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  1. geeviam

    Prop Help

    Good reason to have that SHO ECM flash/tuned to 300 hp and slap a Bravo I on there... problem solved, haha
  2. http://mbgforum.com/profile/251-marcus/ You could try sending him a PM
  3. geeviam

    Prop Help

    With the T-Top and getting only 5000 rpm out of a 15 x 21p 3-blade, I would think an OFX4 15.25 x 19p 4-blade would not get close enough to the 6000 max rpm, if the slip numbers are what they should be. If your Yamaha dealer could get an Ultima4 14.25 x 19p 4-blade, I think you could get closer to the correct top-end rpm. But, maybe a 17 pitch Ultima4 would be even better. Good news is the price is reasonable for that prop. Bad news is they are back-ordered (shocking I know). Good luck!
  4. geeviam

    Kind of a funny story

    Too funny! God worked this in two ways Gus... Brought you a fish to catch, and let that guy know it's time to quit smoking. 😉
  5. geeviam

    Best color for showing off lapstrakes?

    Excellent choice!
  6. geeviam

    Minn Kota Ulterra Stabilizer

    Me too, but instead of screwing the RAM ball directly to the deck, I mounted a semi-flush aluminum plate (same as bench seat backrest base) with a machine threaded hole, for a machine threaded RAM ball that can be removed when not needed. A RAM mount stabilizer came with my Rhodan from the factory, so they are obviously ok with it. I like the extra support for long runs.
  7. Mark modifies 200 props per month, and he does all the work himself. Pretty sure he had a helper at one time, who left. The guy is just too busy these days to keep up, it seems. Good problem to have - and then again not.
  8. The brim has some stiffness to it and somewhat keeps the shape you bend it at - even in a breeze. However, I don't wear it when driving the boat - I put it on when I reach the destination. I wear a ball cap with Buff gaiter over top of it when running, and it stays put. Vroom vroom...
  9. I bought this one, actually two (one for yard work and one for boating) and happy with them: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01F2F4QB6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1&psc=1
  10. geeviam

    For all you prop junkies put there . . .

    Like Mulligan - I like the readout. If Forest Gump was a prop junkie like me, he would probably say "props are like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get". I've bought a few props in the last couple years (Merc, Yamaha and Solas), and sorry to say, the finish quality and balance has been off more than on. IMHO, if you get a new factory prop that is smooth/balanced and works well out of the box, hold onto it because you're one of the lucky ones. Gus, I'll be anxious to hear how your prop holds in turns after the work that was done. I have a new 3-blade that's doing the same thing - great performance and fuel economy in a straight line, but blowing out badly in turns. Please keep us posted, when you finally get to splash your newly restored MA!
  11. geeviam

    Back in the Day..............

    Definitely gettin' a kick out of this! I didn't know flats boats technology was that sophisticated in 1967. Thanks for sharing it! So, was Hewes making flats boats before this Perdue was introduced?
  12. geeviam

    Battery Relocation on Redfisher 18????

    You've mentioned this issue on a couple threads now, but more info would help us help you. What make, model, size prop are you running now? Is your boat porpoising, or just has a high bow attitude when running? How many seconds from start does it take to get on plane? If your fuel tank is in the floor, you might be ok moving batteries forward. If the tank is in the forward casting deck, moving batteries forward is a bad idea imho. Like said above, testing with a couple 50# sand bags in different locations could save you time figuring out the best solution.
  13. geeviam

    Will wedges fix stern squat in Redfishers????

    I made a yuge mistake when I sold that prop. Yuge!
  14. geeviam

    Will wedges fix stern squat in Redfishers????

    Pretty sure Joe meant to say "it will not cause loss of speed or create additional drag", when the fin is above the surface of the water. He and I have discussed this in detail. He sold me on the Bob's plate in the first place. Dabear is "Da Man" on boat/hull performance! 🤓 Just a typo me thinks.
  15. geeviam

    Will wedges fix stern squat in Redfishers????

    I think so too. The stabilizer plate will spoil you. The stern lift is awesome! My 16 foot boat behaves more like an 18 footer now, and allows for a wider range of prop choices. It's also cool when you come off plane - the stern does not squat as much then either. No loss of top end performance when I trim up the motor and air it out - the plate is above the water surface then anyway. The question always gets asked: If stabilizer plates are so great, why don't the manufacturers design them, built into the motor lower units? I don't know the answer to that, but can only guess that there are quite a few patents out there, and the companies that make them would drag the outboard companies to court over it.
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