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  1. geeviam

    78 Hewes Redfisher Project

    Sounds good! The Lappy RF 18 has always been one of my favorites. Pairing it with a SHO 115 would be a nice combination. Faster, quieter, and more fuel efficient for sure. Welcome to the forum! On a side note... the Action Craft in the picture looks just like the 1994 Flatsmaster that I had back then. Great memories! Loved that boat.
  2. geeviam

    78 Hewes Redfisher Project

    Great looking boat you've got there! Is it a Redfisher 16 or 18? The older Lappy Redfishers compared to the late model Redfisher 16 posted above, running 50+ mph with a SHO 115, are like comparing apples to oranges. The SHO 115 is a good choice though, as long as you're ok with the extra weight of the heavier 4-stroke hanging on the stern.
  3. geeviam

    Hello, 4-Stroke....

    Awesome numbers Ralph! Those slip numbers are off-the-chart good!
  4. geeviam

    Hello, 4-Stroke....

    This is just speculation, coming from a recovering propaholic... but a Mercury Trophy Plus (13 3/4" diameter) 4-blade would be on my short list of props to try. 21 pitch with a Mercury Flo-Torq II hub kit, part # 835283Q2. Maybe a 19 pitch. You never know until you try. It says a lot when the Mercury Propellers Brand Manager uses this prop on his personal boat!
  5. geeviam

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Quality work - nice finish! Please post your results when you test it.
  6. geeviam

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Familiar decision! You've got the right prop for every occasion now Ralph!
  7. geeviam

    Battery jump pack

    I can't offer an opinion on this particular model, but I recently bought a new Noco Genius battery charger. Not a good experience. It might/could make a good doorstop. Bought a Dual-Pro instead, and it works very well.
  8. geeviam

    Cover for trolling motor plug ?

    https://hewes.com/ Also a link at the bottom of this page
  9. geeviam

    Cover for trolling motor plug ?

    Customer Service should be able to help - they will either sell direct or point you to your nearest Hewes dealer: Hewes Maverick Boat Group, Inc. 3207 Industrial 29th Street Fort Pierce, FL 34946 Phones: (888) SHALLOW (772) 465-0631
  10. geeviam

    Cover for trolling motor plug ?

    Maverick/Hewes (MBG) sells a similar kit that might work as well. You'd need to make sure the diameter is large enough to cover the hole, but here are the part numbers copied from a post on this forum: "Did a little research on Larry's plug set up. Here are the part numbers and you can order them through your dealer. Pretty slick. They use a threaded deck fill and some coax adapters to pass thru the deck." MBG part numbers 54049000 31015001 31015002 31015003
  11. geeviam

    Cover for trolling motor plug ?

    One more thing... probably overkill, but I ground down the second access plate frame and used it as a backing plate, for extra strength under the deck, and through-bolted the two together, kind of like a Klegecell sandwich... 😀
  12. geeviam

    Cover for trolling motor plug ?

    When I installed my trolling motor, I used this 3" access plate made of 316 stainless with a rubber o-ring seal, to run the TM power cord through the deck, where the center pop-up bow cleat used to be: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CRR6ELW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1&psc=1 I drilled a 7/8" hole in the stainless plate for a watertight compression fitting to run the power cord through, and mounted the trolling motor plug below deck, out of the weather. This SS access plate is also available in larger sizes (or a plastic plate could be substituted, if larger size is needed). Btw, I ordered two of these plates, to have a second screw-in cap (without a hole drilled in it) to use when the TM is not needed, and taken off the boat.
  13. geeviam

    Newbie saying hello

    Congrats and welcome! Great looking boat!
  14. geeviam

    2000ish 16 red fisher vs. 17 ma

    Barely, but I think you're right
  15. geeviam

    Garmin Update

    Ralph, the standard hub kit that comes in the box with the Spitfire X7 is a Mercury hub kit (see picture of box label) The Flo-Torq hub kit I ordered for Yamaha fitment is part # 835271Q09