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  1. Deleted. Keeping as 2nd vhf backup communication . Thanks for looking.
  2. captcrunch

    2002 Bonefisher leak in live well pump

    Inspect bilge pump hose outlet and cockpit drain outlets . Reseal or replace if caulking appears to be compromised.
  3. captcrunch

    Older boat restoring question

    Restored 1992 Hewes Bonefisher 16 in 2016/2017. Forum information was appreciated. Well worth the expense and time. Took boat to basic hull, replaced tank, console, gelcoat repairs, new paint, new motor, rigging included wiring, fuel lines, well just about everything, new trailer . Not likely to do this again, however like this boat for many reasons.
  4. captcrunch

    Trailer advice for 2004 redfisher

    EZ Loader with upgrades, stainless, swing tongue, etc.
  5. captcrunch

    Poling platform cracking

    Be patient and do your best to maintain a good relationship with the shop. Switching camels in the middle of the desert is not always the answer. Fiberglass repairs are art and skill. In the end when this is over it will be worth the wait. You will think a long time before you do it again. Dad Dog...barking mad.
  6. captcrunch

    Poling platform cracking

    Front yes, back no.
  7. captcrunch

    Poling platform cracking

    Forgotten Coast See photos of platform with folding step / backrest.
  8. captcrunch

    What length trailer for a 92 18' Redfisher

  9. captcrunch

    What length trailer for a 92 18' Redfisher

    I purchased a new EZ Loader aluminum with stainless package, however you could select other reputable boat trailer manufacturers close to home.
  10. captcrunch

    Got my First Hewes and very happy!

    Good Choice !
  11. captcrunch

    Boca Grande Area Red Tide Question

    Stayed on Boca Grande last week (October 16-19). On water 2 days. Ran south across Boca Grande channel gulf side along Cayo Costa to North Captiva. Lot of bait pods, brown pelicans, spotted snook cruising beach shallows. Photo taken on October 17, 2018- Cayo Costa Island. Bayside and interior water is dark but clear in shallow areas.
  12. captcrunch

    1992 Hewes Bonefisher 16 Rehabilitation

    Replaced rub rail with new Barbour plastics one piece rub rail with insert.
  13. captcrunch

    1992 Hewes brochures and price lists

    Thank you for the time and effort. Much appreciated ! Restored 1992 Hewes 16 (boat stickers say Bonefisher, however I believe the boat is a Tournament).
  14. captcrunch

    Bring back the Lappy

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