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  1. Advice on selling boat

    Thanks @whichwaysup I have good equity so I am selling for more than I owe
  2. Advice on selling boat

    I have never sold a boat, or any other vehicle, that I have a loan on. Can someone walk me through the process? Thanks PS if your interested in a 2016 18 hpx-v w/ a 150 let me know lol
  3. Moved

  4. Poling Platfrom Tube Size 2016 18 hpx

    As the title suggests I am looking to know the size of the tube so that I can purchase a clamp on rod holder. Thanks
  5. Trolling motor question

    My Tournament partner has been running them for about 2 years now and has never had an issue. I initially refused to buy one because of cost but became so impressed after seeing his set up I just had to have one. I had budgeted for either a second power pole or a lithium battery this year and decided that dollar for dollar the battery would be a better investment that would have a greater positive effect on my fishing. A lot of the bassmaster tour pros use them and I know Ott Defoe has been on the same set for several seasons now. He was saying that he used to kill his standard batteries after every season but with lithium pros he has been able to use the same batteries for several seasons (check out he youtube video).

    I am not sure how your boat came from the factory but I am assuming that the shelf was put in afterwards. How is it attached? Could you remove it easily to see what is underneath it? My boat came with no shelf and has a battery tray mounted on the bottom of the hatch (18hpxv). Once that shelf is removed perhaps you would have enough room to mount the starting battery and have a small bucket for your anchor.
  7. Trolling motor question

    I hear ya! If you dont have the $ then you dont have the $. If you DO have the $ then upgrading to lithium batteries is the best upgrade you can do IMO! We use our batteries around 8 - 10 hours (running trolling motor) for every 1 hour we put on our outboards! Also considering the weight savings your battery upgrade will affect the performance of the boat every minute you are on it. If you really think about it this is one of the few upgrades that will literally affect the boat literally every second you are on it. People only use a powerpole a couple of times on every trip yet gladly drop 2K on that - or even another 2K on a 2nd one! Lithium batteries may not be a sexy upgrade but they will change your life and I guarantee you will thank me later!

    Say no to 12v, you WILL be disapointed if you fish in any wind or current at all. Put two batteries in your center console and one battery in the bow hatch.
  9. Trolling motor question

    Lithium batteries are highly priced but it is $ well spent. A 24 volt battery only weighs 30LBS! Your boat will drive faster, float skinnier, plane faster, pole easier, and get better gas mileage.
  10. Trolling motor question

    About $2500 for battery and charger Lithium pros
  11. I seriously LOVE my Maverick BUT...

    I wish I could have gotten the 35 - my dealer said it was no longer available!! Unfortunately many tournaments do not allow you to carry extra fuel aboard the boat
  12. I seriously LOVE my Maverick BUT...

    Hey! I think a very light gray would of helped to hide the dirt a little more than the white but I would have aslo considered making it ice blue like the rest of the boat for that fully custom feel!
  13. I seriously LOVE my Maverick BUT...

    EPA stuff aside the fact of the matter is the design ***, if the design worked before EPA regs and now does not then its time for a refresh. I have seen other threads on this and we should not have to level our trailers, place starboard under the fill hose, stand on the starboard side while filling in the water, or use a 5 gallon canister to fill the last 3 to 4 gallons on a boat this price. Some people may not care but when your making long runs at WOT in a tournament those last 3 gallons are critical!! Are you certain that yours actually fills to completion? A 29 gallon tank that fills completely to 29 gallons? Mine will fill to around 24 - 26 gallons before I have to top off with a portable can. I would challenge you to fill your boat until the pump clicks off and then continue to fill with a portable can and see how much more it takes. ALL in ALL I love my boat, if purchasing a new boat tomorrow I would buy the exact same rig ( except I would shell out for colored non skid).
  14. I seriously LOVE my Maverick BUT...

    Y'all have got to change the fuel fill location on this boat. I have a 2016 hpxv and I love everything about the boat besides the gunnel rod holders and the fuel fill. It is seriously annoying that I cannot fill my fuel tank all the way without slowly topping it off with a 5 gallon portable can! Please move the fill to the middle of the deck and have the gas poor directly into the tank underneath rather then having it run horizontally/uphill for 2 feet like it does now. Please Maverick listen!! #rantover
  15. Trolling motor question

    Lithium pros - single battery for your 24v This is what I run and it is the jam