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  1. 21 MA for $14k

    This is actually a friend of mine. Poor upload quality. Hopefully this clear things up- no pun intended
  2. 2018 SW MOT at the Tarpon Lodge

    37 days and a wakeup!! We have 2 boats running from St. James City this year! Woo Hoo!
  3. Marathon Lobstering

    Little follow up here. First day we went out and the gps shut off a half mile away from our spot never found it so we just partied on the boat. Second day, we ended up finding some just a couple hundred yards away from the house in sand holes on a grass flat. I got my personal limit and some friend caught some as well. Will definitely be back. Though probably already very well known, I would highly recommend Keys Fisheries for a lunch spot.
  4. Marathon Lobstering

    One day... Still working on the dog getting the newspaper
  5. Marathon Lobstering

    Headed down to Marathon this weekend for a bachelor party and looking to do some late season lobstering on the boat we rented. I picked up a lobster kit with net, tickler, gloves, and measuring device and have the permit. Any tips or pointers for this lobster newbie are appreciated. Thanks in advance. Will
  6. S.W. Owners tournament.

    Hey @DblPly, how many days and a wake up until 2018’s SWOT??
  7. Sold

    If you got a reel to throw on it I’ll take it. Will 813-786-8657
  8. I have a Noco GB40 in my truck that I always take on the boat with me. Cranks up the big hemi engine and the outboard first time, every time. Highly recommend.
  9. My new Ulterra should be delivered tomorrow. Does the "puck" come included in the gen2 or do I need to purchase in addition? I would hope so as it would be disappointing to need another $150 item after shelling out $2k for the motor itself. Regardless, it'll be quite the step up from my '02 65# copilot pushing the 18.5 MA.
  10. Tampa area get together

    @LittleChief and I will make after a morning fishing the bay
  11. Birdsall Horizontal Mount Back Rest

    @LittleChief has one very similar, if not Birdsall, on his 17MA. I've been on his boat many times and it is great for long runs, choppy water, girlfriends/wives, the sandbar, and much more. It's ability to be easily put on or taken off is convenient for days of more serious fishing. The mounting hardware is relatively flush to the deck as well so no stubbing toes when it's not being used. It has me thinking of putting one on mine. Here's us (I guess just me) using it on a run to Hell's Bay after battling the chop of Whitewater Bay in 30mph headwinds. It was quite the back saver.
  12. My '96 18.5 Master Angler DRL does not fit any rods over 7' in the rod lockers. This is a problem as most of my rods are 7'6" and the tarpon rods are 8'. I considered PVC inserts at the end of the locker but I can't figure out how I would install. There is too much depth to access from the locker hatch, even with my long arms, and I'm not sure I could get to it from a bow hatch. Has anyone else came across this problem?
  13. Maverick seat cushion

    I just purchased a '96 MA 18.5 with dual rod lockers this weekend. Hopping on this thread as the cushions for the bench seat are still in great shape but the padding is flat and constantly flaking off. Is there a padding I could cut myself to fit or can someone recommend a place in the Tampa area to bring them to? Thanks in advance. I'll have pictures of the new sled in 'Vintage Maverick' soon.