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  1. 30lb boga - used

    SOLD -- Pending payment
  2. 30lb boga - used

    I am in Jacksonville. Am willing to ship
  3. 30lb boga - used

    anyone want to make an offer?
  4. Trolling Motor Recommendations (15' Maverick HPX)

    If I was doing it all over I would have gone with a battery from lithium pros. I have an 18hpx and currently run a 24v system. I could have gone with a SINGLE 36v lithium battery and have had way more power and saved a ton of weight. If I were you I would consider a 24v lithium battery and a 24v motor.
  5. Power Pole Shout Out

    I know that the two bolts on the bottom of the pole/bracket need to be tightened fairly regularly. if the pole shakes when it hits the upright position they need to be tightened.
  6. 30lb boga - used

    Selling my 30# boga asking $70
  7. Power Pole Shout Out

    Power pole is the best! They had a technician at a tournament I just fished in Louisiana just to do free work on peoples power poles if they break during the tourney. Needless to say I had a hose pop and he ran two new hoses for me all free of charge! Now thats customer service!
  8. Seastar Maintenance

    Boat is about 1.5 years old and I am wondering if its time to perform maintenance on my Seastar steering system. Anyone have info on this?
  9. Launching 18HPX-V

    I am curious to see the answers here. I have the same problem but thankfully the 150 has enough umph to get past the roller.
  10. 18HPXV - Tempest 24P vs 23P

    I saw 61.8 mph before the chine walk had me back off (1/2 tank, 1 guy, livewell full). I am thinking I can get at least 63. Have maxed out at 5900 rpms. Speed has gone up vs rpms compared to my old powertech. I am not a prop guy so sorry for the vague info. To tell you the truth I dont even know how the 23 would compare (I think slower top end but better holeshot??). Overall I am happy with my choice compared to my powertech that was closer to 57mph top end.
  11. My Maverick

    Gotta love the short console!
  12. 35 gallon tank still an option?

    I have already had my boat for a year so I cannot change anything now. My dealer told me that they went from offering a 27 gallon tank and 35 gallon tank to just offering the 29. If the 35 is available it pisses me off than my dealer didnt find out for me. Oh well..
  13. 35 gallon tank still an option?

    When I ordered my boat I was told that the 35 gallon tank is no longer an option on the 18hpxv. A buddy recently told me this is not true. Can anyone confirm if the 35 gallon tank is still an option? Thanks.
  14. My Maverick

    I couldn't remember if I posted these before or not- sorry if I have. 2016 18 HPX-V Ice Blue, 2 Tone Deck, Short Console, F150. I designed this as a no frills tournament boat and so far it does not disappoint.
  15. 18HPXV - Tempest 24P vs 23P

    went with 24.