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  1. Is one battery enough?

    No way that will work. The grounds have to be present. Again just like jumping a car off.
  2. Is one battery enough?

    Are trolling motor packs usually grounded to the boats ground system?
  3. Is one battery enough?

    I may be wrong, lord knows i often am. My thinking is that if you run a positive from a good battery but do not tie the grounds together in the boat you will not start the motor. I am assumeing the trolling motor battries are stand alone and not grounded to the boat system in any way. Think about jumping a car off. two sepetate systems. just running the positive will not do anything. you have to ground the good system to the dead batter of the ground system on that car. As far as taking 12 volts from 24 volt system, yes simply run the positive and negative off one 12 volt battery and the fact that it is tied into the 24 volt pack will not matter.
  4. Loose wiring & mystery noises

    How about cutting a pool noodle in one to two foot pices and stuff it behind the wires..
  5. New fishing buddy

    If that pup doesn’t listen it will not be because he did not hear you!!! Cute as a button
  6. Rust spots

    Wink tolit bowl cleaner - bar keepers friend star brite hull cleaner
  7. Sharing a trailer problem

    Good find. Glad you didn’t find it under worse conditions .
  8. probably broke it the first time on the driveway
  9. Rear deck seating and cushions

    Pics of aft deck pad please and thank you
  10. Grab rail or windshield bolt

    just threw in stainless thumb screw on amazon and got a lot of hits. if you know the size it should be eazy to repalce
  11. Cockpit drain scuppers

    I have see were other guys use rubber plugs in there scuppers. I suppose the only thing would be doing it in a way it looks good with the plugs in or out.
  12. Power pole wireless kit

    I see. Mine is on my 2012 boat so I assumed they might have been close to the same equipment. I guess now I know what year they went wireless
  13. Cockpit drain scuppers

    When you say inside the drain does that mean the floor drain with the ball in it? Those work better that the ones on the back of the boat .
  14. Power pole wireless kit

    Are you sure your dash switch is wired? My dash switch stopped working and I pulled the screws up to start checking wires. Turns out my dash switch is a battery remote that needed a new battery. I should add my power pole is a power pole 2 with sea monster pump unit.