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  1. Ameritrail Trailer prices

    X2 on the Rolls. Have two of them and still look and operate like new. One is 10 years old plus. Even the lights last a long time.
  2. I would go the independent mechanic route, too. Unless he is your son, he has too much vested interest in the sale. He should accommodate your reasonable request to take it elsewhere, or have a “mobile” mechanic come to the sales lot. Too much money involved IMO. In addition to the compression test, which is easy and within the capabilities of a broker, do a leak down test. This test is pretty much mandatory for 4 stroke wellness checks. A leakdown test is where the cylinder being tested is brought up to TDC, air is put into the cylinder through the plug hole at 100 psi. The test apparatus has two gauges, one for air entering and one for the percentage of air leaking. Less than 20% is considered good. You will have to judge if the broker is willing, and has the experience to perform. If he says not necessary,....run away, or take to another mechanic to perform. The compression test only tests momentary max compression. The leak down tests the integretary of the valves and rings to hold compression. An unacceptable compression and leak down test leads to more advanced checks that qualified mechanics can perform. You can go hog wild on preinspection tests at a dealer, all of them providing useful, peace of mind information, but $$. Questionable numbers on the two basic tests would send me looking for another boat.
  3. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Yeah, I’m curious about the longevity issue as well. Are there minimum used engine condition requirements to do the flash? I.E. Any risk of shorter, than designed life, when performing the flash on a 1000 hr engine w/ good compression, no oil burn, solid performance now, etc.?
  4. Rejuvenate Sunbrella console cover

    Thanks Fin!
  5. Rejuvenate Sunbrella console cover

    Fin, Thanks for your input! Do you have a guess on how much Starbrite I would need for a console/seat cover? It’s about the same square footage as a normal Bimini top. IOW, a gallon way too much? Also, do you treat both sides, or just the outside? Thanks again!
  6. Star Tron Enzyme fuel treatment

    C-Los, My Yamaha service mgr told me to use it instead of the Yamaha product. I have a F250, used it for three years now, motor has 1100 hours and running fine. I also use ethanol free fuel. Of course, I can’t say what my motor would be like without it, but it certainly hasn’t hurt anything so far. Hope this helps, I’ll be curious as to what others say!
  7. I have an older cover for my 2200 PF console that I bought from a forum member two years ago. I also have a new Bimini top from Hertzog that is a year old. The console cover soaks up rain water, and the Bimini sheds water. This is what the Sunbrella Website says: Retreating Sunbrella Fabrics Sunbrella fabrics are treated with a proprietary water and stain repellent finish that is designed to last for several years, but may require replenishing after a thorough cleaning. Glen Raven® recommends 303® Fabric Guard™, available in the United States, and Tex’Aktiv, available internationally. Anyone have experience with these or any other products to rejuvenate the older sunbrella material? Any types to stay away from? Thanks in advance for your input!
  8. Hatch seal dimensions

    Got it now, thanks!
  9. Hatch seal dimensions

    Jazzy, I’m having a hard time finding the seals in the M/C catalog link you kindly provided. Any way you could give me a part number so I can get close to the right one? Thanks in advance!
  10. Console Wiring Clean Up

    That is a craftsman! Beautiful!,!
  11. UPD Plastics, Inc. Davie, Fl (954) 476-1194
  12. Console Wiring Clean Up

    Great idea......thanks!
  13. Console Wiring Clean Up

    Wow, what a difference! Nice job. May I ask what they charged?
  14. Boat lift newbie

    Crassh, I meant to ask you about the 4 poles with wires stretched across the top. Are those for a cover? Lightning protection? Deep space alien communicator? M
  15. Boat lift newbie

    He’s right. On most lifts, the two bow cables are a different length from the stern cables to create the stern down slope. I think my stern cables are 4” longer than the bow cables. I may have that reversed, but the point is that drain slope is created with the cables, not with the bunks. Put all 4 bunk brackets the same height. i also think you would be better off with carpet covered wood. Wood I’d softer and more forgiving with fiberglass. Pontoon boats are aluminum on aluminum. Use those aluminum planks with your boarding setup. Or sell them. I think they would be easy to sell.