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  1. Sunstone

    Aluminum vs Steel Trailer Wheels

    Mine are 4 years old and still look good. I launch a lot at least 2 times a week in the warm months sometimes more but raise every time. Plus the boat starys in a garage which I think helps.
  2. Sunstone

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I read to use compressed air in the fitting and they said it would pop out, Not. Had to use a large pry bar to even get the piston in enough to remove the caliper from the disc.
  3. Sunstone

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Had a actuator go bad last year the night before I was leaving for a keys trip. Ended up running a 3/4" bolt through it so it would clunk every start and stop. Being lazy I'm just getting around to fixing it. Installed a new actuator today bleed the brakes and tested. Both actuators on the driver side lock up other side worked perfect. I was thinking of rebuilding them but can't even get the piston out.
  4. Sunstone

    Theft deterrents

    I keep mine in the garage so no problem at home. When I travel and stay in a motel I use a game camera that sends a pic to my phone within a minute. I mount the camera in the rear sliding window just opened enough that it picks up motion and heat and takes the pic. It's not open enough to get the camera out though. It did wake me up a couple times but it was just someone walking by.
  5. Sunstone

    23 HPS // 250 SHO

    About 2 1/2". I've been wanting to do a run by myself just to see the difference but the weatherman has other ideas.
  6. Sunstone

    A chilly predawn ride

    Did you even need to buy ice? Now I know why you said you don't fish late winter, early spring.
  7. Sunstone

    Boat Detailing Prices

    It doesn't make sense to charge by the foot. Look at the difference between boats both 23 feet.
  8. Sunstone

    Electrical system question/input

    How old is the battery? Had it happen on my old boat, every time time I started the motor the gps went out. I had 2 house batteries and ran 3 days with the battery switch only charging one battery. So maybe your battery isn't holding charge.
  9. Sunstone

    23 HPS // 250 SHO

    Sorry, I meant to post it 6100 rpm.
  10. Sunstone

    Emoji's popping up??

    Is anyone else haveing this happening when you type? This pops up on it's own or when I click space twice for a new sentence.
  11. Sunstone

    23 HPS // 250 SHO

    Hell of a prop for the 23, thanks for suggesting it Brad. The numbers won't be this good in the summer I'm sure. Water temp was 40* air 44* trolling motor, 4 batteries little less then 1/2 a tank of fuel and two 200 lb men on board with little or no wind. Running into the current got 62.5 mph and 64.3 with the current. Best mileage was 4.1 at 37 mph and 3900 rpm with the current and 4.0 against the current. The prop has a ton of bow lift but didn't notice much in the stern and no torque in the wheel at any speed.
  12. Sunstone

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    I would think so here is an old post with a 300 and a t-top 65MPH. (Those are some great numbers on your setup. I ran a Yamaha SWS 15x22 with the jack plate all the way up, trimmed to 80% and achieved 65 mph at 5600 rpm's going with the wind. Here is a short video.) https://youtu.be/ZnxWCEYtvJ8
  13. Sunstone

    redfish on the fly

  14. Sunstone

    Boat Insurance

    I have state farm and I know it cost more but have had 2 claims in the last 2 years with no hassles. Just hit something broke the prop and bent the shaft. The claim agent called me back I told here it was about $1500 for the shaft and another $700 for the prop. She said she was sending a check less the deductible and if there is any others cost just give her a call. Didn't even ask for paperwork.
  15. Sunstone

    January 13th...bite before the rain.

    Nice haul.