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  1. 18 HPX Garmin Transducer mounting

    I bought a 74 SV Garmin unit with side scan and all the bells and whistles. The transducer is huge. Has anyone mounted one? Pics? Thanks Buddy
  2. Console Rod Holders

    Thanks I am thinking of doing the same, and leaving one side for walkways.
  3. Console Rod Holders

    My 06 18 HPX does not currently have console rod holders. I am thinking about adding them. Does anyone have any suggestions on the Brand?
  4. Transducer location on HPX S

    Is this with the new garmin side scan?
  5. Launching 18HPX-V

    Which Trailer do you have? I recently bit the bullet and bought an Ameritrail, and it was worth every single penny. light coat of Liquid rollers and the boat slides right off. As said above, ramp angle, trailer angle off your ball, and how deep you sink it.
  6. How high to hang F115

    Do you have any pictures of the prop level and the bottom of the Boat?
  7. HPX Spray Rail Pictures

    My biggest concern is the length of the screws. Too long and they will pop through the top side non skid. I agree drilling holes are a big deal.
  8. HPX Spray Rail Pictures

    I ordered the spray rails today. Yes I am trying to retro Fit these using screws and 5200, but don't know what size screws to use. No one i have talked to has ever put any on.
  9. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    Wow. Tell them its part of the test drive. Make sure you check the height of the poling platform and think about the trailer angle going into the garage. (Up or down hill makes a difference) I had to raise my hitch to get the right angle. As far as seeing if it will fit. Take the dimensions and lay them out on the floor with chalk or string. Add 6" to everything to ensure you have enough clearance. Watch out for the garage door operator on your approach. Hitting the emergency release won't be pretty.

    Thanks I have also figured out the 0lder hulls aren't the same. I pulled up the Yamaha motor Bulletin yesterday and they tested a 2009 hull with a 21 pitch. Is the PTR 19 - 21 pitch a Powertech prop?

    I have an 06 18ft HPX with a 115 on it with a jack plate. I am currently running a 17 pitch 4 blade. cruising at 4700 RPM around 30-34. The Boat Tops out at 42 at 5700 RPM. Does anyone have any suggestions for a 3 blade or different 4 blade? I feel like the boat is a little slow and the bow porpoises with the trim tabs all the way up.
  12. Best product to clean non skid

    Sunstone What kind of non skid wax are you using?
  13. HPX Spray Rail Pictures

    Can Anyone post some pictures of the spray rails on their HPX? Specifically looking from the under side. I need to see where they are installed on the rail. Thanks BL
  14. Ameratrail for a HPX V

    Thanks Joe R!
  15. Ameratrail for a HPX V