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  1. Port Everglades Snook

    I fished some large redtail Hawk Jigs around the edges of that basin but had no luck. Hope to figure it out one day.
  2. Rhodan

    i have had one for about 5 years it doesnt get too much use over the year. The motor runs and turns very quietly. The GPS is very accurate. The remote is very small and easier to deal with compared to others. The plastic components on the unit are cheap and are not UV resistant at all. After a year or so the white plastic turns yellow. So now I have a Yellow head unit, a white shaft and a yellow plastic cover on the deck. They want about $100 for new ones if you don't want to paint yours white again. They had no answer as to why the plastic they use is not designed to hold up to the sun other than an offer to sell me replacements. The plastic components on the launch mechanism are cheap and get sticky after a while requiring you to have to bang the unit off the cradle when you step on the peddle to release it to launch the motor. To avoid that you have to spray the cradle a lot with WD 40 or something like that so it wont stick. Sort of a pain. I would get another if the cradle was better designed and the plastic was better designed to better hold up to the sun. Going back to motor guide soon.
  3. GPS PLotter Replacement

    I made the switch. Losing the Garmin and getting FMT was the best money I ever spent on my boat. FMT cartography in a totally different league and puts the others to shame. All of the Garmin maps rate an F by comparison in every way including that new HD everglades chip they now sell. Must be pretty embarassing for Garmin the behomoth to get their doors blown off by this small quality mapping group. Get an HDS or Simrad unit with FMT on your skiff and I am confident you will never look back at Garmin again. Do a search on some other boards on FMT and you will find nothing but the same kind of commentary. It's not by accident or coincidence.
  4. SIMRAD GO7 deal at WM today only!

    There is nothing special about that deal and it is not at WM only. Any reseller can match that with no issue. Even better via FMT. Buy that unit at Florida Marine Tracks and get 20% off their charts with it.
  5. which Garmin to buy

    Just sold my Garmin. Not sure why anyone would want one for inshore in FL. The maps are terrible so the unit is practically useless. Doesnt matter which Garmin you get. You are stuck with the same view.
  6. Florida Marine Tracks - Anyone Using On What

    At the Garmin booth at ICAST they had what they called a brand new Hi Res Everglades Chip. I took a look at it on one of their new units. It looks to be the exact same photos as the G2Vision chip somehow processed a little clearer. Just the same bad dark photos a little clearer than G2. Much worse than the latest Navionics overall and compared to FMT not even remotely comparable. "not bad" as you call it is being very generous in my opinion. Also, they just released this new Garmin map for the everglades and it does not even have any of the new Park navigation rules noted on there. Much of the park in FL bay is now poll and troll and none of it is noted on the Garmin map and 100s of park markers are missing. Garmin clearly remains the worst map on the market for anyone running shallow. You could never successfully navigate the Park with it with any confidence or poor vis if you were not experienced there. We just just got the FMT map and remarkably, I could not find one missing marker or sign. They seem to show all of the hundreds of markers in the park including those that went up this just a few months ago as well as all of the new idle and troll areas and the photos down there are pretty unbelievable. I have no idea how they do it but I ran around choko and Flamingo with it and every one of those directional markers and signs is like spot on to the foot. Even the brand new replaced Green day marker at the entrance to Flamingo's channel was moved and shown at its new exact position.
  7. Chartplotters

    I looked at every machine I could find at Icast in Orlando this month and messed around with the features and menus. All of the mfg. were there touting all of their current units. All of the marketing spokes people were camped out in their respective booths. Wiggins was strategizing around their conference table with Johnson sales force at the Humminbird booth. There were several bass pros mingling around the Navico booth, the Garmin booth was replete with red shirted reps from all over the country and the Raymarine booth was alive with all kinds interest in their new Axiom. My read is if you are shopping within the same general price range, any unit you choose from any mfg., is reasonably comparable to the others. I found no substantive differences in the machines themselves when you look apples to apples in terms of price you want to pay. The relative differences between the machines that do exist are all minor and come down to just individual preferences on things like menu organization, button layouts and to a large extent probably personal bias just based on developed impressions over time or what a person has become used to. It's like switching from a Iphone to a Samsung. Once you get accustomed to navigating the menus over a few days, one is just as easy. I hear about Garmin being the easiest overall but I find the other mfg. touch screen menus are now just as easy but slightly different. GPS machines across all of the mfgs.,seem to me to all be pretty good overall. It's like outboards. They all compete for the next gadget to market and try to out engineer the others with something but overall for most people I think purchase decisions really just come down to personal preferences on subtle differences. Thus, the best way to know which machine you like the best is to go touch and mess around with all of the machines and work through the menus and feel the buttons. But just because you may find a machine that you like the best does not mean it is the best choice because they all run different maps and that really is probably the most important difference. If the map or maps you like won't run on that unit you like the best, it's going to be far less useful to you than an alternative unit that does run the chart you prefer. Any chart plotter is really only as useful as the chart it displays and if you end up looking at a screen all day that shows you a bad chart for your area that is inaccurate, has lacking features or bad photos, it's a poor choice for you. So for instance, those that run around in a skiff that are just shopping units (and ignoring charting assuming its all about the same) and love the Garmin machines end up with that but ultimately end up finding they are dissatisfied as the maps in the unit and photos totally ***. Many end up learning that the hard way. I was one of those guys. Granted it is hard to know if you really are starting with no insight because the charts you do see all look great on the units. But once you get it on the water in practical application you see that although it's a snappy looking chart, the markers are not accurately placed, all kinds of detail that is really there on the water is missing, the photos are dark and you can't really tell exactly where you can run outside of marked channels etc etc. So the chart is just as important if not more so than the unit and the differences in the available charts are very substantive totally unlike the units. For others that remain unaware of the chart differences it seems they just remain uninformed as they can only know what they know and seem to get accustomed to what you they use and believe that is about the best they can expect to find. I went through all of this myself and learned the hard way last year. First I had the Humminbird and ran the Navionics. When my unit started to develop some issues and it was time to upgrade I moved into Garmin buying into their sales pitch. I found the pitch was all BS. The unit was good but the chart sucked. I had to get rid of it as they had no map option that was anywhere near what I used to have. I couldn't run with it in the crazy areas I run around. So I started shopping again for different units but this time was focused on the maps and knew I had to have at least a platform that would run my old map. So, Raymarine was an option along with Hbird again and Lowrance. In my research, I ran across the Florida Marine Tracks map. Game over. The FMT is just in a totally different league all together. Some screen shots below of some new photos they put on in SFL. I just run with the photos and turn the map features off so they are not showing but they have every marker and every stake on there along with exact tracks to run. Once you run that it's like Crack and you have to have it. So, I ended up with a Lowrance HDS unit and then got a Simrad as well. Bottom line...if you are running around in a Maverick skiff and not running an FMT compatible unit you are missing out, particularly if you want to run shallow and in places you may not be familiar with. I hope this helps at least one person avoid the same mistakes that cost me shopping GPS machines. You may be like me and for some minor reasons prefer to not buy a Navico unit but its totally worth it and you forget about that quickly when you can run this FMT chart and see everything you want to see.
  8. FS: Garmin BlueChart g2 HD for Everglades & Keys

    I saw it at a boat show. There is nothing unique at all about this. Its just the same images as the G2 vision just a little clearer like it was processed to slightly higher resolution. Just clearer poor images. I thought it was pretty useless overall and still insufficient overall for a clear read on navigation. Still the worst map in the market for in shore boating and particularly so for South Florida. None of the ENP markers or the latest boating routes and poll only areas under the new rules released in 2016 are noted either.
  9. Simrad go totalscan?

    I think you can get it for less if you don't want the tracks on it but you have to call them as it is not advertised like that. For the entire state its a little more than a Navionics chip but because its in a different league on the detail, accuracy, and imagery its a nominal difference in my opinion. If you need track info for new areas its a bargain as there is so much provided. What to do - save $100 and get a navionics and lose a lower unit trying to get through some crazy area and have the wife screaming at you the entire trip or get FMT get 10x more detail plus the tracks and peace of mind. I have had a few of those white knuckle rides. It was a no brainer for me. Some things are just worth it and others not so much. For me FMT is now a must have and totally worth it in SFL. If I ever go up north I'll get the NFL chip. Just hope they dont want to charge full price again since I already have 1/2.
  10. Thinking of upgrading- Navionics (Raymarine/Simrad)

    I think you can order FMT with no Tracks at a reduced cost if you call them. When you see what it is with the tracks, the price doesn't seem expensive at all. To get all of that information yourself, you could easily spend six figures on charters. Theres like thousands of miles of Tracks just in S. FL alone. Pretty crazy. They even go up into all the canals. By that measure they are practically free. The imagery and the tracks and the accuracy and all of the extra fine details makes it. Nothing else remotely close. And all done part time I hear by a fisherman who has a banking gig. Incredible. No idea how that was pulled off but someone has a ton of work in it. Makes you wonder if FMT was created like this as a side hobby why it is Garmin and Navionics *** so bad by comparison.