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  1. King Starboard Starlite XL question

    I haven't got exact measurements yet, but it will be about the size of two 34M batteries side by side on the floor with some extra space around each. The critical piece will be the support shelf for the third battery above the other two. Has to be rigid and strong. The Coosa board you mentioned sounds like the best option. I will look into it. Thanks for the info!
  2. King Starboard Starlite XL question

    Thank you DC. You're right - the battery support needs to be solid, so I think I'll use 1" regular Starboard for that. The aluminum backing plate is a good idea too - might use that as well.
  3. King Starboard Starlite XL question

    Good info. Thanks Brad!
  4. King Starboard Starlite XL question

    Getting it in black is a good thought. It may not be worth the hassle to save a few pounds. It's just that I'm going to cram a lot of stuff into the Redfisher console. The Starboard will be used for the floor (batteries), sides (battery charger, circuit breaker panel, StructureScan 3D module, and some other stuff), and support for a 50# battery stacked on top of the other two batteries. It's going to be a freakin Starboard-o-rama!
  5. King Starboard Starlite XL question

    The specs say it's 35% lighter
  6. To keep the boat as light as possible, I'm thinking about mounting electronics and batteries inside the console to Starboard Starlite XL instead of the heavier standard Starboard. The problem is that the Starlite XL is more porous and attracts dirt, mold, etc. Has anyone tried sealing the Starboard Starlite XL with something like Polyurethane or Universal paint to seal the pores? Or, would it not stick? Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  7. Best Battery Charger?

    I just bought a Dual Pro. I read lots of reviews and it has the best ratings. I didn't need the AC/DC charge-on-the-run, or I would have heeded Outlaw's advice and went with the Stealth. When I saw that Hobo was using the Dual Pro, I knew it had to be a good choice for AC-only charging. Got mine here - they have good prices on Odyssey batteries and fast shipping too: https://www.batterymart.com/p-acc-rs3-6-amp-waterproof-battery-charger-3-bank.html
  8. Thanks for your advice RedReaper. It can get bumpy with boat wakes where I fish. I went ahead and ordered the 54" to be safe.
  9. LOL! I know! Trying to figure out where to put the extra 100+ LBS of batteries now. Thanks for the info - and the reminder, haha!
  10. Another great Day!!!

    x2. Is that Sea Dek with the Pathfinder logo around the rod holders, under the gunwales too? If so, where could I buy the same with the Hewes logo? Thanks.
  11. Edited: I'm about to buy a 24v GPS/Remote trolling motor for my boat. Which shaft length would be best - 48" or 54"? What length are other Redfisher 16 owners using? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Gary
  12. Those missing photos were visible here a few hours ago. I see this Photobucket error a lot on the forum - mostly on older posts. Maybe a Forum Admin can tell us why or how we can avoid the problem? Website security? Thanks. Btw... that is a beautifully rigged boat Hobo! And in Showroom Condition!
  13. Anchor pin storage

    I like the push-pole/anchor-pin bracket idea to hold it in place when running. Mine takes up a rod holder below the gunnel now. However, I tried the vertical motor mount bracket to try hold the boat in position like a power pole would. Maybe I wasn't using it correctly, but it wouldn't stay stuck in the mud. In smooth water conditions, it was fine. If there was any wave action, the anchor pin would bind and not slide up and down in the motor mount when the boat moved, constantly pulling the anchor pin out of the mud and dropping it back down. Maybe some silicone spray like we spray on trailer bunks would have helped, but I have removed the motor mount bracket. Now I just sink the pin in the mud, and tie off with a rope. Works fine that way, and stays stuck. I can see a Power Pole in my future though.
  14. Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16

    You're right... 79 LBS. more on the back of a Redfisher 16 would weigh down the stern quite a bit. That remark was more punk, than practical - just thinking it would be cool to break the 60 mph barrier in a RF 16 (and maybe top Dabear's RF 16 speed records from when he had a Racing-Tuned V4 Yamaha on his boat, LOL!). The 115 SHO is more than enough muscle for my 2017 RF 16, yet averages 7+ mpg at a 30 mph cruise. With a Merc Spitfire X7 13 x 17p prop, hole-shot and acceleration are outstanding and top speed is 49 mph. With a Yamaha Talon SS 13 1/8 x 19p 3-blade prop, top speed is 52 mph. The 115 SHO is a smooth operator. I am happy with it.
  15. Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16

    That is an awesome power-to weight ratio, and a better idea than installing the heavier Merc 150. The Evinrude E-TEC 135 H.O. weighs 418 pounds and would be a good second choice. I've never heard a clear answer on whether or not you can insure a boat if you go above the max HP rating. According to the following horsepower calculations, a late model Redfisher 16 could be insured, with up to 145 HP. Note: Just something I found on the internet - not sure of the validity! Maximum amount of H.P. your boat can be insured for