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  1. T-Top color for Ice Blue Pathfinder

    I had a black top on a guide green pathfinder ... I did not care for the dark top on the light colored boat
  2. What did you do to your boat today?

    They do not make a direct replacement from OEM to friction. I called down to GEM Jerry told me this was the closest match. They were a very close match. the new hinge did cover the holes that i had to fill. It was a very easy repalcement.
  3. 2001 Yamaha 150 VMax ox66 alarm Help!

    You can do it if you are somewhat handy. Buy a blue sea add a battery kit.
  4. Power Pole Anchor Light

    Looks pretty cool to me. Better than the elchepo plug in anchor lights.
  5. What did you do to your boat today?

    On the pics I often rotate them and save them. then open again and rotate back to the way they were on my phone and save again. Then it will post correctly on here
  6. 2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS **SOLD**

    Beautiful rig.
  7. Is there a Good Prop Shop Near Fort Myers

    Frank and jimmies http://www.fjprop.com/
  8. Current model 22 TE vs Gen 1 22 TE

    well mine was because two grown *** guys could stand basically on top of the drain that simply turned outboard on the same side of the boat.. pretty easy to push one side of the boat down in that manner.
  9. What did you do to your boat today?

    Ok tried to put the before pic on the top. Switched from black Sunbrella to white weblon
  10. What did you do to your boat today?

    Changed hats from Bad guy to Good guy. That’s from when Badguys wore black cowboy hats if your too young for the reference. Special thanks to The Outlaw for hooking me up with a great canvas.
  11. What did you do to your boat today?

    This is the hinge I used http://www.gemlux.com/catalog/friction-hinge-1209/FH-1209-SD
  12. Current model 22 TE vs Gen 1 22 TE

    That’s a big assumption. My 2012 , 2200 TRS would wet your feet.
  13. Tunes taking less room

    The new unit did fit where the clarion remote was mounted. The hole was cut a bit more round than the remote needed. The new radio is deeper than the remote. I would think if you have the remote you could replace it with the radio.
  14. Tunes taking less room

    Nice of her to say for sure
  15. Tunes taking less room

    Yep this is my new head unit now sending bluetooth tunes through the JL audio amp and speakers