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  1. Jackplate.... YES or NO??

    There's a lot of good info, pros and cons on this thread. I am not totally against having a JP. They can be beneficial for certain boat setups. I installed one out of necessity to get my prop into cleaner water with less ventilation. Idling in shallow water is nice, as is powering the boat onto the trailer at a shallow ramp. However, in general, there are things to consider before you decide to move a 400+ LB motor back 6 or more inches from the transom. The balance of the boat will change. Other things to consider are hull slap and porpoising. Ask guys with your same model boat and motor before you leap.
  2. Jackplate.... YES or NO??

    Unless the design of the boat/hull requires it, or particular fishing needs require it - I would not install one. JPs add weight and stress to your transom which will lead to stern squat and an increase in hull draft. Top speed increase is not noticeable in most cases. Just my advice and opinion.
  3. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    A WORK OF ART! It's been a joy to watch your project come together. Thanks for posting your experience.
  4. 2006 MA 21' w/F225

    Heck! It could be this guy:
  5. 2006 MA 21' w/F225

    Haha, yeah that could work! The dude gets to keep on fishing!
  6. 2006 MA 21' w/F225

    Yup. When the photos are obviously poor quality, the first question that comes to mind is "What are they trying to hide?"
  7. 2006 MA 21' w/F225

    Grainy, fuzzy, dim, out-of-focus pics in a Craigslist ad are a turn-off right from the git-go. Who has a cell phone that cannot take high-def photos nowadays? Or borrow one then, for cryin' out loud!
  8. 1991 16ft Hewes Bonefisher

    Very nice skiff!
  9. 17 HPX-V + F90

  10. 17 HPX-V + F90

    Yes. It's used, but not much. However, the previous owner did some custom cupping work on the blade tips, on the hitch ball of his truck - lol. This prop is too large for my setup so I don't need it. I will sell it for $90.00 including shipping. Link to pics: PTR3 19 pitch pics PM me if you are interested *Edited to add pics
  11. Master Angler Production

    I agree with everything said by Hurricane & Linesider, from a "strictly business" standpoint. However, a little excitement and emotion is also good for the boat business. MBG does not need to sponsor a racing team, but it's always a good idea to have one Go-Fast HP model in your lineup. You know... the one that the Pros on TV use to flex their muscle in tournaments and fishing shows. What about some competition for this 21 Hybrid model (brand name omitted - actually 21'9" LOA with the integrated setback transom)? That's why I was excited to hear of a possible 21 MA comeback!
  12. WTB: Hewes Bonefisher 16 v Maverick 17

    Good advice Whichwaysup. It's a bit of a drive from S. Fla, but this older Mirage looks like a good fit for the OP's needs and budget: http://mbgforum.com/topic/5687-1998-17-maverick-mirage-price-drop-13900/?tab=comments#comment-46875
  13. Best Trailer For 1995 MA 17 (Looking For Recommendations)

    Customer support at Ameratrail is great. Mark has been very helpful with some custom mods on my trailer. I highly recommend the swing tongue, since I've been storing my boat in a small garage.
  14. New EPA fuel system. Fueling takes forever.

    I would have the service tech at the dealership check to make sure there is no dip or sag in the overboard vent hose line, as well as the main fill hose. Also, if the in-line carbon canister (on vent hose) is not mounted high enough above the top height of the fuel tank, it has probably been flooded with fuel and ventilation is blocked, hence "the problem". That canister takes a very long time to dry out once it gets saturated with fuel. If they find that it's flooded, and you have easy access to it - when you get the boat back home, remove the canister from the vent line. There is extra slack in the line from the factory installation so that you can splice the two ends of the hose with a 5/8" brass hose coupling where the canister was. This is to keep it safe and usable while you are drying out the canister. Then take the canister out into your backyard somewhere in the sunshine, and leave it there for 3 years, making sure it is completely dried out. Then you can re-install it if you want to. In the meantime, when you run your motor, you may notice an increase in power, hole-shot and top speed because the fuel system breathes better. Just some advice - don't do anything that you are not comfortable with. Be careful!! Do the work in a well ventilated area! No sparks, of course!