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  1. Pathfinder

    150 max per manufacture
  2. Pathfinder

    I’m not quite sure as I never paid attention. I have the motor serviced by a Yamaha specialist and he may be able to relinquish that information if it goes onto a computer but again I’m not quite sure I was always a sound and the how the motor appeared type person as it pertains to the motor. since I find that even a new motor with low hours can be a lemon or piece of junk if not cared for properly. I think it’s really the way you take care of things. Anyway that’s my small rant. But the motor checked out this last service to be A ok. Your welcome to an inspection if you are really interested. The one live well feel is good enough, a 5 gallon bucket would probaly would be that little bit extra needed rather then going through plumbing etc. thx
  3. Pathfinder

    Hey thanks!
  4. Pathfinder

    2000 1810 pathfinder with V MAX 150 Yamaha 2017 continental allumimum/stainless package trailer. $18500 Contact joe 954 638 5260 via text or email me through forum for any questions you may have.
  5. TFO large Arbor (mint) reel set FOR SALE.

    Olivier Im a little confused with your question?
  6. TFO large Arbor (mint) reel set FOR SALE.

    Taking reasonable offers it’s christmas!
  7. ROSS fly reel (mint) save money...

    Reasonable offer will do it’s christmas. thx
  8. Speaker in Gunnel? (pathfinder 1900v)

    Forgot to mention--- I have the 19 and paid to have the console speakers glassed closed.and then I installed speakers off the front hatch angle. I just like a slick looking boat.. if you would like pics I show you..
  9. Speaker in Gunnel? (pathfinder 1900v)

    Two answers: If this is primarily used as a fishing boat then I suggest using a very good portable BOSE or JBL speaker.. it offers you and the family a portable means of music if you go off boat and onto sand bar, rather then Blair your music off the boat..which usually gets muffled.. aslo for resale , I'm the type that likes a clean boat..that's just me.. but if you decide to lay in speakers I would install at the angle return of each front hatch that would almost face each person on leaning post.. the wiring is relatively easy..use high quality speakers and head unit and I believe it will be just fine.---Remember this is my opinion only..
  10. TFO BVK 3 reel perfect for 8wt rods.. Downsizing tackle.. $210 I will provide any other photo you may want just ask. Thank you for your interest!
  11. TFO large Arbor (mint) reel set FOR SALE.

    yes they are, broward county Cooper City area of Florida. 320$
  12. ROSS LT champagne momentum size 6 fly reel for sale. $420 I have all the original packaging. The reel is as close to new as it gets. Unfortunately the reel and rod I had it On Were not tested; for the opportunity did not present, when I would on occasion bring this weight reel. I paid $545 for it through an authorized dealer fly shop. but like everything my interest has changed, so I pulled this one out of storage to sell and let someone else have benefits of a very nice real at a way better price. My loss your gain. $420 thank you for your interest.
  13. Biscayne Rod Billy Baroo 10wt fly rod. New

    I will buy. thx sent over private message
  14. For sale 2 reel set. TFO large arbor 375 gold -mint condition- line/backing included. Also a back up TFO prism 9/11 wt $320 firm. For both. thank you for interest.