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  1. Cobia Rendezvous Caravan

    Channel 68 for Hillsboro Inlet, and I will be available via 954-253-3888, AFTER 6:00 A.M. PLEASE LOL
  2. Cobia Rendezvous Caravan

    Thanks Guys!! We planned on meeting at 7:00 inside the inlet, leaving 7:30 sharp, unlike last year. See you soon!
  3. Cobia Rendezvous Caravan

    Yes, I like having a channel per group for the ride over, we usually decide when we are leaving
  4. Cobia Rendezvous Caravan

    It's that time!!!!!!!!!! Whoever is not in touch with the group they are leaving with please reach out to me. 954-253-3888 Hillsboro Inlet is meeting 7:00 inside the inlet, leaving 7:30 SHARP. If anyone has any questions, call me. PLEASE REMEMBER IT IS LOBSTER MINI SEASON, WED and THURS Ramps will be busier than normal, I would allow for some extra time.
  5. Cobia Rendezvous Caravan

    Hey Guys, it's Ron from Marine Connection, I help out coordinating the event. Congrats on the new 280. I know Enrico Gallo is wanting to leave out of Jupiter on his 344. Let me know your contact info, and let's touch base ASAP. Ron Lees 954-253-3888
  6. Cobia Rendezvous Caravan

    Hey Dave Brand, I missed you, got it now
  7. Cobia Rendezvous Caravan

    COBIA Bahamas Rendezvous 2017 If I do not know you, or your name is not on this list, please reach out to me. Obviously, the plan is for us to go together. My goal is to coordinate everyone to be with others. There are about 6-7 boats, that I do not have info on yet. Ron Lees 954-253-3888 ron@marineconnection.com HERE IS THE CURRENT ROSTER HILLSBORO INLET (meeting at 7:00 for 7:30 departure) Ted & Marlene Fowler 296 Crystal and Bryan Jones 296 Pam and Zach Palumbo 296 John and Naomi Pellicone 277 Ron and Lucy Lees 296 Jeff and Julie Daly 277 Ray and Debra Wilms 277 Chris Pundsack 237 FORT LAUDERDALE (Port Everglades) Patrick and Jacqueline Bialy 277 Robin Cincinatti and Greg Moore 344 (staying at the Hilton in FL) Dave Brand 220 Bob and Faith Johnsen 277 Jorge Milares 277 BOYNTON INLET Kevin Garrow 277 Matt Grimm 277 Dr Dan Carney 296 Harvey Wahl 296 Marcel Rosen PALM BEACH INLET Robert Cusenza 296 Michael and Heather Floyd JUPITER INLET Enrico Gallo 344 Roderman, Ken and Nicki 280
  8. Cobia Owners Tournament

    Hey Greg, Thanks for coming. It was an awesome time, and an exciting ride home. The Cobia 277 kicked *** in some serious stuff. I was in 4-6's for a good while. It was a big success, and I hope everyone made some lifetime memories. I'm heading to Bimini, in 3 weeks. Ron Lees
  9. Cobia Owners Tournament

    VHF 68 for Palm Beach and Pompano Crew
  10. Cobia Owners Tournament

    Yes, it has been a crazy 4 months for me, we are going to have a great time, and we will plan another trip right away.
  11. Cobia Owners Tournament

    They are bringing a photographer with drones and all, so we should get pics for a lifetime!! And I just noticed the 2 G's in Hogg, so I could have figured it out
  12. Cobia Owners Tournament

    *** Nice Boat, LOL, Great stuff!!!!!!
  13. Cobia Owners Tournament

    Hey BOSS HOG!! Who are you? which boat?
  14. Cobia Owners Tournament

    Ok Sounds Great!!! I will be on 68 as well so we can all share the excitement and fun. Ron
  15. Cobia Owners Tournament

    Hey Ben, I will follow up with them, but I believe they will be leaving from Jupiter. Ron Lees