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  1. Ok pics must be forthcoming???
  2. Aside from the brand new trailer all the money spent was maintaining the same year model boat and motor. I would think the fact there are not a lot of those boats on the market coupled with the new trailer and powerhead you could ask for the upper end of what they list for.
  3. The 1.75 gear case gets 21 pitch square on most props . Red zone those are nice numbers
  4. Well that’s terrible ... but your gonna be smiling when you hit throttle on the SHO.
  5. Bravo1 fs 22 pitch tempest plus 21 pitch enertia 21 pitch I run a 2012 2200 TRS with the Sho engine. I swore by the tempest plus for years and said I do not need a 4 blade prop the tempest plus lifts the boat very well. Then a member here let me run a Bravo 1fs. The 4 blade obviously did what 4 blades should but also had the same top speed as the 3 blad if not a mph faster. Must ask did you already wear a motor out on a 2012 year model boat?
  6. HoneyB

    Trolling motor V. anchor

    i see a new market here. shielded anchor hatch covers
  7. HoneyB

    Trolling motor V. anchor

    yeah, take the anchor out and prove the problem is still present.
  8. HoneyB

    Power Tech OFS 4 23

    I bet they will! Drinking the kool aid taking off three blade Tempest plus for a Bravo 1fs .. not sure if Easter weekend will allow a test hit or not. 🤐
  9. HoneyB

    Power Tech OFS 4 23

    Man i wish i had a stepped hull and get get into this conversation. Those are some nice boats you guys run.
  10. HoneyB


    I have all the puppies spoken for at this time . I do realize things can happen in people’s lives that can change directions. I do not have anyone listed as next, in the event a puppy becomes available. Feel free to call or text. 912 429 1415 Thanks
  11. HoneyB

    Power Tech OFS 4 23

    BradM has a 2300 that he has spent some time propping. You should send him a PM.
  12. HoneyB

    Prop specs

    Might be a bit of trade secret going on. I’m sure with today’s tecnolighy a competitor could laser scan any prop and replicate it . Might be most boat owners really don’t care. Even people that run really nice boats run props that just make the boat move through the water. All that said I know the mercury site does ok at giving a description of how the prop is designed to preform. I guess that is easier for joe boater to understand
  13. HoneyB

    Best Charts for Garmin

    Is it me or are the guys that sell FMT a little Butt Hurt that Garmin is not begging them to let them on board. I mean I keep reading how Garmin says no thank you and they come here to yell Garmin sux everytime someone says gps. I’m glad that they have a great product and glad some guys here are buying units just to run FMT but for god sake you don’t have to be such a dick about Garmin products. I’m kinda sick of it. If your product was that good you would not need to spend more time taking about the gps units guys put on there boats than just kindly offering the great things FMT offers,
  14. HoneyB

    Batteries in front hatch 18 redfish

    I know folks that have redfishers will respond but I wanted to offer an opinion. My 22 pathfinder had batteries in the front when I bought it. I think to possibly counter the pourpose and partly because they were lazy. The previous owner threw in cheap battery boxes with the cinch strap. All the boxes were cracked and the batteries were loose. I would say pay up for good battery trays. Possibly bed them with 5200 before you screw them down. They will take a beating up there in a chop.
  15. HoneyB

    Compass help

    I put in the SS model in my boat. The one with the blue dial. It is supposed to be dampened more for fast boats. Not that my boat is fast but you know small center consoles bounce a lot
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