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  1. HoneyB

    2019 Yamaha 250 SHO Fuel

    Ahh yes I knew someone would know better than I could remember.. it’s 87 and 89 not 89 and 93
  2. HoneyB

    2019 Yamaha 250 SHO Fuel

    Always ethanol free in boats and lawn equipment. You can google to correct me but I think 200 hp SHO recommendation is 89 and any higher HP SHO requirement is 93. I feel the higher rating is just to ensure max HP in the 225 and up.
  3. HoneyB

    17 hpx remodel

    I may have missed it along the way but is all the restoration gel coat? It’s a vary nice looking boat for sure.
  4. HoneyB

    Advice on selling my MA

    One guy had a 17 MA listed for sale that he put nice poly tank under the seat when his tank sprung a leak. You do not really have to sell it because of the tank and you can have it repaired when your ready.
  5. HoneyB

    New Owner

    1720 is a right of passage for center console boats. Nice upgrade for sure.
  6. HoneyB

    2008 Hewes 18 Redfisher LOW hours

    As a Bama fan I was just poking fun. That is a beautiful rig. Should move quick in the spring if you do not make a deal before then.
  7. HoneyB

    2008 Hewes 18 Redfisher LOW hours

  8. HoneyB

    2007 2000V gel crack

    Nice work ..
  9. HoneyB

    New Owner

    I’ll tell you one thing that will help you in your transition. Watch the Tail swing. When docking and moving the boat around just know you do not just turn away like you did in the 17 footer . nice looking sled by they way.
  10. HoneyB

    Good Boat Name

    If he stopped buying weed to put toward that boat he should be commended.
  11. HoneyB


    Trust me there are more people out there that love it than hate it. I just did not have a good experience.
  12. HoneyB

    Not mine, but a very interesting HPX-S

    Ok so you have to attach a couple of pics to this thread So everyone can see your prize.
  13. HoneyB


    I have. Imagine burning a plastic bottle and watching it shrivel up. Mine started to draw up like dried fruit in the corners. It was a bit out of warranty and I think maybe they went in half for the replacement. Guess what it did the same thing. My boat was under cover on a trailer and under my pole barn. I’m not a fan of Sea Dek. Feels good but will wear quickly and if it dries out because the reflection from the boat burns it then it really looks bad
  14. HoneyB

    98 17 ma 09 115 Yamaha 4 strk

    Glad you got it sold thoughts and prayers during your medical situations ..
  15. My 01 has the same thing. I guess it’s her that way for years
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