy to sell.
  3. Boat lift newbie

    Crassh, Congrats on your new place! Your family will love it! You have a good lift. I looks like direct drives (an upgrade), piling protectors, and the installer took time to run the electrics underwater instead of over, which is easier. Yes, you need trailer type bunks for a standard boat. US Lift sells for $800-1700, depending on length. They are aluminum. I have a Deco, which are wood 2x12s covered with carpet, just like a trailer. The bunk brackets look the same, but I don’t know price, or if you can mix manufacturer’s parts. I think you could if a big price difference. PFs need to be supported on the boat’s stringers, which on my PF is slightly outboard of the console. Call Ray at MBG, and he can tell you the exact location for support and spacing on your model. The issue you have to put some thought into is boarding. You have floating piers, and the lift position relative to the piers looks like you’ll have to have a boarding ramp or planks to load the boat. They make all sorts of ramp configurations. You even might be money ahead to contact a local fabricator to make something. You may be able to incorporate the present pontoon bunks to save $$. If you don’t want this to be a DYI(or even if you do want to do it yourself), call a couple of local lift/dock contractors and get a price and their ideas. My only advice is to never “drive” the boat on or off the bunks. Make sure the lift cradle is clear of the hull at in and out. The cables don’t like that! Hope this helps. Good luck and enjoy! This is a pic of my bunks,
  4. Yamaha outboard help

    Thanks Hawg.......a follow up to the original question is really nice and helpful. A good report and congratulations on the solution. Some day any one of us will face similar problems and your experience will be extremely helpful. Good job all around!
  5. 08 2200TE Nav Lights LED upgrade Question

    Yeah, I really like to support the local stores and shops when I can, even West Marine, dealers for service, etc. because they employ local people who need a paycheck. But I’ve learned that a quick internet search can yield some real savings in my pocket....this is a good example. I think local retail trade, especially in the marine world, is real trouble! M
  6. 08 2200TE Nav Lights LED upgrade Question

    Thanks all! I ordered the Perko 602 chrome/brass from MyGreenOutdoors.com for $125.00, no tax, free shipping. West Marine was $230 plus tax. Wasn’t worth a trip to the store to price match and wait. The install template looked really close to what I have, so hopefully just a straight changeout. I’ll post pics when installed to show difference w/ incandescent.
  7. Prop size?

    I have no clue on an HDPI motor, but call PowerTech propeller. If you purchase one of their props after following their recommendations, and it’s not right, they will swap out for one you’re happy with. They will swap out more than one if it’s wrong. Only condition is that they can sell returned one as new. No dings, scratches, etc. They are also experts on proping all MBG boats.a lot of experience!
  8. I want to go to the latest, greatest, brightest LED nav lights. Question.....can I accomplish this by installing a LED bulb to replace the incandescent ones, or do I need to get the whole assembly made for LED? Any suggestions on brand and p/n replacement or bulb? Thanks in advance for your input! This is what I have now:
  9. Yamaha outboard help

    X2, including hose, fittings, and bulb. Also, is bulb soft or hard when the events happen? Does it improve when pumped up? Sounds like a fuel problem, though. I’m not familiar with the smaller 4stroke frames, is it carborated or injected? Odd....no codes.
  10. Minn Kota motherboard problem

    I stand corrected...... From my manual for 08 ipilot CAUTION • For safety reasons,disconnectthemotorfromthebatteryorbatterieswhenthemotorisnotinuseorwhile the battery/batteries are being charged. • Improperwiringof24/36voltsystemscouldcausebatteryexplosion! • Keepleadwirewingnutconnectionstightandsolidtobatteryterminals. • Locate battery in aventilatedcompartment Sorry about letter spacing from copy/ paste.
  11. Minn Kota motherboard problem

    X2, read my manual and it doesn’t mention that. Ipilot is 2008 vintage.
  12. Title & Registration

    Yes.... http://floridarevenue.com/Forms_library/current/gt800005.pdf
  13. Pathfiner Font

    Great idea! You can take the logo to any vinyl sign shop, They will match it up, with their computers in any color, and install it for you. I think my customer letters cost about $35 for both sides. Please post a pic when you’re finished.
  14. Title & Registration

    They all want sales taxes. Tile where ever it’s the least!
  15. New 22 TRS on order... few questions

    Bcart, Welcome and enjoy your new ride! IMO, a 150 is a little light for the new PFs, especially with a T top. After adding all your personal gear, TM and batteries, and gas, you’ll be pushing 4000lbs. Of course, it depends on a lot of things. On a big lake, it’s probably enough. In the Gulf or Atlantic, probably not. The dealers push the 150’s to keep the package price down, but you need to think about where and under what conditions you will primarily use the boat. If money is a concern, dump the T top, buy a Bimini, and put the money toward more HP. Add the top later. Get as much HP as you can afford. Good for resale. You won’t be sorry. A recirc livewell is an additional pump that takes the water already in the livewell and recirculates it to aerate to keep fish and bail alive while on a trailer. In the water, the main live-well pumps pull water from the sea chest, adds to the well, and dumps the excess overboard thru the standpipe, keeping fresh, aeriated water in the well. I keep my boat on a lift and never use it. If your boat will be on a trailer all the time, get it. Good for resale, too. I don’t have any knowledge either way of current problems with the raw wash system. The only defects that you could possibly have are sub standard pumps. If problematic, you have a warranty from MBG, so they can fix or upgrade. It’s a good safety feature, too. If you ever loose a motor water pump, you can run a hose from the pump port to the motor flush port, and limp home. It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever use in this way, but might impress your family with your safety concern for them. Also good for resale. If you get more HP, opt for the freashwater wash tank. Hope this helps!