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  1. geeviam

    1971 Hewes Bonefisher Restoration

    Yeah, the Zuke 90 is the lightest 4-stroke 90 around, but it's still heavy when compared to the 2-stroke. You probably already know this, but I'll offer advice anyway. It's better for your new motor, not to run it too slow and easy during break-in. Keep it on plane while varying the speed. And, if your break-in period is 10 hours like my Yamaha, and you have 5 hours on the motor, it's time to take it to wide open throttle, to set the rings, and hold it there for about 10 seconds or so, and then back down and continue with the remaining 5 hours of break-in procedure. Hopefully your prop will spin up to 6200 to 6300 rpm with a light load, because that's where your best all around performance will come from. Good luck!
  2. geeviam

    1971 Hewes Bonefisher Restoration

    She looks great! A true classic! Let us know how she runs with the Zuke after break-in.
  3. geeviam

    Maverick 17 HPXV Carbon Edition

    Some excellent info I found on the use of carbon fiber in boat building: A post from Chris Morejohn: https://www.microskiff.com/threads/thoughts-on-carbon-fiber-innegra-and-epoxy-resin-builds.70568/#post-645116 And this: The entire thread is here: https://www.microskiff.com/threads/thoughts-on-carbon-fiber-innegra-and-epoxy-resin-builds.70568/ Chris Morejohn on Microskiff.com.pdf
  4. geeviam

    Maverick 17 HPXV Carbon Edition

    From what I gather, using all carbon without mixing it with another fabric, is more brittle. Hence, carbon/kevlar is used. There's a product called Carbon Innegra that is being used by high-end skiff builders, to make them lighter and float skinnier. Demo video here:
  5. geeviam

    A Towing Question...

    I thought about doing it that way too, but like BernieNC said, the Atlas JP manual specifies to tow with it all the way down. The problem is some jack plate installations don't allow enough clearance for the hydraulic steering when JP is down and the motor is tilted. Mine is ok because I've got enough setback for the steering to clear the transom, so I use a MotorMate and drop the JP all the way down. But if I couldn't, I thought about cutting a M-Y Wedge Universal down to the right length with a hacksaw, to place on the JP cylinder ram, to drop the JP down until it touches, to keep the entire weight of the motor/JP combo from bouncing on the JP actuator. Just an idea. https://www.amazon.com/M-Y-Wedge-universal-support-engines/dp/B07D1BBWL9/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=m-y+wedge&qid=1573660203&sr=8-2
  6. geeviam

    Back at it

    Sounds like an awesome day Gus! Well deserved after being boat-less for so long. Lots of happy smiles in the pictures. Glad to see you "back at it"
  7. geeviam

    RF18 - Repower - 115 PRO XS

    Congrats Snelly! From the numbers and props you mentioned, it looks like you went with the Command Thrust gearcase. Is that correct?
  8. geeviam

    03 Redfisher scupper plug replacement

    Sorry Man. But, maybe we can make a trade. I ordered a set of small yellow ones and they are too large for my RF 16. How bout we each drop our wrong sized plugs in an envelope and swap sets using the good ole cheap US Mail? I'd like to have a spare set of green ones anyway. Send me a PM if you're interested.
  9. geeviam

    Rhodan trolling motor install

    Sounds good. You're welcome! It's good to have that extra support in rough waters. The TM shaft does not move at all when tightened down.
  10. geeviam

    Rhodan trolling motor install

    Yes, but this one is machine threaded so it can be unscrewed from the aluminum plate on the deck (info attached). I did not use the one supplied by Rhodan, because it would be a permanently mounted "toe stubber". The aluminum plate is the same plate with 3/8" threaded hole as the rear seat backrest support plates supplied by Hewes. RAM Mount Tough Ball 1-inch.pdf
  11. geeviam

    1971 Hewes Bonefisher Restoration

    Nice! I thought it might be a Michigan Wheel Apollo. Good lookin' prop! Thanks
  12. geeviam

    1971 Hewes Bonefisher Restoration

    Excellent work, looks great! If I may ask, what make/model prop is that? Suzuki brand? Looks like it's got the "right stuff"
  13. geeviam

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

  14. LOL! I saw a good quote the other day: "It's worth being old now, to have been young then."
  15. Well said Bubba. Thank you for sharing some of your wisdom, gained through many years of honorable public service. It's probably more noticable to us older fellows, than it is to the younger generation, but since 9-11, the bad deeds of a few have forever changed the American way of life for millions of good, law abiding citizens. A law enforcement officer's job has to be much more stressful and difficult now as well, with all the new security protocol requirements that have been instituted since 9-11. As everyone should, I have to keep reminding myself that a LEO's job is very hazardous with possible life threatening situations around every corner, and I shouldn't judge another unless I've walked a mile in his shoes. Still, I can't help longing for the simpler times of my youth, when interaction with law enforcement was more like you'd see on the Andy Griffith Show. Thanks again for your service Bubba. We need more good men like you out there, keeping us safe.
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