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  1. Try Phil Hertzog at his shop. 772-708-0898 Hertzog Marine Canvas, Fort Pierce, Fl. He may have a pattern for your model. They did my Bimini and I’m very happy with their business and quality. They also get a lot of referrals from MBG and make a lot of product for them. M
  2. New Yamaha XTO’s

    My son sent me this this morning.
  3. Pop Up gas cap

    Fireengine, I posted this last summer. Some suggested to attempt a WD40 repair, but my spring was broken and I could not raise up. Hope this helps! FFF, I think your internal spring is corroded and broken. A real pain at the gas pump. I searched all the usual sources, ugly fish, flounder, and the rest. I found a Southco diesel filler neck and cap on EBay, for $35. The neck had "diesel only" cast in, instead of "gas". I removed the cap from the chain, and it worked like a champ in the old, installed neck on the PF. I could not figure how to install the new chain on the old neck. Here's my post from last March/April. Hope this helps: Guys, I tried to order one from the link above. Stated they were out of stock on the 1 1/2" for my PF. Found the cap on EBAY as part of a diesel filler neck and cap. I ordered this morning thinking I'd throw the fill neck away and use the cap. Same p/n on the cap. I hope it fits. Only $35, and getting harder and harder to find. Search EBay for the Southco part number. Southco M7-22-8807204 Polished 1 1/2 Inch Stainless Steel POP UP Cap Boat Straig 2008 2200TE YAM F250, 1971 BOSTON WHALER 13 SPORT YAM 35 2 STROKE
  4. Butt seat for my 2500

    Marzomi, Looks interesting. How about a review and some pics when you finish mounting.
  5. Get boat off lift in shallow H2O

    I couldn’t use my lift without the angled offset. Also, I took a pvc pipe, attached hose connectors to the ends, which allows a little dredging at low tide.
  6. TE Bow Seat

    Thanks Tarpon.....that’s exactly what I needed to know!
  7. TE Bow Seat

    All, I have an ‘08 2200TE with a factory installed bow seat “receiver”. I have never unscrewed the cap, and usually use the Yeti cooler as my bow seat for drifting with Poppin’ Corks for trout. Having old knees and an easily fatigue-able back, I’m looking for a little more height (not much!) and a seat (not leaning seat), than the cooler provides. Questions..... Is the receptacle reinforced and can it handle a tall seat with a back? I googled and do not see many types pictures on a PF. I’m worried about a taller post, and the corresponding cantilever effect, tearing up the deck. Anyone have any pictures of works well for you? Thanks.
  8. Simrad Total Scan

    Blackacre, What did you go with and where/what type catching do you do? Usual depth? Anything you would do different? thanks!
  9. Guys, Thanks for the quick reply’s. Took the boat in this morning. The shop’s plan is to drop the LU, disassemble, and lay out the parts for the adjuster, with their recommendations. They will probably ask for a new gear case, but the adjuster may not allow, opting for new guts, depending on findings. Seals and bearings will be replaced no matter what. The skeg will be replaced as necessary, and dye checked before and after. . The shop will underscore reliability, family out 25 miles, etc. due to heavy impact damage. The Service manager agreed to ask for the skeg to made from good quality aluminum plate, as opposed to the sandcast replacement skegs. The prop will get an inspection, and recon by PowerTech. The motor portion seems to be handled. As far as the fiberglass work, the Service Manager echoed your sentiments, “no biggie, no big deal”, so I’m going with the flow! Many thanks again!
  10. Guys, It finally happened......ran over rocks in the channel at Homosassa’s infamous Hell Gate. I’ve got insurance and will deliver the boat to the dealer, who I trust. Like all dealers, they have their own “go to” fiberglass shop, who I don’t know. If fact, I do not know ANYTHING about proper, major fiberglass hull repairs. So I’m asking the collective brain trust to give me some pointers on what to look for and ask for for this fix. I plan on keeping the boat for a long time, and eventually repowering. I WANT IT DONE RIGHT! There is much more damage than the pics below represent. Some places are worse. Pretty much from forward of the CC to the packet in back. These give you a flavor, though. Thanks in advance for for your input !
  11. Bob’s Jack Plate Pump/Motor Replacement

    Guys, After buying a replacement pump and board w/solenoids, no hoses, I proceeded with disassembly of the old one. Disconnecting wires, I found one wire (the big red jumper between the solenoids) felt loose. I got my SO to hold the turn signal handle in various positions, and found intermittent operation when the wire was wiggled. The wire was corroded and had very high resistance in the sleeve about an inch in. I replaced every wire on the pump board and every other I could reach. Then, three crimp connections on the recently replaced solenoids pulled out in my hand. Ive used the boat three or four times now and the jack plate works flawlessly. I’ve had a word with my mechanic, showed him pictures, and handed him the wires and connectors. The service manager happened by to say hi, and soon apologized. He offered my money back, but I told him to use it for training for his people in the art of proper crimping, so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.I honestly think he’ll do some remedial education. So I’ve got a spare pump in my garage, because it WILL fail one day. Lots of lessons on this one! Thanks all for your support!
  12. Cabin Bluff

    Woodbine, GA ”Cabin Bluff lies along the Intracoastal Waterway, adjacent to the historic Cumberland Island National Seashore. Located just 30 minutes north of Jacksonville, FL.”
  13. WTB Windshield for 1810

    UPD is in Davie Fl, I believe and they sell or make about anything. I do not have one. Good luck!
  14. WTB Windshield for 1810

  15. I learn something new every day. I was talking to my local Yamaha service manager (ex-factory engineer) about an intermittent cooling alarm and reduction to idle. Probably need a new water pump, he says. Maybe poppets and thermostats, too. Anyway, after scheduling the work, he asked me what I would do if the impeller spun on the shaft, rendering the cooling system inop., 25 miles out in the Gulf. Shrugging my shoulders, he told me that if I run the raw water wash down hose to the motor flush port, I should be able to cruise back, no problem. There is a minimum pressure required, but he checked my pump, and said “good to go”. Didn’t say how much, but I have a PF installed, rarely used pump. I asked why there was no mention of this in the manuals, then HE shrugged his shoulders. Probably b/c Yamaha doesn’t supply the pumps, boat builders do, he speculated. He remembered when he worked at the factory, a group of guys went to the Bahamas, and had a total failure just leaving for the return trip. They rigged up a hose and nursed it all the way back to Fl. “Brilliant!....the staff said! i bought a 4’ hose at ACE and put it in the ditch bag. Like I said....learn something new every day!