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  1. Sold

    Sorry, still available. Been out of country and unable to show.
  2. Sold

    Bump for some more offers. Going out of country and may have to pull off market until I get back.
  3. Sold

  4. Craigslist 18.5 MA

    Agreed. Most people don't treat boats like their own child. It's the norm- and to me a skinned up boat is perfectly acceptable for purchase-- if priced accordingly. Mechanically sound is more important than cosmetically pleasing to me.
  5. Repower Recommendation for Lappy

    I always recommend the Suzuki. 115 or 140 whichever you'd like: 140 is a more common and (oddly) lighter motor. Of course the Yammie 115 would work nice too.
  6. 20lt evinrude G2 prop testing

    Very interested in these for my future repower. Right now set on the Suzuki but I'm intrigued by these. How's the steering with integrated hydraulic?
  7. Battery

    Is there a seat on the console that flips up? Or does the 'door' open on the console for access to the electronic wires? I usually just prop open the seat with a stick and or open the console door while charging
  8. Battery

    I'd second aluminum spare prop for weight and cost. I've come to understand the 2 stroke motors (I have one) aren't very compatible with AGM as they overcharge when running. My battery indicator on my gauges when running shows upwards of 14.6 volts. I have 3 wet cells on my boat for same setup as you (minus the night lights). Honestly I know there is better technology these days-- but if it ain't broke don't fix it. I plan to replace my batteries with wet cell in the same type that I have on it.
  9. 2006 Hewes 18 redfisher fuel tank

    I believe it's a 33 gallon. Assume 31 so you have some wiggle room.
  10. Gas Cap

    Mine got stuck up also. Eventually gave up and got a generic from west marine that had same threading.
  11. Boat that has been in storage

    I bought my first boat from high and dry that sat for 1.5yrs; owner died and estate continues paying until widow realized and quickly sold. Marina had gas topped off, both batteries dead so obviously get a jump starter. Fuel was not an issue; it was dry stored and topped off to minimize moisture. Just go for it- Any and all problems are still on the seller at this point so if he's a stand up guy have him drain fuel and re-top off if needed. But go there expecting to jump it, and then run it hard to feel for hiccups if there is any moisture. I wouldn't worry too much honestly.
  12. 2000 bayfisher

    I'd just reapply 5200 or something on all the edge areas- I believe this is common
  13. Stradic 4000FK on an Ohero Cpt Mel Rod 7'6" 15-30lb test. Spooled with 30lb Ohero Braid. Looking for 175$ Also have a 2nd Ohero Cpt Mel Rod for sale 7'6" 6-12lb. Looking for 60$ Located in Clearwater / Largo area

    Honestly don't worry about Powerpole. The new trolling motors are more valuable and versatile in my opinion. Not that they aren't nice- but as someone who has a Powerpole and no GPS trolling motor; I'd rather swap. Powerpole is for 8ft of water.. ipilot can help with bridge and pass fishing etc which I do much more often
  15. Need Advice: Fishing Wear - Sun Protection

    I admit I am addicted to quality fishing 'gear'. I am always shopping UPF shirts and shorts. I love Aftco boardshorts and Billabong. For shirts- mostly Howler Bros Pescador and Matagorda (they look good not on the boat also). I have too many hats, some sun sleeves, and tons of buffs. Heh. Newest purchase; XTRATUFF Riptide shoes. Love them. Most comfy boat shoe ever.