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    Livewell Strainer

    I wanted to replace the caps and SS screens in our ‘08 PF. When I received three from MBG, they looked identical, BUT when I placed the screen in the old body, it was slightly too wide. Then I tried the caps in the old body, I found they had a slightly different thread (felt like metric v. SAE threads) IOW, couldn’t swap parts. I had to replace whole assembly.

    Life jacket storage 22te

    X2.......I do the same. I was stopped recently by FWC and had a great deal of trouble getting it open to show him 6. He didn’t say anything but it got me thinking about accessing fast!

    Life jacket storage 22te

    I keep 6 standard LJs in the forward center dry(?) compartment in a WM standard canvas case. I compress the bag and slide it portside under the hatch close piston. It’s a tight fit but it leaves about half of the compartment free for SO’s “stuff”. I keep my ditch bag w/ PLB, first aid, general survival stuff, etc. on the stern bilge compartment shelf. Throwable is in center console. One of the rod lockers has a gaff/ dock hook collapsed pole, anchor light pole, and collapsed dive flag pole. That leaves one rod locker open for more of SOS stuff. The cast net floor locker usually has a 5 gallon bucket w/ “swim noodle” seat used as a potty for SO. I did buy VersaMats off Amazon to line most compartments. They keep the LJs, towels, etc. much dryer as it elevates all out of the small puddles in the compartments. Air is your friend for keeping down mold and mildew on the LJ case. Hope this helps and I too am looking for better ways to do it!

    Improved Cheese Grater

    X2.......as a former marine propeller shop owner in Florida, most modern props have a complex geometry that is almost impossible to “put back to new” without the support of the original manufacturer. Most shops have scanning equipment where they scan pitch and thickness data of a new one, and put all others back to that spec. NOT bullet proof, though. A factory drawing, or factory scan data is best. Be sure to question the shop about how exactly they know what the geometry is. I have a couple of PT OFXs, bent one, sent to one of the largest Florida shops (a friend!). I sent it back twice, and finally sent to PT. POWERTECH “condemned” it , saying THEY could not get It back to original. I ended up buying a new one. It was my running hard aground that causes the problem, and I made my friend redo for free on the send backs. Of all people, I should have known better!!!!! I did buy the new OFX from him, though. The days of straightening props using a trailer ball hitch and a hammer have been over for years now.

    Jack plate issue

    Yeah, I thought the same. Turned out everything was good except the wiring. Hope that’s your issue....easy fix!

    Jack plate issue

    I had similar problem, solicited help on this forum, and this was my summary post: After buying a replacement pump and board w/solenoids, no hoses, I proceeded with disassembly of the old one. Disconnecting wires, I found one wire (the big red jumper between the solenoids) felt loose. I got my SO to hold the turn signal handle in various positions, and found intermittent operation when the wire was wiggled. The wire was corroded and had very high resistance in the sleeve about an inch in. I replaced every wire on the pump board and every other I could reach. Then, three crimp connections on the recently replaced solenoids pulled out in my hand. Ive used the boat three or four times now and the jack plate works flawlessly. I’ve had a word with my mechanic, showed him pictures, and handed him the wires and connectors. The service manager happened by to say hi, and soon apologized. He offered my money back, but I told him to use it for training for his people in the art of proper crimping, so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.I honestly think he’ll do some remedial education. So I’ve got a spare pump in my garage, because it WILL fail one day. Lots of lessons on this one! Thanks all for your support! Hope this helps! The summary doesn’t reflect my local dealers involvement at the beginning to solve the problem and his recommendation to replace all. I believe the “big red wire between the solenoids” was bad at the crimps from the beginning! That was last year, and still no problems since recrimping all.
  7. Thanks all! Now I find the rebates on EVOs ended 12/1........my costly mistake. I’ve already had a severe bottom burn and a L/U rebuild this year. Oh well, a lower unit saved is a penny earned. Unless someone has a better suggestion in the Homosassa/CR area, I’m going to have George Matt install it. Thanks for all the positive FMT references. Merry Christmas to everyone and your families!!! M
  8. Just as I hoped and wanted to hear!!!! Now I can’t wait to pull trigger. Glen told me if I bought the Evo from him, he would discount the chip. I can’t find any deals this year, so I will support him and his business. Thanks for the info, I hope to see you around the St Martin keys soon! M
  9. Guys, Merry Christmas to me! My wife says I can replace my 10 year old Garmin 3210. I have selected an Evo3, mainly for the FMT. We fish Homosassa and CR. I’ve talked to the FMT owner and asked him how the coverage is for our area.......”Outstanding” he said. I've never seen any images of our area, or ridden a boat using the chip. Has anyone on these forums used the FMT (real life) at Homosassa and surrounding area? I really would like your opinions of the effectiveness on finding safer routes with FMT around the islands, St Martin’s river, The Chassahowitzka WMA, etc. Thanks in advance!
  10. FROZEN

    E-searider bean bags

    I do not right now. I will be able to take and send/post beginning of next week when we go to the place in Homosassa. I have a 22TE. You are right though. Storage is a small problem. After a long run, I nest the bags together and slide under the leaning post seat(where the big Yeti goes). That gets them out of the way.Then we fish. If I take the Yeti, it rides just fine in front of the forward cooler seat. They will not fit in a TE front storage compartment. If I had a T-top, that’s where they would go for fishing. My wife beat the drum initially for a pontoon or deck boat. To me, that’s like having a mini van to fish out of. The bags made her happy and she has forgotten about the pontoon boat. (I hope!)
  11. FROZEN

    E-searider bean bags

    If the little ones are less than, say, 10 years old, my opinion is YES. Adults might be more comfortable in a large. We put kids at any speed above idle in the back, over the deck drains, to give them the leaning post legs to hold on to and a smoother ride.
  12. FROZEN

    E-searider bean bags

    There are 2 premium bean bag makers. E-searider and Oceantamer. I bought an E-searider large wedge two years ago. It was an immediate hit with the wife. We decided to buy a second. I screwed up and thought it was an Oceantamer. Bought the Oceantamer and discovered their large wedge was wider and a little higher. Other than that.....both are equal!. The narrower large wedge E-searider fits a PF much better, either far aft for the smoothest ride or amidship for a good view. A boating essential with the family.
  13. FROZEN

    GSD 24

    How much?
  14. FROZEN

    Can charging shorten battery life?

    X2........My PF service mgr has said the same. I replaced the house battery two years ago for safety sake. The TM batts are now 5+ years old, and all are always plugged into the charger/tender, sometimes for several weeks when we are on a trip or at home. Still plenty of power and lasts most of the day trolling or spot locked. Additionally, I almost always run on the “one out, two in” program.
  15. FROZEN

    Need jack plate help/advice

    Geeviam, i had a similar experience on my PF. I took it a lot farther than you did before I figured it all out. My problem turned out to be the bad red jumper wire between the solenoids. I now carry some precut and crimped wires in the tool bag. http://mbgforum.com/topic/6652-bob’s-jack-plate-pumpmotor-replacement/?tab=comments#comment-54771 Glad it all worked out!