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  1. geeviam

    Pathfinder Porpoising Issues

    Not exactly the same thing trim tabs do, but yes it provides stern lift like trim tabs, and from the furthest point aft on your boat - so it tames down the porpoising, and makes your boat lift up on plane without as much bow rise. It also comes down off plane without the stern dropping as much, and water splashing up over the transom. The Bob's True Tracker plate is a great addition to having trim tabs, but I would not have it instead of trim tabs. You need both, for the best results.
  2. geeviam

    Too Close to Home

    Poor fella. Glad to hear he's almost out of the woods. What an ordeal!! Scary!!
  3. geeviam

    2018 Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Very nice!
  4. geeviam

    Pathfinder Porpoising Issues

    There are a few members here, myself included, who have had the same porpoising issues, and fixed the problem by installing one of these: https://bobsmachine.com/product/true-tracker-stabilizer-plate-90-hp/ Even if your boat doesn't porpoise, this stabilizer plate will improve hole-shot, ride, tracking in turns, and the ability to stay on plane at lower rpm. Hope this helps.
  5. geeviam

    Anyone Know This Lappy (FS)

    Sometimes a boat owner will think it's ok to change or re-date the year of the boat if a complete restore or repair is done. I would want to see the title as well, to make sure it's not a salvage title. If it is actually original gelcoat from 199x, that is a very well kept rig - a beautiful, classic lappy!
  6. geeviam

    140 Suzuki on 17 MA

    No worries, take your time - just curious. I've got a Yamaha VF115 SHO with 2.15:1 gear ratio, but I've heard some good reports about the Merc CT 2.38:1 gear ratio. Sure would be nice to have the broader selection of prop choices with the CT gearcase!
  7. geeviam

    140 Suzuki on 17 MA

    Sounds like an awesome setup Dave! May I ask which model/pitch prop you are turning with the ProXS CT?
  8. geeviam

    2018 2200 TRS Jackplate issue

    LOL, glad for you that it's covered under warranty Jason!
  9. geeviam

    Time to go fish’n

    Looks great! I still always think to myself, how awesome the lines of the MA hull are, every time I see a photo from that angle. What a winning design! Wish they were still available as a new build.
  10. geeviam

    Fueling 18 hpx maverick

    I really think it comes down to tank location, in relation to the fuel fill hose and vent hose with the new EPA carbon canister requirements. There just isn't enough space above a fuel tank, that is located above the floor in the forward deck compartment, for enough downward slope in the hoses - for filling and venting properly. The carbon canister is supposed to stay dry. Fuel is never supposed to reach it by flooding up the vent hose - but it does. If the fuel tank is located below the floor, ahead of the console (sealed compartment with a large lid for easy removal and servicing), you get the benefits of faster fill-ups, better ventilation (with the carbon canister staying dry), and more storage space in the bow compartment. Heck, you probably don't even need the stupid anti-siphon valve with the tank lower in the boat either! Some will say the weight of the fuel is needed up front for COG balance and draft. To fix that, a sturdy shelf to mount the batteries on, in the forward compartment would balance it out nicely. Pictures of that setup are attached (boat company name withheld).
  11. geeviam

    2018 2200 TRS Jackplate issue

    It's most likely the relays. Same thing happened to me. The harness is in the bilge area - just the wires for the switch go to the console. Yours might still be covered under warranty. Check out this thread for diy help:
  12. geeviam

    Redfisher 16 - Discontinued?

    I bought my Hewes Redfisher 16 in 2016 for several reasons. First of all, I had always wanted a Redfisher ever since I first fished Flamingo aboard one, with Capt. Ludwig Johnson in 1976, and then with Capt. Ralph Delph and Capt. Rick Murphy in the '80s and early '90s. Garage space was also a factor in the decision. I can back the RF 16 into my garage that's 20' 10" deep, with a jack plate, SHO 115, trolling motor, and folding trailer tongue, and it fits! Another reason was the price. I looked at a Maverick HPX when I was shopping for a flats boat, and the price wasn't even in the ballpark on budget, next to the Redfisher. I guess if you're employed in MBG Accounting, and looked at the numbers, the RF 16 couldn't make the cut, when compared to profitability of the other high-dollar boat lines made under the same roof. It's a shame, because the RF is a great inshore fishing boat that is roomy, comfortable, stable when walking the gunnels, and built like a tank - not to mention good-looking! But, it must be standing in the way of "progress" in the industry, just like the Maverick Master Angler line did. So, it looks like the Redfisher 16 will become another classic - sought after by enthusiasts, in the used boat market.
  13. geeviam

    Redfisher 16 - Discontinued?

    The Hewes Redfisher 16 is no longer listed on the Hewes.com website. Has this model been discontinued? Or, does Hewes have something new coming soon?
  14. geeviam

    25 hybrid

    I know that was fun! I'm assuming that's a 25" shaft Yamaha 300... What size and brand jack plate did you go with?
  15. geeviam

    25 hybrid

    Man, your new rig looks sharp! Congrats!
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