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  1. I posed about this in thread title 20v question. So I have cable pull lines on starboard side of anchor locker, in the console on port side and rear starboard hatch. None of the lines move when I try and pull them through. They seem stuck. Any advice on this? I’m thinking about greasing upba snake and seeing if I can push that through. Thanks a lot
  2. 2005 20v question

    Thanks, I kinda enjoy little projects like this, will let y’all know how it pans out. Cheers
  3. 2005 20v question

    Thanks Guys, gonna move them back onto the console. I’m assuming wise feed thru bulge up into the console? thanks again
  4. 2005 20v question

    Thanks Grant, I was actually thinking about ya location myself. That is wher they were lcated when I bought the boat. My engine/house batteries are in the center console, I guess I could figure out a way to etvthe cable extended and move the batteries back into the console. Since I had the new ulterior mounted it does seem like I could use some more up trim, moving the batteries would help with that I guess. Thx
  5. 2005 20v question

    I posted this in vintage PF but didn’t get a response My trolling motor batteries are in the forward locker directly behind the anchor locker I want to secure the batteries to the floor I was going to put some starboard down for strength Can I screw through the starboard into the bottom of that locker to attach it securely? thanks
  6. Hello my trolling motor batteries are in the forward hatch, directly behind he anchor locker. Rigt now they aren’t secured and I want to secure them. I’m thinking of adding some starboard to the bottom of the hatch to strengthen it and then mounting the battery holders on to that. My q is an I screw into the base of that locker to secure he starboard? thanks
  7. 2005 20V -Rubrail replacement

    hello: Looking for a couple of projects and thought replacing the rub rail would be a good idea. Has anyone done this on a 2005 20v, how tough is it, where can I get a new rub rail? thanks a lot
  8. Console/GPS upgrade

    Hello My boat is a 2005 20'. looks like our consoles are similar. My wife just bought me the Garmin 94SV during the TG sales. Fits quite nicely and I'm pleased how it works. good luck.
  9. Running two finders/transducers??

    I just bought a garmin 94sv, well actually my wife bought it for me for Christmas. Anyway, the have an accessory where you can fit a 2nd transducer up front on the trolling motor. looks very cool, but its not cheap. You get a great view of what us in front of you.
  10. Annodes in brackish water

    OK, thanks a lot.
  11. Annodes in brackish water

    Hello: I'm going to replace the anodes on my F150. I fish mostly around the ICW in Charleston, would Zinc or aluminum be best or doesn't it really matter? thanks a lot
  12. SeaDek cost on Hewes 16 Lappy?

    Is that the snow camo? I just had my 20'V done with that. cheers
  13. Replacement hatch - 2005 20'V

    OK, thanks a lot gentlemen, will find a fiberglass man. cheers
  14. Replacement hatch - 2005 20'V

    Hello: I'm nit sure how this happened but my front starboard hatch has cracked/broken. Is it possible to get a replacement anywhere? thanks a lot
  15. 2005 20V - thru hull transducer

    Thanks a lot SCFD.