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  1. heweymagoos

    Tail'n On Da Pathy - Somewhere off Islamorada :)

    That looked like a pretty decent marina/ramp you were at. Would like to do a day trip myself. care to share ?
  2. heweymagoos

    Tail'n On Da Pathy - Somewhere off Islamorada :)

    Lol great vid man. Thanks for posting. Where were you staying? I've been to breezy palms before, kinda reminded me of that.
  3. heweymagoos

    Garmin Update

    Thats what years of puffing the magic dragon does to ya! Air out your hewes on your new prop!!!! yea boi!!!
  4. heweymagoos

    Garmin Update

    Be cautious giving your opinion on FMT on this forum. You could be put in timeout or have a deleted post for voicing your opinion. Just thought I'd give you a heads up. Youd almost think these guys have their hand in the cookie jar with Garmin...if ya know what I mean....
  5. Thanks man, good vid. Did you ever yellowtail in your pathfinder or just in your friends sportfisher?
  6. heweymagoos

    yellowtail help!!!??!?

    I am headed to key largo late march and plan on doing reef fishing. Any advice on how to target yellowtail on patch reefs? Does anyone have any vids or anything that can help me out? Thanks.
  7. My sexton works pretty well when navigating throughout the park, maybe when it craps out I'll step up to the plate and get this FMT thing....
  8. I feel the same when I board an airplane with my family.
  9. heweymagoos

    GPS Screen Size

    I know who egrets landing is, funny it seems like no one else on here does. When it comes to mapping, or discussing GPS screens, listen to what he says, he may just know what he's talking about. Here, in this forum he may be a newbie, but in the real world of boating he's revolutionized the way anglers fish in shore, similar to the power pole and trolling motor. All you guys should be thanking him rather than saying your more experienced than he is or upset that your Garmin screens are more like kids e-learning tablets than actual machines.
  10. heweymagoos

    THIS is a sunrise

    Question How are you guys anchoring at night @ Pavllion?
  11. heweymagoos

    Back in MBG Family with new boat

    I bought a 9inch simrad when I had my hewes, and as I was checking out at west marine, I wish I had bought the 12. You have to realize, depending where you fish, especially the everglades, flamingo or the keys, It will change the way you plan your day around tides and it will show you things that has taken anglers 20 years to discover, and glenn himself, several bottom jobs on his 18 Egret. Being able to see one unmarked oyster bar on glenns chip paid for that 12 inch screen (saving the bottom of your boat). I, myself, fish out of chokoloskee and run as far south as rodgers/harney. I cant tell you how many times I've passed people beached on flats or oyster bars while I'm running Glenn's chip. Don't be mistaken, FMT is more than a mapping chip. FMT has revolutionized the way people approach shallow water/near shore fishing as the trolling motor and power pole have.
  12. heweymagoos

    Cool Idea or not?

    comes standard on all bayliners.
  13. heweymagoos

    Vacation Child Care in the Keys

    Way back when my parents dropped my sister and i off on the alligator light house platform. This was before child services. May want to consider something like this. Indian key would be a good place to dump them off as well.
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