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  1. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    If you paid half on the repair of a boat sold as is where is , you went beyond the right thing. Good on you sir!
  2. mine go through the hull.. I like the way it looks ..
  3. Thats a tuff loss.. we lost our springer spaniel last year after 16 years. we went through the summer and once the youngest got back in school we got new member of the family. Another springer spaniel now 5 months old.
  4. My New (to me) Hewes ‘93 Bonefisher

    Yep that was one of the nicest ones out there for sale.. nice boat enjoy
  5. Today in MBG History!

    Congratulations on your years of service. Thanks for being such a great resource for all of us owners.
  6. scupper check valves question

    I am curious to know what type check valves Pathfinder uses in the later model boats. My 2012 2200 does not have check valves and I plan on putting something in line to help keep the water off the deck. I have looked at gemlux offerings. I would love to have the floating ball floor drains but they are too large to fit the section of the floor where the current drains are. The duck bill scupper that fits inside the through hull seems like my best option at this point. If anyone has experience adding checks in the drain lines I would love to hear about what you did and if you were satisfied with the results.
  7. Shimano Trevala Conventional 6”6

    Nice deal .. just a tad to far to drive out of Savannah.
  8. Momma let me go.....

    Nice uns !
  9. Power pole problem

    Just call the good folks at powerpole. The obvious statement is that something may have shorted out causing the pump to run. I'm sure they will help you identify the problem in short order.
  10. Shout Out To Power-Pole: Broke one off !!!

    They treated me right ! Another proud owner!
  11. LENCO tabs LED switch conversion questions

    yeah, sounds like a great feature to never trailer with the tabs down. in reality most of the time i drop someone on the dock and never shut down before on the trailer. I had the lighted switch with auto retract on my last boat. and as stated above the auto retract gets very annoying.
  12. New Name for the 2400TRS

  13. New Name for the 2400TRS

    I like it ! Who made your decals ? It looks like they do great work.
  14. Steering question

    if the bump is somewhat repeatable as you turn the wheel I would think the valves in the helm are sticking and requiring more force to turn. I would search around for people having issues with sticky valves in sea star helms. You can take the torque tab completely off for a test run. if the problem persist no adjustment will improve your situation.
  15. When to give up on a trailer

    I would have to price out all the parts and decide. if you rebuild it now you are only putting off the new trailer by a few years. As it is now you could probably sell it to someone and put that money toward a new trailer.