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  1. dropaline

    Gaskets for hatches?

    want to share number
  2. dropaline

    What Electronics for 1900V Pathfinder?

    go to you tube it will explain features.
  3. dropaline

    bilge hatch access

    does anyone know the dimension of the hatch used in replacing the pie plate in 16 bayfisher 1997? I did a search to no avail.
  4. dropaline

    Bimini or sunshade for hpx18?

    take a look at Taylormade anchor shade III
  5. dropaline

    new here, just introducing myself and accepting advice

    when you get a chance what size prop you running? what rpm, thanks
  6. dropaline

    WTB 16' Lapstrike

    what are you asking?