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  1. JeffD

    Apalachicola, St George and St Vincent Islands

    Thanks for posting Ron, always enjoy your pics !!!!!!!!
  2. JeffD

    My 2016 2200 TRS

    Beautiful boat !!!! Enjoy
  3. JeffD

    19 2200 TRS

    Great looking boat !!!!!
  4. JeffD

    Happy Birthday America

    An instant classic !!!! Great Pic.
  5. JeffD

    Central Florida Trip With A Quick Stop At MBC

    Always look forward to your pics!!! Thanks for sharing.
  6. JeffD

    2200xl te coolers

    Beautiful boat!!! Congrats on the find. Whatever ice chest you get for your boat, make sure to use the tie downs to secure the unit to the boat. I had an 80 qt Engle fly out of my 2300 on the Hwy while returning home from a trip. Didn't think it was possible given the weight and it's location under the leaning post. Just lucky no one was following too close.
  7. JeffD

    New Boat

    Congrats on your new 23HPS. Looks awesome. Your going to love it !!!!!
  8. JeffD

    ChuckO 32in Snook and Big Trout with my Bait Boy

    Really nice trout!!!!! Awesome Pics !
  9. JeffD

    2300 hps

    I'm not at all familiar with NE bay fishing but I can tell you that the 2300HPS handles 1-2' chop in South Louisiana with ease. Been through 3-4 footers several times and it gets a little bumpy but never worried about making it to where I was going. Just an all around great boat!!!!
  10. JeffD

    Quick video of my 2400

    Awesome video!!!! Just love seeing kids with fishing rods in their hands!!! Great job Ryan.
  11. JeffD

    Trim Tab Question

    I would think the hull would be ok. I have fished Toledo Bend numerous times in fiberglass bass boats where we encountered under water stumps as we left the boat lanes which left only minor scratches to the hull bottom. I was just concerned about the weight of the boat being placed on the tabs if they came in contact with a stump. Thx for the feedback HoneyB.
  12. JeffD

    Trim Tab Question

    Just a quick question regarding the sturdiness of the trim tabs on my 2300 HPS. While I mostly fish saltwater areas that are for the most part void of any underwater obstructions, I still like fishing freshwater lakes and reservoirs (Toledo Bend) but have been reluctant to do so for fear of ripping off the trim tabs on the first stump I roll over when getting off of the boat lanes. I've been told that the tabs are as strong as the hull bottom but just wanted check with other owners to find out if they fish similar waters and what has been their experience in stump filled lakes and reservoirs. Any feed back is appreciated.
  13. JeffD

    my new 23HPS

    Great looking boat !!!! You're going to love it !
  14. JeffD

    No longer boatless....

    Great looking boat !!!! Congrats. I drove from Louisiana to South Carolina to pick up my 2300 HPS. No regrets!
  15. JeffD

    Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Build

    Beautiful boat !!!!!! Thanks for sharing.