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  1. HoneyB

    Anyone with a Suzuki on a Pathfinder?

    I do not know about running on a pathfinder. I do have a friend that bought a new zuke 140 last year for a key West 176. It does not preform very well on his boat. We have lifted the motor and ran a couple of different props. Low 40’s is about it and it just doesn’t feel good anywhere from getting on plane to wot. I am sure I will get beat up over this post as I know there is a lot of zuke love out there. I just was not impressed
  2. HoneyB

    Aluminum vs Steel Trailer Wheels

    Application tip. Jack the tire up and spin it to paint. Use a dab of mineral sprits or such to take overspray off tire
  3. HoneyB

    Aluminum vs Steel Trailer Wheels

    It probably means nothing sticks to nice new shines galvanized ... trust me old cruddy galvinzed is not a problem. Cheap enough to freshen as needed
  4. HoneyB

    GPS Screen Size

    Lol my experance was not with Garmin I am not defending the brand any brand. I was just speaking to how you address people.
  5. HoneyB

    GPS Screen Size

    Just gonna say .. again I find your writings rude. Telling someone they are buying a pos unit is uncalled for. I understand you are trying to educate all of us here but talking to people like there stupid uncalled for. I have had units other than Garmin that showed my boat way on the hill wile in back rivers. But I don’t go tell everyone that has one of those HDS units they have a pos. I have run Deadman’s bay one end to the other for years on several Garmin units and I find them to be pretty spot on. I am glad you know more than the general population about charting units .. but you don’t have to be a *.... *about it .
  6. HoneyB

    GPS Screen Size

    First thought was “that’s harsh”
  7. HoneyB

    WTB - Aluminum Trailer

    Did you see the one listed for a 22 footer on here?? I bet that would be workable for you. The pics he has the 22 is longer than the bunks plus backing up the winch stand u could probably have a nice trailer
  8. HoneyB

    Jack Plate questions

    I would think if it is running with no jack plate that you can put what you want on there and be fine. I am no jack plate expert but my understanding it the further you go back the higher you can run the motor on plane. If you think about how the water comes up from the back of the boat while on plane it makes sense. I would think the four inch would allow you to run it up high and idle around on the shallows . Six inch might let you run it a bit higher on plane crossing the shallows. I think six might be the go to setback for most . If you intend to run your motor high in the water you will be on the search for a prop. Some props are designed to hold on when run higher. More money
  9. HoneyB

    Corroded head bolts

    I think at 19 years old I’m probably in this boat. Clean em .. even use Ospho or similar product. Paint them, plasti dip them,coat with marine grease or whatever .. just ride em out
  10. HoneyB

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I restored a 17 whaler for a guy. The bottom was very scratched up. I filled the lines with 3m premium and then painted awlgrip. I would think filling would have to be done prior to gel coat.
  11. HoneyB


    New puppies expected on March 20th. Full blooded AKC registered Springers. Mom is here in Savannah dad lives with David at Lanewood kennels in fort valley Ga.
  12. HoneyB

    My "new" 2007 2200V

    Need updated pic
  13. HoneyB

    THIS is a sunrise

    Uh, am I the only one that didn’t see Christmas Trees on first glance of that last pic???
  14. HoneyB

    Aluminum vs Steel Trailer Wheels

    I have a trick for the cruddy gray galvanized looking wheel. Buy a can of Rust-Oleum hammered silver paint. The way the paint finishes it looks a lot better than silver paint or cold galvanizing spray.