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  1. geeviam

    Finally pulled the trigger

    Congrats and Welcome! Great looking boat!
  2. geeviam

    New to the RF Family

    I'm sure FMM has good reasons why they advised otherwise. IMO, the Yamaha F115 is the best motor for a Maverick HPX 18. However, the RF 18 is 600 LBS heavier than the HPX 18, so the F150 would be my choice on the RF 18. Along with that, I believe the BMS TrueTracker is a must-have add-on for the RF 16 and RF 18, to improve the ride and handling, when they are equipped with heavier 4-strokes at the maximum hp rating.
  3. geeviam

    New to the RF Family

    JMO, but I would want the 150 SHO, if I had a late model RF 18. If someone has a problem with the handling of the RF 18 running a F150, I would like to hear their reaction after a Bob's TrueTracker stabilizer plate was installed on the motor, along with a good bow-lifting prop. I'll bet they would change their tune!
  4. geeviam

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Looks great! ... and very fast!
  5. geeviam

    Sea Chest Plate

    To my knowledge, the only replacement available to purchase is the stainless "cheese grater plate" that the Maverick/Hewes parts department sells. The sea chest grater plate is a hot topic of discussion right now in another thread on this forum:
  6. geeviam

    Improved Cheese Grater

    My trailer has only two bunks (under the stringers) and does not have a second set of bunks supporting the keel, so my sea chest was easy to get to and work on. Lurem and others have a bunk covering part of the sea chest like yours, and I heard they had to raise the boat up off the bunks or temporarily remove the bunk that was in the way, to do the work.
  7. geeviam

    Improved Cheese Grater

    I like the Corian idea! Just a heads-up... I did not drill vertical (straight) holes, only angled holes to pickup the water to start with, on this new version of the 3/8" thick Lexan cheese grater plate. I think it created a lot more pressure in the sea chest than I expected. There are some tiny spider cracks around the screw heads. This did not happen on the first generation lexan plate that had some pressure relief holes. So my advice is, drill some vertical holes to equalize the pressure while under way. The live well pump will be supplied with plenty of water that way as well.
  8. geeviam

    2013 Hewes Redfisher 16

    Great looking boat! GLWS
  9. geeviam

    HPX V 18 - Test Run?

    Here's some discussion about deck/cap changes on the HPX-V 18 after the design change in 2009: If or when you buy an HPX-V 18, you may want to PM Dabear (Joe R). He is "The Man" to ask about motor setup, weight balance, and prop choice. His 2010 performs better than any other HPX-V 18, that I've heard of, with a stock Yamaha VF115 SHO.
  10. geeviam

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Thanks Mulligan. There's always a good mix of sound technical advice, experience, and laughs in your posts on this forum. Like you, I feel that the feedback shared by us and others on this forum, is not meant to be anything other than helpful to other boat owners, and the manufacturer. That's why MBG created this forum. MBG is watching and listening here, and I agree... they are doing a great job of responding to customers' needs, introducing new products, trying new ideas, and improving the brand, to stay on the cutting edge in the industry. The RF 16 is an awesome fishing platform for its length, and the wide beam makes it feel more like a 19 footer. The improved cheese grater project did have the most positive effect on the stability of my boat. But it doesn't get all the credit. The combination of adding a stabilizer plate (Permatrim or Bob's TrueTracker) on the LU of the heavier 4-stroke Yamaha VF115, the flush lexan cheese grater on the sea chest, and the right prop, is what made my boat ride like a dream. I love my RF 16 now.
  11. geeviam

    MA 21 compared to Red Fisher 21

    I think this is the video you mentioned. A little blurry, but you can see it flyin'! Hewes_Redfisher21_SHO250_Rick-Murphy.mp4
  12. geeviam

    MA 21 compared to Red Fisher 21

    One of my favorite videos of the MA 21 running up on the pad. Maybe there's a video of a RF 21 running as smooth and steady without tabs, and I just haven't seen it yet. Man, I wish MBG would bring back the MA 21. The Egret 2011 needs some competition, at a price that won't crush your budget!
  13. geeviam


  14. geeviam

    THIS is a sunrise

    Very nice painting - very thoughtful gift. Whole lotta love right there!