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  1. OlivierHPS2300

    2020 2300 HPS Options

    I added 4 more rod holders !!!! Could use a few more at the bow...😎
  2. OlivierHPS2300

    2300 HPS

    Sweet ride!!!!!!!!!
  3. OlivierHPS2300

    What did you do to your boat today?

    IS there any specific model for 36V trolling set up or same plug works on all? Thanks.
  4. OlivierHPS2300

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Here a lot about these.. What its purpose? Thanks.
  5. OlivierHPS2300


    ok.. Thanks for the info and will try to find one. Are those easy to find?
  6. OlivierHPS2300

    Yamaha HS4 21P Prop

    Close!!! Looking for 23 T15... Prop ran perfect on my 2300HPS... Sent you a PM..
  7. OlivierHPS2300

    2018 Maverick 17 HPX-S

    That's a beauty!!!!!!!!
  8. OlivierHPS2300


    Trying to locate this prop? Can anyone point me in right direction...
  9. OlivierHPS2300

    2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms

    Next year for sure... Work got in the way...😭
  10. OlivierHPS2300

    T-top question for Pathfinder

    Check with factory but this is for 2300 HPS...
  11. OlivierHPS2300

    SOLD - 2017 Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Nice... What prop are you running?
  12. OlivierHPS2300

    New boat - Steering Issues / Prop

    This one: Bravo I FS Pro Finished (15 1/4 x 22") MERCURY RH Propeller ...
  13. OlivierHPS2300

    New boat - Steering Issues / Prop

    I will have them check the tubes since I have tried everything else. Skeg looks good. Thanks.
  14. OlivierHPS2300

    New boat - Steering Issues / Prop

    Yes, working with dealer to get resolved. My old 2300 had this prop: Yamaha Salt water HS4, 23 - T 15... Ran perfect... 40mph/ 4000 rpm, 50mph/ 5000 and so on... Will request that prop, but the steering on new boat is scary. If I need to avoid hitting something in water, I can't turn the boat!!!
  15. OlivierHPS2300

    New boat - Steering Issues / Prop

    Brand new HPS and still breaking boat/motor in.. Unable to turn the boat at high speeds. Motor is trimmed to normal level ( 250SHO) . Never had this on my previous HPS at any speed or trim height. Any ideas? Also, what prop are you running ( I have t-top/ trolling batteries/etc..) . Not getting the speed or hole shot like previous boat (currently on boat 22-T15 Yamaha salt 4 blade).. Use to run 65mph on other boat but I am guessing added weight with batteries and T-Top not helping. Thanks.
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