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  1. if the engine is healthy and happy 100 ponies with a 17 pitch prop, should not have issue putting the boat on plane.
  2. I did not have much luck getting service from croxton. he did reply to a few e mails. Each time i would say im ready to send it if you can work it. He never said yes be glad to send it on out. I just aquried a nice prop (thanks BradM) and i hope for good things form steves custom propellers as well. Updates forthcoming.
  3. You do not mention RPM on you engine but I would think you are not propped very well. If the engine and fuel system are in good condition you could have the wrong prop. Does the prop appear to be in good condition or chewed up? Your hub could be slipping but would have probably turned completely loose by now if that were the case. Throwing a dart at a board here I bet you have a 19 pitch prop and need a 17 .. but obviously just a guess
  4. HoneyB

    1996 hewes 19 redfisher

    My thoughts exactly
  5. HoneyB

    1996 hewes 19 redfisher

    How much of a pig would that be with a 90 yamaha do you think?
  6. HoneyB

    Best color for showing off lapstrakes?

    Personally I think fighting lady yellow looks not vintage than greens. I know there are way too many fighting yellow boats but on a little vintage skiff it is a nice color. The guid green on the new pathfinder in my opinion would look nice on a Lappy but the really blue sea foams are kinda hit or miss on vintage skiffs... but I’m betting it will look great whatever you choose
  7. HoneyB

    Siphone gas for emergencies

    Cause you been huffin the fumes
  8. HoneyB

    Siphone gas for emergencies

    If you add hose on the outgoing side of your primer bulb you can set a can on the ground ... once you pump a flow up you can drop it down and it will flow. And you don’t even have to *** the gas fumes.. I know that kinda takes the fun out of it .
  9. HoneyB

    72 Bonefisher Project

    Oyster White is a great color if you decide on white. I have used it on more than one older boat. Quaternary White is tinted just enough to knock the glare down that you will get from pure white.
  10. HoneyB

    72 Bonefisher Project

    I was gonna guess you could get any color you wanted as long as you wanted off white
  11. HoneyB

    Looking for a Yamaha 90 Two Stroke

    90 Yamaha running = 5000.00 anything less is a heck of a bargain. I looked for two years. Paid 5 grand when I found a nice one
  12. HoneyB

    AC for camping

    Also sold as ice melter for when you just need that cold glass of water
  13. Taking the measurement reminded me I needed to shorten my cable anyway. I Tied a knot in the cable while I was there.
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