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  1. Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO

    Three things... PFD, lanyard, and... HAVE FUN!
  2. 2007 17 ft. Maverick Master Angler - Reduced Price!!!

    Stunning boat! Really nice setup! GLWS
  3. Irrigation motor muff

    I've only heard this, haven't tried it myself - but with a tank, you can add vinegar to the water to dissolve the salt deposits in the motor's cooling system. Rinse the motor off afterward because vinegar is acidic.
  4. What is Practical Limit On HP on a 22V

    Good point. Horsepower and speed are definitely fun to play with, but the 22V hull was not designed for high performance, like a go-fast bass boat. If you decide to take that leap, IMO, you should have all the gadgets for ride adjustment at your disposal - jack plate, nose-cone water pickup, torque tab adjusted on LU, vertical fins on trim tabs, maybe even a stabilizer plate with vertical fins (like the BMS True Tracker, or Permatrim hydrofoil). Chine walking on a hull without a pad, that gets out of control, can be hazardous to your health.
  5. New 22 TRS on order... few questions

    Yes, it should be running as close to 6000 rpm as possible with a light load (you alone and 1/2 tank of fuel), trimmed up, full throttle. What diameter and pitch 4-blade are you running? Or, which model and pitch Powertech prop is it? There's got to be someone on this board with a similar setup, who already did the work and figured out the best prop. Most will suggest that you contact Marcus at Powertech (Funky Monkey on this forum), for advice on prop sizing. He can save you time and effort when hunting for the correct prop.
  6. 17' Maverick MA prop suggestion

    DaveC, that's a pretty big prop to twist with a 115 four stroke. Great top speed too! Does your motor have the Command Thrust 2.38:1 gear case?
  7. 17' Maverick MA prop suggestion

    Similar here. No response to a PM on this board.
  8. New 22 TRS on order... few questions

    Great looking boat! Nice gray/black color combo.

    Wow, didn't know the waters were in trouble that far out. Not good.

    Man, that thing developed rapidly! More unneeded rain. Hope you folks in the Upper Keys, Dade and Broward are staying safe and dry.

    Dabear made a good point on this... If anything good can come from this storm, maybe it'll pull some Red Tide out to sea from the Florida West Coast.
  12. So You Think Your Day Was Bad

    x2. Signs..., I was just thinking two minutes ago, how I should place my fire extinguisher where it would be faster/easier to get to - and then clicked on this thread.
  13. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    Awesome! Pretty sure there's no other place on the mainland U.S. with waters like that. And you're there! Enjoy
  14. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    Wow, great photo! I'm no marketing expert, but that looks like the best place for the next Maverick Boats brochure - photo shoot.