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  1. Spinning rod suggestion?

    Crowder... I have 6 of them and they hold up well even with clients abusing them. Brian
  2. Expired Flares

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I have no room in my 16RF for a bag of expired flares. The 4th of July option strikes me as weird as I don't like fireworks. Oh well.... Brian
  3. Expired Flares

    I have asked this question before on the forum, but got no serious answers. How does one safely dispose of expired flares? I have tried the local fire department, the Power Squadron, the FWC and no one can tell me a safe method of disposal. These things are sitting in my garage like bomb ready to explode. Any serious thoughts? Brian
  4. Trim Tab Replacement

    I looked at the Lenco website, but was still unsure which actuator fits the 2004 Redfisher. Skip... can you help out here? Thanks, Brian
  5. Need new GPS / chartplotter

    I replaced my old Garmin 178C with a Garmin ECHO CV. If you talk to the dealers,t hey will try to sell you a GPS/Sonar plotter with all the super bells and whistles on their new sonar technology for fish finding. I spend 95% of my time on the water in 4 feet or less, so a super-duper fish finder is useless. Don't waste your money on that. Brian
  6. Power Pole Fluid

    Thanks everyone! Brian
  7. Power Pole Fluid

    The fluid level in my PP reservoir is low. What type of fluid should I use? Thanks!
  8. Power Pole Service

    Thanks, everyone. I'll relay this information to my friend. Brian
  9. Power Pole Service

    Ahhh! I'll tell him. Thanks! Brian
  10. Pull the transducer cable through the bilge. Why bother with the tube? PITA!! Brian
  11. Power Pole Service

    Hmm.... didn't ask him that. He was told by a PP dealer that some of the older PP's has a lifetime warranty on the piston, but that he needed a serial no. on the unit. No luck finding it though
  12. Fishfinder/Chartplotter HELP!

    I talked to Garmin about replacing my old 178C. What I learned was that for shallow water fishing, which is 95% of what I do, I don't need any fancy-schmancy fish fining technology. I wen wit the EchoMap Chirp 54CV which is a god size for my 16RF. Of course, I am not a techy-smart guy, so simpler is always better in my book, I've been out guys who have the to of the line stuff and al they do is push buttons instead of fishing. Just sayin'.... Brian
  13. Power Pole Service

    Hello all... a buddy has an older power pole that has a bad seal in the hydraulic piston inside the "clamshell" of the power pole. No one here in Vero seems to be able to service it. Any ideas? Thanks, in advance! Brian
  14. Ignition Switch Replacement

    Thanks guys! I'll pull the switch and see what I have. Brian
  15. Ignition Switch Replacement

    This looks a bit more complicated than what you described. BTW it is an F115