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  1. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    If you send the exact coordinates to Glen Housman with your card, he can set them on the map on your card for you. He will then update his master map and notify anyone who has one of his SD cards when he gets enough updates to make several additions. He did this with mine.
  2. Reports Chokoloskee, EC, POI, Goodland

    Not sour towards anyone. Not making fun of anyone's career, simply pointing out differences and I'm not sure how you consider my reply as a personal attack but crying "moderator" was unnecessary. The word pathetic was used to describe a sentence in comparison to my experience. Obviously, some people aren't used to having their viewpoint seen from a different angle. Regardless, you won't hear from me again on this issue. I'll wait for you to give the all clear to head down to the keys again. Feel free to delete the thread if you want.
  3. Reports Chokoloskee, EC, POI, Goodland

    Guide, Locals or anyone else. You would simply be helping them out in another way by starting to pump money back into their economy at a time when they need it most. That includes the local bait stores, shrimp deliveries, etc. Helping them out is indeed a top priority right now however too many people flocking in to help becomes a burden, trust me, I know first hand. It complicates things, gets people hurt and causes more chaos which takes away from emergency personnel's plan of action. If you don't agree, fine. I personally have seen it work. And I highly doubt any Ranger at ENP would arrest anyone right now. They barely have the resources to patrol the park on a normal basis , let alone now. Justfish, I understand your loss, you have had it harder than most. Because I haven't experienced losing my own house surely doesn't mean I do not know what people feel, need or anything else. I too have helped people rebuild, remove debris and aided in any way that I can. I worked in Homestead after hurricane Andrew for a month, slept in a car, ate anything we could find and stunk like hell from sweat, bad water and feces everywhere you stepped, So your first couple of sentences are pathetic to say the least. With that said, Unless you are a humanitarian aid worker, you at some point, have to move on with your own life. You can't say, Oh, I'm not going to go fishing today because Texas is flooded. You sympathize with the affected people, Support them with whatever aid you can and keep them in your prayers. Heck, even drive down there with your boat and take a local fishing for a few hours, out to eat or whatever to get his /her mind off things for a while or Give them your phone number and tell them to call when they feel up to it. If they say no, or go to hell, at least you tried. If you don't keep your head straight and move on with what you want to do, you'll never make it out of your career in one piece, trust me.
  4. Reports Chokoloskee, EC, POI, Goodland

    I don't think any guide is "spinning" anything right now. I think they want to get back to making money and normalcy as quick as they can. They have families too. Why wouldn't they. I'm quite sure they have helped as much as they can but they too need to earn a living themselves and they are entitled to look out for themselves too believe it or not. Yes, the waters may be trashed with debris right now near shore but I doubt it's that bad farther out away from shore. Guides will go out and assess the areas and find areas that will work for them. So a guide is going to be highly offended if someone goes fishing?? really. Would they be offended if My power came back on and theirs didn't and I turned on everything and started living normal again and they couldn't because theirs wasn't on yet? How about if I drive a better truck then them, or own a better house then them,?? To me that's a ridiculous statement. And just so it's clear, I've cut down so many damaged trees in my neighborhood for elderly people that I've gone through three chainsaw blades because there's no time to hand sharpen them. Many of us on here have served our communities for years, protecting people that needed it in disasters of all kinds. I myself have personally served the US Government and as a local first responder for 32 years of my life and have seen disasters that you can never imagine sitting at your desk writing boat insurance policies. Maybe you should think of it as stress relief for some who see disaster every day of the week in one way or another. Believe me, its far different than being an insurance salesman but I'm sure you know that because You've probably flown with the Coast Guard, been deployed on the USS Carl Vincen and rode along with every law enforcement agency in your county. I love when someone here asks a simple question just like wannaflatsfish did and all you get back is narcissism. If I want to go fishing, Ill go fishing.
  5. Caribbean Club- Key Largo

    Anyone know how much damage they sustained? I know its early but checking to see availability to use their ramp, if its still there.
  6. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    Sounds like a NO GO. I just saw the pics. Hate to sound pessimistic but I'm sayin, No Way. Su@ks, because this was going to be my little vacation.
  7. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    Anyone hear from or know anything about Breezy yet, besides the high waves and flooded dock??
  8. Neither was I but with the two that I have and 8 years of continuous use with no problems what so ever, its money well spent. I only have two, one 1500 series and one 1200 series in the console on my 17 HPX
  9. 2005 HPX 17 with f70. Prop suggestions?

    If I remember correctly, a couple of people on the forum, most notably Capt . Bill Blanton, tried an F70 on his 2004 HPX 17 and was never able to get it to run right on his boat no matter what prop he tried. I believe he switched back to an F90. I think the discussion was that motor was better suited for the newer HPX/S due to the changes they made on the new model.
  10. Hopefully this doesn't effect the "big three-0" tournament this year. I sure wish these Feds and state people would get their sh**t together on this. Rudnick_FL_Bay_dieoff_RECOVER_Ann_Mtg_030116F.pdf
  11. wow......nice boat, GLWS.