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  1. 98 20LT 200 vmax, missing top end spend, where to start?

    I like the tempest prop too. I do not say too much about Mercury props because a lot of people are loyal to power tech here. But tempest plus is a great prop for bay boat set ups. It will run high and hold its grip high in the water. Mercury enertia is also a pretty good prop on a bay boat.
  2. So You Think Your Day Was Bad

    I would bet the motor ended up underwater . I would think the glass burned to the waterlin after this picture was taken.
  3. Boarding ladder Installation (Finally)

    That’s not a slide it’s a flip up ladder. That is a very common type ladder. The slide one you speak of would mount underneath.
  4. Well I've been replaced lol

    I remember when my oldest , pictured on the right, was at the helm. Now the youngest takes his turn at the helm.. nothing better in the world than time on the water enjoying nature with family and friends.
  5. Boarding ladder Installation (Finally)

    Looks great and I’m sure the swimmers love it!
  6. Mahi out of Jupiter Inlet (Way Out)

    Awesome! Could you share what type of artificial baits you use. For the record for you to use the term way out for 18 to 20 miles stings a little. Up here in Savannah out is 25 to 30 and way out is 50 to 70.
  7. 98 20LT 200 vmax, missing top end spend, where to start?

    Yep it looks pretty thin. Also looks like it was never a high end prop to start with.. glad you got you problem on the run.
  8. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    Wow just wow!! Unbealivable the sugar company does not donate the land to make canals. I guess it goes to show they couldn’t care any less about the environment. It’s hard to believe in this day and age that any government would knowingly kill the environment.
  9. 2003 2200v Delamination

    That’s a heck of a thing to happen from a small crack.. there are a ton of boats out there with bottoms that are beat to hell and there not skint back.. I’m sure she will be better than new when you get her back.
  10. 98 20LT 200 vmax, missing top end spend, where to start?

    That’s a good start. How was the first prop wore out? Slipping hub ? Ground down blades? Was it in obvious disrepair? Or was it just the wrong pitch?
  11. WTB Yamaha tach.

    Thanks for the lead’s guys
  12. WTB Yamaha tach.

    I know it’s a long shot but I’m looking for an old round Yamaha tach. My motor is a 2000 and it appears the part would work on 2004 and previous engines.
  13. motor height question. 2 methods, conflicting results

    I have always used anti cave plate 1 to 1.5 above as a starting point .. then raise a hole or two if that 1 To 2 mph gain was being sought. Trust me once you got to high the boat will let you know
  14. motor height question. 2 methods, conflicting results

    I think you missed my point. I said raising the motor one inch will NOT get him the speed he thinks he is missing which looks to be 8 to 10 mph. I think the motor is struggling or he is not getting the power to the ground(water). Slipping hub or not enough fuel or fire. I had a 150 optimax that lost a coil on two separate occasions. The only way I knew it was not fireing was top speed. The motor ran great idled great jumped the 19 foot pioneer on plane. The only indication that I had a problem was WOT speed was low to mid 40’s rather than 50 mph
  15. motor height question. 2 methods, conflicting results

    Lifting your motor one inch will not get you 8 to 10 mph. I would be looking for a slipping hub or a fuel restriction. Possibly even a fouled out plug or even a dead coil.