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  1. Permitted

    2000 master angler

    She's a 17' currently residing in Vero Beach.
  2. Permitted

    2000 master angler

    I ran it for about 30-40 mins yesterday topped out at 47mph. The fastest I've ever had the 130 was 46. That was at 5800 rpm's from what I understand this motor should be turning 6300. This was using the prop from the 130. 19" turbo prop I believe it is.
  3. Permitted

    2000 master angler

    Purchased this about a year ago, just repowered, really excited about this. No more smoke, no more choke!
  4. Permitted

    Aerator shutoffs

    Hi everyone! i recently purchased a 2000 maverick master angler and have to replace a few broken parts. I'm having problems locating these little white aerator shutoffs in the live wells, anyone know where I can find these things? I've looked everywhere! I tried uploading a picture and it keeps failing.. I'll keep trying, but hopefully someone will know what I'm talking about.
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