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  1. HoneyB

    2300hps broken stringer

    Holy crap That stinks
  2. HoneyB

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I would make it center console but I am sure you want the added floor space by moving it over.
  3. HoneyB

    Just Bought 2001 Pathfinder 17t

    Your probably not going to find a lot of specific information to that hull. At least not a lot of guys that own one . That doesn’t mean these guys can’t answer your specific questions. Post up a couple of pics of the new sled!
  4. HoneyB

    Flashlight Gear Heads: Surefire G2 help?

    Old light different temperature. It’s still Just as good as it once was. It just seemed brighter then compared to regular bulbs.
  5. HoneyB

    Fastening Acrylic panel to console

    Center to slightly right seems like a good spot the wheel is center and for a right handed fella it might be easier to reach.
  6. HoneyB

    White or black?

    I don’t care what these guys say I would go with black! actually I would go with beckson soft mate on the side of the console. Those things are great and will blend in and you will not even notice there on the boat.
  7. HoneyB

    Fastening Acrylic panel to console

    Well I had typed how it should fall beside the gauge and all that Jazz but my post seemed long.. 😁
  8. HoneyB

    Fastening Acrylic panel to console

    Would you consider mounting your gps to the right and your vhf to the left on the new panel
  9. HoneyB

    Fastening Acrylic panel to console

    Honesty if you are going to glue it I would try to get away with one in each corner. Once you mount your electronics they will hold the panel in place. If you like the thought of screw or bolt I would do one each corner and one in the middle top and bottom and call it a day
  10. HoneyB

    Fastening Acrylic panel to console

    I would use sealant around the edge and probably through bolt it. I would also try to counter sink the screws. I’m not sure it will work on acrylic but try to run the drill in reverse to countersink. I do that on gelcoat Before sinking a screw. It might work for you and the bit will not bite in and crack the glass . If not use a wood block to stet your depth. Cut a block the length of the bit chucked in the drill minus the cutting edge of the bit. Should make a nice little dish for the screw head to rest in.
  11. HoneyB

    Rust Remover

    Looks like you need to pull the hardware up. Clean the fiberglass with the rust remover of choice. I too like bar keepers and even wink toilet bowl cleaner. Buy some new screws and reassemble with sealant of choice.
  12. HoneyB

    1994 18.5 Master Angler

    Wiring is top notch !! Great job !
  13. HoneyB

    Fall Steinhatchee trip

    My guys want to or need to go mid March due to April schedules .. I’m hesitant about going that early . Thoughts anyone ?
  14. HoneyB

    Hydromotive Props

    I know a guy would be happy to break over 65mph.
  15. HoneyB

    Hydromotive Props

    I hear Simon motorsports has a flash for the SHO also.
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