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  1. Love this size Snook Joe. Dino, fishin outside mainly or close to there. Its ridiculously hot by mid morning. Been gettin on the water from Goodland around 6:20-6:30 to beat the heat. Yesterday off the water by about 11:15. Go. Get it done. Get outta there. LOL.
  2. Replacing factory cleats 21' Redfisher

    I don't have those on mine but ya might end up cutting an access hole that will accept a cover plate in sidewall/rear wall of each of the stern port/starboard storage wells. Just a thought. Sounds like a PIA.......
  3. Hatch changed color - Question

    Carb choke & throttle body cleaner takes it right off. Thanks Larry Pruitt for trying that stuff.
  4. Hatch changed color - Question

    Good point. Ill have to try your suggestion. Thanks!
  5. Hatch changed color - Question

    This is kinda weird but here's what happened. So I have a leak at my Power Pole pump which is mounted inside my hatch under my driver seat. Cleaned whole boat 2 weeks ago and used some degreaser inside the hatch with a sponge. No problem. Cleaned it all up and hatch was as clean as its been in years. Put boat away with lid closed. Open lid about a week later and notice more fluid had leaked out - but here's the weird part. The hatch floor turned a tan color. Is that from some fume the newly leaked fluid gives off? Haven't pulled it out of garage yet to clean but it appears it should come off with a little elbow grease. Any thoughts on what might have caused this. Its been leaking but usually I leave all hatches open. Just happened to leave it closed for about a week after cleaning it. You can see the little pool of fluid from the PP. Its the originial white under the spill spot. Hmmmm....never seen this one before.
  6. ‘04 hewes RF 21 water pickup

    Welcome to the RF21 Family. I would think MBC can help ya with this.
  7. Hewes RF 21 seat backrest

    The wide gunnels are where I do my running from front to back. Many of my catches require no running......lolol.
  8. I shined mine a little in under 10 hours on the new motor. It runs better that way. LOL
  9. Hewes RF 21 seat backrest

    Forgot to mention that the latch gets removed and the hole where it was is hidden under the driver seat mount. One of these clips at each end of the hatch lid are great for securing it shut.
  10. Hewes RF 21 seat backrest

    I have an 03 RF21 without the tilt up seat as well. Had 3 Tempress seats done when I bought it. Driver seat is mounted just slightly forward of the other 2. Spin them around backwards when towing to keep em from flipping up. Called "low back" seats if I recall. Works fantastic!
  11. Out of Outdoor Resorts Friday. Cold and windy but found some cooperation.
  12. Hewes RF 21 Trolling Motor size??

    I have an 80 with 54". Works great.
  13. Time to Re-power

    Lol. Due to boat traffic couldn't go all the way but got it to 60mph at one point in a very short stretch. Lots of reserve power from 40 mph up. Gulf should be nice and calm this weekend so Ill hopefully have a chance to boot it. So far its fantastic. Have my old OFX4 blade 21 pitch on it currently. Thats probably the right size and pitch. Hole shot is great. Sorry should have better info after the weekend.