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  1. Loose console

    So to double check when Brad is saying he glassed the console in, he glassed in the space between the raised base and the console itself? Thanks again guys. I’m just getting around to check everything out in detail how. I pulled all my batteries out and pulled wiring aside
  2. Loose console

    Thanks for the ideas so far... if anyone has more keep them coming... do you guys think thicker screws and or longer screws would be better for holes that are largely stripped out? My boats in another state at the moment. I’m forgetting exactly how/where the console screws in but there must be an elevated base under the console that the console screws into or something ...
  3. Loose console

    I have a 20011 pathfinder 2000v. It appears the console is primarily/only held down with screws at its base. The screws I have want to rattle out almost constantly and it’s very easy for the console rocks back and forth on me. Wondering if anyone has any input on what to do? I’ve tried tightening the screws in with super glue to keep them from backing out with no luck. I’m thinking of coating them in 5 minute epoxy and inserting them... can I get longer screws to use for a better bite? Any other ideas? Thanks much
  4. Locking compartments ??

    I have a 2000v without built in locks. Wondering if there’s a way to lock/secure them that someone has figured out? Thanks
  5. Spacer for scupper install on pathfinder ?

    Sweet thanks guys, I just ordered the spacers from dusky. (I already ordered the main piece off amazon earlier)
  6. Spacer for scupper install on pathfinder ?

    Who’s “them”? Haha thanks
  7. I purchased the 3” clear new rabud scupper deals, the things that look like pin pong balls in a clear case haha. Looks like they simply go over top of the current metal drains on the outside of the transom (removing the rubber flap). I’m just wondering what people use for a spacer? Something home made or so there an easy way to purchase something? also any reason not to install the new style rabud Scupper? Sounds like it’ll prevent most all water intrusion back up through the floor when in reverse or weight it shifted in the boat dramatically and also drain faster.
  8. 2000v Trolling Motor?

    I run a new 36 volt (112 lb thrust I think) Terrova with a 60” shaft. The updated spot lock, jog features, responsiveness etc is fantastic. Personally I’d never recommend less power/length than that on the 2000v unless you have a super specific reason like you literally always fish in super shallow water with no waves and a taller shaft would only get in the way. It’s always better to have more power and reserve battery power even if you don’t always need it consistently. Also your batteries long term life will last longer if they aren’t drawn down deep consistently.
  9. Minimum garage requirements pathfinder 22-24

    Frozen, Is that style or brand of windshield actually called bug slinger? I thought it was just a random sticker on the guys windshield but maybe it is the brand or style or something. Wondering what the easiest way to get ahold of one like that is? I’ll respond in this this thread if I get a good idea for shorter grab bar also.
  10. Currently I own a pathfinder 2000v. I’m considering purchasing a home with a garage that’s smaller than ideal. It’s about 26’ long for space on the interior. Width is a non issue with that particular garage. Height of garage door is about 7’. Currently my parhfinder 2000v fits no problem lengthwise but It doesn’t fit with windshield/grab bar up through the garage door. I may choose to get a super short custom windshield and use the very short one most summer and then just use the thumb screws to swap out for larger windshield in cold/rainy weather etc. however I’m wondering for people with pathfinder 22s or 23 hps boats how much length and height you need (in case I ever get a larger model than the 2000v which is likely). Swing tongue trailers would be required more than likely. For heigh the stock windshield wouldn’t work upright but I’m wondering how high it is to the top of the fiberglass console. I currently live in an apartment which is so snug I actually have to trim down the motor to fit my 2000v so I’m used to relatively snug fits. Also if anyone has experience running no windshield or super short one wondering if you like it or not? I attached a pic of a super short custom windshield on a PathFinder that I saw on a hogy lures video... I’m thinking I might look into an option like that and modify the grab rail or buy a different one. Thanks a bunch for any measurements /ideas.
  11. Keel repair

    Thanks for the responses, has anyone got the line x keel guard ? I'm not sure if it's rough like typical bedliner or smooth? Seems like it would be a good longer term solution using the line x keel guard but I also don't want to lose noticeable amounts of speed either (if the line x caused drag possibly).
  12. Keel repair

    I have some wear on my used 2000 v pathfinder I picked up this spring and there's some areas on the keel where fiberglass is exposed. Anyone have recollections for products and methods for DIY repair? Or would u recommend a professional do it? Not really huge gouges so much as general wear on the keel. I'd like to get it fixed and then get a keel guard or some kind on it. Thanks much!
  13. 2000v and 115hp prop for skiing

    Hey ! I own and love a pathfinder 2000v. I occasionally have been taking my wife and some friends water skiing. For big guys the 115 hp Yamaha struggles with the giddy up factor and it's difficult to get heavier guys up skiing. Anyone have a prop recommendation for that purpose? I currently have a stainless steel prop and I wish I remembered the specs offhand but it's not ideal for popping up heavy loads fast. Thanks for any info
  14. Different style windshield

    Haha yeah it's not the end of the world for me but I don't mind wind and spray as much as i do reduced visisbility. I might just take it off and see how it looks
  15. Different style windshield

    I've seen a few videos online of people with some lower profile pathfinder windshields etc. just wondering if there's a good place to buy something like that or if it's all custom ordered and what price could look like? Also if anyone tried it how did you like a lower profile windshield. I definitely don't mind the stock one but my height is just such that the bar kinda blocks my vision and then once the windshield gets wet my visibility decreases for sure