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  1. crazy video!!!

    Good boat, stayed afloat.
  2. Looking for a closer Fl. vacation

    Thanks for the kind words about my daughter, hardest thing I've ever lived through. She was 41 and another women crossed the center line killing them both. They say time heals all wounds but I'm not so sure. Looking at the suggestions most are only 3 to 5 hours less driving time then Islamorada. Think I'll go the extra miles unless the fishing is better. Someone mentioned leaving the boat that's not going to happen. That's the only reason I go to Florida to fish. My wife just likes to sit by the pool and read and sometimes take a boat ride. Pamlico sounds like something to try a little latter in the year. Thanks again, Terry
  3. I live in Maryland and usually vacation in the keys once a year. My wife hates the drive so I'm thinking about something a little closer. I like inshore fishing the most and have a 23 Pathfinder. Thinking about going in March or April. Need to take a break from here lost our daughter right before Christmas in a car accident.
  4. Sorry for your loss, been there. There is no love like the love a dog gives, unconditional.
  5. Snook

    North Carolina closes trout to rec and commercial. http://portal.ncdenr.org/web/mf/proclamation-ff-01-2018
  6. THIS is a sunrise

  7. THIS is a sunrise

    Remembering warmer days on the Chesapeake.
  8. 2300 hps

    This was in Fl bay, I'd guess 1 1/2 foot chop ran her up to 45mph.
  9. 2300 hps

    It's a video, works on my end.
  10. 2300 hps

    This is a pretty good chop, run her up to 45. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPahL6oOI1RTrJ5DPXdlHGvmS2uGNmFU_h8RDLE
  11. 2300 hps

    I have 1 8 foot 2 would work better for holding straight but not necessary. Plus the extra weight and cost.
  12. 2300 hps

    I live and fish the mid bay of the Chesapeake bay in Maryland. One to 2 feet is the norm for the bay. I run 9 miles from the western shore to the eastern shore back waters just to cross with no problems. Have had the wind get up and the run back can be nasty 3 or 4 footers but one to 2 just cuts through them.
  13. False Albacore on fly video

    Cool video, looks like it was cold.
  14. Little surprise

    Water was 47 degrees.
  15. Little surprise

    Your right, I live on the western shore but mainly fish the eastern side. About a 12 mile ride across but a different world over there.