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    Boat Cover Advice

    MBH, If you want “nice”, get a custom cover. I used Hertzog Canvas in Ft Pierce. Top quality materials and great to deal with. hertzogcanvas.com

    Braided Line Questions

    I use SPIDERWIRE ULTRACAST INVISI-BRAID - clear, for all my inshore/bay fishing. Usually 20 pound with a 20 pound mono leader. A little pricey, but never had any difficulties. I tried a few others, but always came back. I really don’t know, but it feels different to me. Probably all in my mind.

    Jack plate prop PF 2200

    BlazerAL, Let’s take a deep breath, I sense your frustration! My PF was the first time I had a JP to play with. I do have a different hull type/motor combo, but I drove myself nuts trying to match the PF/Yamaha performance bulletins. I tried many props. Then a friend set me straight.......He told me prop the boat with the JP all the way down, all the time. Do not use the JP to enhance speed, ease of turns, etc. You can use engine trim a little, and if you have hull trim tabs, leave them up all the time. ( If your JP install raised the motor from the factory setup ((in the down position)), that could contribute to your massive change). Then, I started over, called PropTech, got a dealer name to loan me a Marcus recommended prop for a single run (return in as-new condition). I tried two props and settled on the first. I knew that the tests were apples and apples, and operator error was not a factor. Got the numbers I was looking for, and close, but not identical to the bulletin. Finally, do not use a prop shop to modify (pitch change) a prop to dial it in. These modern props are Swiss watches and few, if any shops, can tweak a PowerTech without screwing it up. A JP is designed to give motor clearance only, not enhance or change performance.(although it will change performance, from my experience for the worse) Hope this helps.

    Bimini Top Recommendation - PF 22

    gwojnow, No big deal un-clipping the 4 straps (two forward mains, and two forward cross straps) anytime. Leave the two rear straps clipped in always. OR with Phil doing his magic, he could put a Velcro slot right over the anchor light rod socket. Might have to buy a longer anchor light to clear the tall top. Me thinks you are over thinking this. You will love it!

    Bimini Top Recommendation - PF 22

    Sounds like the same one Phil made for me. I’m happy with the height (I’m 6’2” and never have to crouch to get around), and I had him install it a few inches forward to maximize the family shade. He also put the Velcro slits in the top so I can use the console rod storage holders. Very Glad I did.......good feature! The top has been at 55mph plus and steady as a rock when tethered up. Wife and kids will love it! You will love fishing the flats without a top.....unrestricted casting! Enjoy!

    Bimini Top Recommendation - PF 22

    “A few things I would recommend are flush (or nearly so) quick release gunnel top mounts, so you can install and remove it easily. Also be sure to take some time when positioning it, so that when folded flat you can still open your livewells, raise the motor all the way up, etc.” X2......and if you doing a self install, make sure the bows provide forward coverage. Might keep you from easy aft livewell access, but nothing *** as much as the driver under shade, and the wife roasting forward! Pontoon boat, here we come!

    Bimini Top Recommendation - PF 22

    GWOJNOW, Two years ago I did a lot of research on internet “ready made” and custom canvas shops, and settled on Phil Hertzog in Ft. Pierce. He does a lot of custom canvas work in your area. The quality was super, and his customer service was great. It’s just he and his wife, but it’s a high quality top. He uses heavy wall tubing for the frame, and heavier Sunbrella fabrics. He knows Pathfinders too, having done a lot of their OEM work. He is not inexpensive however. I got an extra large top, rod slits with zippers, covers, SS hardware, and he installed it. I paid about $1k. You can find much cheaper on the internet, but most people around me can’t make them last more than two or three seasons with regular (almost everyday in summer) use. All will work, though.....just a matter of taste and pocketbook. Hertzog Canvas.772-708-0898 Hope this helps.

    NSS12 EVO 3 Transducer Recomendations

    Blackacre, Yeah, that looks good! I have pulled the trigger on a new EVO 3, though. I guess it only costs 75% more to go first class. I’ve gone cheap on a lot in my life ( I don’t throw away cars until 250k or more miles, shop at joe banks, etc,) so I’m treating myself. I fish out of the Homosassa River and surrounding areas (rock city). I can’t wait to see if FMT and a screen I can finally see in some sun, opens up new routes and areas to fish. Thanks for thinking of me.....great find!

    NSS12 EVO 3 Transducer Recomendations

    It’s an ‘08. And it has the smaller Maverick CC. I printed out the garmin 3210 template, and the NSS 12 template (Make sure you print both to 1:1.) I do not have a VHF installed, and only a Sony radio on the right side. Comparing the templates, the existing hole is only slightly smaller that is required for the NSS 12. I do have two concerns....the stuff inside, behind the unit (NSS appears to be slightly deeper; and the external frame size. The frame size will be tight to clear the right radio and the left edge. It will be close. Vertically is fine. The only way to be sure is to remove the Garmin head and lay on the Simrad template. I did make arrangements with the dealer to allow me to exchange the 12 for the next size smaller, if the box is unopened. My installer only has room inside in his shop for two boats, so he schedules to be efficient, which is why we are going this route. I THINK we will be OK. We will see.
  10. Going to pull the trigger on an EVO 3 in the next few days before the yearly rebates end 31Mar. Garmin 3210 has died. Boat is 22TE. I'm looking for advice on a transducer selection. The Structurescan HD appears to be the new standard offering. I’m going to transom mount the TD. I fish the Homosassa/ Crystal River area, and will purchase FMT. I seldom get to more than 50ft depth, with 90 % at 20 feet or less, most of that at 5 feet or less. Is there anything better for how I use the boat? Thanks in advance for your input
  11. FROZEN

    Prop shop recommendation in South Florida

    Fish food, The only people I would trust with a PowerTech prop, is PowerTech. PT props are hypersensitive to the design specifications on rake, cup, and progressive pitch. UPS it to them, and they will turn it around. About $200, I think. Call PT, and talk to them about it. They will give you their honest opinion. F&J’s is a good shop, but PT doesn’t give out design data to shops. When you get it back from PT, it will be exactly like it’s supposed to be. I’ve been there, don’t ask me how I know this is the way to go.
  12. FROZEN

    Hatch Repair

    Capt Steve, looks great! Good job! Your a lucky guy to have two labors of love. Congrats for your daughters success, keep it up! M
  13. FROZEN


    Fishmanjj, Davie, Fl (954) 476-1194 http://www.updplastics.com
  14. FROZEN


    Call UPD. They will make anything you want.
  15. FROZEN

    Best years for 22 TE

    X2.....same year, motor, and hours. Nothing has gone seriously wrong with either. Feet are dry!
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