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  1. Power Tech OX4R18p

    Model # OFX4R18PCL200. Is that correct? This comes off of a Yamaha 150-300 and has cushion lock hub, right?
  2. 2015 2400 4 Blade?

    I’m sure you read my previous posts related to prop testing. I have come to the conclusion that a loaded 2400TRS needs a PowerTech 18 pitch OFX4 “non-vented” prop. One of our most respected prop shops in Houston feels very strongly that venting a prop on really large engines (250-300 HP) robs hole shot time and does not offer any benefits. There is no need to “spool up” a large engine for hole shot. I actually closed up the vent holes on my 19 pitch OFX4 and it has a good hole shot. My current plan is to buy a PowerTech 17 pitch non-vented OFX4 to run during fishing season when I might have up to 5 people and a full live well on my boat. I am going to take my current 19 pitch to the prop shop and have it reworked to an 18 pitch and have the vent holes welded closed permanently. That way I will have a spare prop that works well under light conditions and 17 pitch prop for loaded conditions.
  3. 2015 2400 4 Blade?

    Thanks to Chris Bailey at Gulf Coast Complete Marine, I was able to test an OFX4 17" pitch prop (not ported). I ran my 2400 TRS (300 Yamaha + hard top) at full throttle and it hit 6100 RPM and 52 MPH quickly. I had the motor trimmed up to 4 bars, jack plate at 3" and the trim tabs fully retracted. So my dilemma is whether I hit the rev limiter on the motor or 6100 is the true maximum RPM for this prop on my boat. You can see the test results in the attached file. The hole shot was very good with the non-ported 17 pitch prop. FYI, Mike Hood Props doesn't recommend ported props unless the motor just can't spin the prop fast enough while planing. If you order a prop without ports and have an issue you add ports. Personally, I don't like 52 MPH at 6100 RPM. So I think my conclusion is to select an OFX4 18" pitch without porting and hope to run 5700-5800 RPM WOT and about 54 MPH and still get decent hole shot. Test conditions: 1 person, 35 gallons of fuel, full live well, light wind, 75 degrees (basically perfect conditions) Pathfinder Performance Graph.pdf
  4. 2015 2400 4 Blade?

    Not me! I wish someone would hit on the right prop so we can all go out and buy it. I really hate to experiment with $500 props. I’ve narrowed my research to Yamaha Saltwater Series II and PowerTech OFX4. Both have a diameter of 15.25” so that is not a differentiator. The million dollar question is what pitch?? If anyone from PowerTech reads this, send me a 17 and 18 inch prop and I’ll do some free testing to answer this burning question that so many Pathfinder 2400 owners ask.
  5. 2400 TRS F300 Prop

    I have a 2400 TRS with hardtop. The prop is a PowerTech OFX4 15.25" x 19". I have never been fully satisfied with my boat's performance since it was new 2 years ago. I can only get about 5,500 RPM on a good day and about 53 MPH. I have looked at numerous 24' bay boat reviews and many of them have a Yamaha Saltwater Series II 21" or 22" pitch prop and getting 5,800 - 6,000 RPM and 60 MPH. I'm thinking about trying a standard Yamaha 4-blade prop with 19" or 21" pitch. I really afraid of losing my hole shot though if I go too high in pitch. With 4 or 5 people and gear on the boat I can't afford to lose my time to plane performance.
  6. 2015 2400 4 Blade?

    You're gonna need to get down around 19 pitch with a t-top. Especially if it's a hard top. I can still only get about 5400/5500 RPM with a 19 but I don't want to go lower.
  7. 2015 2400 4 Blade?

    My top speed is about 53 mph. As noted, I have a 19" pitch prop. I also have a fiberglass t-top which surely takes a few mph off my boat. For me 53 mph is plenty fast. What concerns me more is that I can't turn more that about 5,500 rpm. I never got any explanation except to stay with the 19" pitch or my planing time will suffer.