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  1. Mangroovin

    How old is too old

    Great to see everyone's input on this thread. Many good points. Overall theme is to get out while ya can because there will be a day when ya can't. I dread that day. At nearly 53 (March), I still try to get out as much as possible. Sometimes will fish alone, but prefer to have a passenger - mainly to see them enjoy what I sometimes take for granted. My 21 RF some days seems to be getting harder to hitch up due to its size, but the range and enjoyment of hearing the 250 eat with every push of the throttle keeps me smiling. I think fishing keeps ya healthy and hope to go as long as Im able.😁
  2. Great start to the new year Dave.👍
  3. Took my brother and nephew, who were still in town from Chicago, out for some morning fishing yesterday. Last trip of 2019 proved to be a great one! Happy New Year to all! Be safe tonight......and 2020.🍚 IMG_8957.MOV
  4. Mangroovin

    Overflowing live wells

    Thats an impressive amount of bait Troy.👊
  5. He'll wear out quicker if you don't let him have shade. = more fish for you! LOL
  6. Mangroovin

    Lowrance/FMT question

    Thanks Dino. Used it a bit today. Really nice! Gotta get a few of my settings in order but lm lookin forward to using it again soon! Thanks Dino & Coto. Much appreciated.
  7. Mangroovin

    Lowrance/FMT question

    Thank you very much sir!
  8. Mangroovin

    Lowrance/FMT question

    One other question - Is there a way to eliminate some of the trails left from the boat traveling but not all? Seen another FMT chart that had lots of trails in same areas as owner took same route many times. It clutters the screen a bit. Wonder if ya can keep some and delete others or is it keep all or delete all? Thanks!
  9. Mangroovin

    Lowrance/FMT question

    Upgraded to a Ti2 9 recently with the FMT chip. Question for anyone who has this unit - Dino I think you do. FMT instructions say to make sure the "shaded relief" option is "ON." Question is which position is considered "ON?" The one with the orange triangle in the corner or the one without. Look forward to using the new unit and appreciate any help/suggestions about any other settings that might be needed. Ive switched it to WAAS by the way so good there. Thanks all! Joe
  10. Great to see lots of these little ones around. Brother was tossing a topwater. This sight never gets old...... IMG_7978.MOV
  11. First item on Honey Do list should be drop off boat at wiring guru. Item number 2 - Do your Honey Do list while boat being fixed. Item number 3 -- Pick up "ready to use" boat soon as complete Item number 4 - Show off to DonH the new wiring and claim you did it yourself. Item number 5 - Get back on the water. 😝
  12. Mangroovin

    Too Close to Home

    Wow close call! See a lot of people handle fish. I used to think nothing of it but any more I try not to handle em at all if possible. Most fish have some kind of sharp gill or spine on em somewhere that will get ya. Probably better on the fish not to handle them anyway. Glad he caught it in time.👍
  13. Snuck out this morning for some fishing 2 of my brothers. Caught small redfish, some small snook, a flounder, couple jewfish, trout. Pretty much everything except a tarpon. Saw a few of those. Had to dodge some storms. Brother Kevin released this nice one that taped out at 38 first thing this morning. Last week we went he released a 37-1/2 and a 32. Today a 38. He's had a good July.😂
  14. Mangroovin

    Just thought it was a cool shot (colors)

  15. Who you callin squatty? Well actually........lolol. She gets "un-squatty" real quick like though!ðŸĪŠ
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