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  1. Power Pole Shout Out

    They just helped me out and sent me free replacement parts. I offered to pay and they wouldn't let me.... Awesome company and will put Power-Poles on all my future boats. Big thank you..

    Me too.. Are these shorter rod holders? Did u install or factory? Thx.
  3. 1997 bayfisher 18-Price Reduced 22k

    Nice boat!!!!
  4. Robbers

    They better not come to my house!!!!!
  5. Roads back to S Florida

    no gas in WPB...
  6. Checking in on our Florida Members

    90+MPH in West Palm Beach but the house and boat are in good shape. Power is back on and this could have been a lot worse.... Hope everyone else is hanging in there....
  7. 2016 Pathfinder 23 HPS (Sold)

  8. Stereo and Interior LED lights - Recommendations Needed

    Since we are on lighting.... How difficult or $$$$ to install underwater lights? Was not sure if there already was a thread on this. Thanks.
  9. St Augustine Fishing Guides

  10. St Augustine Fishing Guides

    Trying to plan a fishing trip in the coming weeks (2 adults) and wanted some recommendation/input for local guides. Looking for inshore/back country... Thanks
  11. MBG- Watch Us GROW again!

    Cool beans!!!!!
  12. Key Largo Sunrise!!!!!

    Happy Sunday!!!!!!
  13. Key Largo Sunrise!!!!!

    This morning !!!!!
  14. Fishing tackle storage under leaning post

    Nice set up.....
  15. t-top or Bimini top

    Do you do you have a pic on the boat and website? Thanks.