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  1. Quality control! Highly concerned..

    Dam! I’ll have to take a look thank you for this lead.. any issues pertaining to the 07 path 2200V that you know of?
  2. Me: now a Highly concerned owner of a 2007 2200V pathfinder. friend: Owns a 2002 Hewes bonefisher That began to show some floor cracking along the gunnel wall ( believed it was just the typical stress cracks taking its toll on the old boat) but he began to take on water and the bilge would not stop ! This guy is a full-time respected permit fishermen who takes pride in his boat and maintenanc. when he got a chance to evaluate his boat he noticed a crack in the outter bottom front portion of his hull. He took it to a reputable fiberglass shop that determined that cutting the floor would be the appropriate step to making a full and complete repair but, what he found was highly concerning. It was noted that a single stringer that was in place was not fiberglassed to the hull, but rather helled down with a form of an Apoxy glue on an approx 2 1/2 inch flange around the stringer. Also there was NO foam in the stringer whatsoever. Not to mention that the boat wiring was not in conduit and was simply press between the top And hau not to mention that the boat wiring was not in conduit and was simply pressed between the top And hull. So the question or concern I am posing to all members is has anybody ever experienced this type of craftsmanship from Maverick boat builders. Was this just a fluke? Was this a shortcut? Either way this boat should’ve never of been passed through inspection. My friend his son and any other guest he took on this boat could’ve been in Real jeopardy ! Back to me: As I noticed hairline gelcoat cracking along my back portion of my lower floor just before the rear decking (by the rear drains which To me is a design issue) as my boat holds deck water. I would hate to find out that I’m in the same position with my reputable build such as the Pathfinder . Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thx in advance. In pic : you will see the floor removed and the stringer. if you look closely you’ll see how it is not attached whatsoever .
  3. Never Forget

    As a fireman and a boater, I greatly appreciate this view of 9/11, for I never knew what our brothers did on the waterways for our fellow Americans that day! Thanks again for sharing this. For I will never forget 🇺🇸
  4. Where do you live?
  5. Electrical help please, I’m a novice!

  6. Question: where do I find these black “junction” boxes and do you think that simply changing out the end fittings and these boxes (from obvious corrosion ) would be all that it is needed for this electrical area to be re done or considered made over ? This pic is the only part in the rear that looks like it needs work, but I’m no Electrition! Thx y’all
  7. 2000v Questions

    Sorry bud I misunderstood what your question was for the forum. I usually just call up Maverick direct as they are really good about answering all concerns, from my experience.
  8. 2000v Questions

    I can relate as I just sold my 19 and purchased a 22 about three hours away. I paid $23,000 so for peace of mind I had a local mechanic come and meet me to give the motor a once over. And the homeowner didn’t appear to reject which is the first sign that you’re probably on the right track to having a decent motor. That set me back 200 bucks but I believe it’s well worth it. I got under the boat and studied the whole hull to the best of my ability etc...making sure all the lines of the boat where intact. Also I looked for discoloration/ blend of gelcoat repair. Look at rub rail, that says a lot too. Then jump inside the cockpit and look at all the hard angles for stress cracks, which could be indicative of potential structural issues, Or they could just be simple flexing.. study the crAcking! Wiring smiring...that all prob is shot.. just fix it( short run). All in all go with your gut on whether to pull trigger.. it’s always a gamble. The best you can do is make nice with the seller and see if you can catch if there are un truths..Generally most people out there I tend to believe in this pathfinder market Most guys take care of these. BOats as they are $$$ also, most good guys wouldn’t want to see your family be in jeopardy by selling you a hazard.. sea trial!!! anyway that’s my rant. good luck bud.
  9. Opinion on the v max HDPI

    Thank you for the insight
  10. Question, about every 22 pathfinder I find myself interested in has the 150 v max HDPI. I personally owned a regular 150 v max 2 stroke and it ran great. Am I making the right decision to run from these HDPI models and good deals on boats with them. Accordingly to a few mechanics I spoke too they say bail...I’m really on the fence... as I am ready to get into a four stroke motor.. thx!
  11. FS 2000v

    Can I contact you direct?
  12. Pathfinder

    Just sold this weekend.
  13. Poling Platform - Pathfinder

    Still up for sale

    Still available?