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  1. Sunstone

    2019 Yamaha 250 SHO Fuel

    My 2015 250 recommends 89 and that's what I run. Would run ethanol free but not one station in my county and only one in the next county. Maryland discourages it.
  2. Just seems odd thieves would drive that far to Flamingo plus pay to enter. Are they camping there? I've stayed in the house boats and never gave a second thought about my boat but I'm right there.
  3. Sunstone

    How to Clean Scum from Hull

    Wipe it on wipe or raise it off.
  4. Sunstone

    Tilt and Trim

    What I spray the switch with is Boeshield T 9, great product.
  5. Sunstone

    Tilt and Trim

    Just have to lube it once in awhile, has happened to me.
  6. Amenities The Flamingo Visitor Center offers educational displays, informational brochures, and backcountry permits. Campground facilities, a public boat ramp, a marina store, and other hiking and canoeing trails are located near the visitor center. Boat Tours Canoe, Kayak, and Bicycle Rentals Flamingo Campground Food & Drinks Fuel Sales Fuel is available for public use for boats and vehicles. Includes gas and diesel fuel. Marina Store Lodging (Unavailable) Contact by Phone (239) 695-2945
  7. It was when I was there in May so I would think so.
  8. Sunstone

    2005 22” Pathfinder

    Electric motor?
  9. Sunstone

    A Towing Question...

    My last 2 boats I run with the motor just down to the power pistons jack plate half up. Been doing it since 2005 with no problems.
  10. Sunstone

    Livewell question. 2200v

    But if I turn it off to run I forget to turn it back on when I stop. 😲
  11. Sunstone

    Gel coat rehab

    I like the green.
  12. Sunstone

    truck tail gate

    Maybe you need to hit the gym more. 😲
  13. Sunstone

    truck tail gate

    Mine has always felt very heavy.
  14. Sunstone

    2300 Hps coming soon!

    I have a power tech 23 3 blade and would run 60 to 61 light me and the dog. I like everything about the fs 22, hole shot , cruise and top end.
  15. Sunstone

    2300 Hps coming soon!

    I was out a couple days ago just me and the dog got 63.8 mph 6100 rpm half a tank of fuel with a stock bravo fs 22 pitch. Also caught 31 rock. 😁
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