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  1. There was a build on The Hull Truth that mounted them there on a 26 build.
  2. RCW

    Boat Shopping- 350 Verado on a 2500 Hybrid

    bw1199 on this forum has the 350 verado on his 2500 if you reach out to him. I have the F300 on my 2500 and love it.
  3. RCW

    ordered: Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid

    You have made a great decision on the boat. I absolutely love mine! I have the Simrad Evo 3 12" as well with FMT and it is a great combination. I can't help you on the radar issue, but I would think they could add a mounting pad for it without any problems. If I can answer any questions for you let me know. My build thread is here somewhere.
  4. Frozen, I live in Crystal River and have been using Glenn's product for a long time and I can promise you it will save your lower unit in this area!
  5. RCW

    Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    David Gause and Gause built boats is also a Nizpro shop in Tarpon Springs.
  6. RCW

    1991 Hewes Bonefisher for sale

    Where is this boat located?
  7. RCW

    Red tide

    Bubba my brother has been on Palm Island since 7/1. He said the beach there is hit or miss but Cayo Costa is clearing up and big snook on the beach down there. I can pass his contact info on if you want to give him a shout?
  8. RCW

    Scallop Season 2018

    For those of you using Pete's, it is under new ownership. The new owners are hoping to have all of the pot holes in the parking lot filled in by July 1 and make some major improvements to the facilities over the next few months. Duke energy has a barge there now putting some new power poles up to the house on the little island to the north. Sounds like they are going to clean the place up which is good news!
  9. RCW

    Going to Crystal River

    The Gulp in pearl white works well on the trout also. 5 inch jerk shads in darker colors will help you with the reds and snook around the islands. Outer islands and bars have been producing the last couple of weeks.
  10. RCW

    2500 Dash Complete

    Very nice!
  11. RCW

    2500 Dash Complete

    Maybe it is just me, but there is no picture there?
  12. RCW

    Boat lift with remote control

    I also have the Gem remote system with limit switches. Never had any issues with stray frequency and I have a manual override if needed.
  13. RCW

    My 2500 Build

    I remember those days of constantly checking for those emails from Skip. And trying to be patient when it wasn't there! Nice looking rig!
  14. RCW

    2500/2600 livewell clogging question

    Thanks Skip I was trying to plan some projects for those windy cold front days and guess I will make the sleeve as well. Ran offshore to do some grouper fishing and even the pins were causing the live well to overflow. Nobody could sit in the back seats without wet shorts.
  15. RCW

    2500/2600 livewell clogging question

    Hey Skip Any progress on this issue yet? Thanks
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