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  1. Time to Re-power

    Since all the specs are the same and I figured why not ya only live once....lol.......I got the 250. Think they started the install this afternoon but not sure.
  2. Time to Re-power

    Ill be back in action soon! The new SHO is getting bolted on the back this week. If you see someone in a green 21 RF with an ear to ear smile - thats me..... Hopefully I don't leave the new lower unit on some kind of Hurricane Irma debris. Fortunately Ive seen a lot of it from trips out with my brother. Thanks to all for the advice/input. Ill let ya know how she runs.
  3. Lbs Test Leader - 20,30,40 ?

    Almost always 15lb Power Pro and 30lb flouro.
  4. Time to Re-power

    Mine is 2003 and rated for 225. Not sure if anything is different. Seemed like the rating was increased by 2004/5. Boat ran great with the 200 but since Im upgrading to 4 stroke might as well go for the max rating. Price difference to go to 250 isn't really gonna be worth it for me as well...... but its tempting. lol
  5. Time to Re-power

    Getting closer now. Anyone have a SHO on their RF 21? Im looking at a repower with a 225. Wondering what prop to use? I currently have 4 blade on my 200 vmax and like the way it handles very much. Think its a 23. Runs the right rpms and speed. Digs in nicely on corners and hole shot is fine. Appreciate any feedback as far as size/ pitch etc for the SHO. Look forward to getting back out there. Thanks all.
  6. Time to Re-power

    Thanks Dino. Yes he was first one I talked to awhile back. He loves it on his Maverick 21.
  7. Time to Re-power

    Well after a great 14 year run my 200 2 stroke HPDI has had all she can take. Diagnosis is a cracked block. Been a great dependable motor. No complaints. Looking at a 225 SHO. My RF is 2003. Anyone put one of these 200-250 on the 21? Just curious. Appears to be a great motor and only weighs about 25 lbs more than what I have. My buddy noted not to forget Id be taking out the 2 gallon oil tank so the weight difference is not an issue at all. No idea what to do now that I won't have to keep adding oil to a separate tank all the time. lol. If anyone has one of these motors Id just be curious how ya like it.
  8. I was out yesterday. Few small snook and some mangroves. Live shrimp for some and gulp shrimp for others. I was north of you Dino in upper 10k. Kept a few snappa for dinner. Snapper population is alive and doing well. LOL.
  9. 21 Redfisher, 2003 Backrest Ideas

    Seats are made by Tempress.
  10. 21 Redfisher, 2003 Backrest Ideas

    Hi JGibbs. Hopefully this is helpful. I have 2003 21 RF also and had my seats installed like this when I first got the boat back in 03. Been working great for many years. I think seats are made by FishOn. I need to order some new cushions. LOL. They basically just snap in place. Fold them down and face backwards when towing.
  11. Yes had it moved slightly down and tilted just a bit. Reads while underway now. Very small amount of water comes up when running. I think Garmin actually makes a hood type device for the little bit of rooster tail so I might look into that. Not noticing any slippage. Motor has always been in that position. I had a 3 blade prop for awhile but the 4 blade has been on for many many years and the boat runs great with it. Good on hole shot and corners well. If Im by myself I can get almost 60mph maxed out so all good.
  12. Hatch "shocks"

    Thank you gents.
  13. Hatch "shocks"

    These are on the front hatch of my 03 21rf. Where can I get some replacements?Thank you! Joe
  14. New Transducer Location

    Rubble that's a similar spot to where I have mine. Mine loses depth reading soon as I'm on plane. Bottom of transducer is currently level with bottom of that spot on my boat. Wonder if lowering it there would be better. Concern with that is hitting something while on plane. Don't usually hit stuff but it can happen. Seems like safe location might be on transom but where step is and drop it below the step. Would protect it too from anything bumped on underside of hull. Any thoughts? thanks!!👍