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  1. 21' hewes not mine

    This boat should not last on the market long at all! That is an insane price for that much rocket ship
  2. THIS is a sunrise

    What in the world do you do for a liv'n? You fish like every day...makes me jealous
  3. 1999 18' Hewes Redfisher

    Absolutely beautiful sled....
  4. Craigslist 18.5 MA

    my brother hasn't been able to get by to see. I will keep you all posted.
  5. Thought someone might be interested....Hull and Trailer only.. https://charleston.craigslist.org/boa/d/1998-hewes-bonefisher-16-hull/6238430552.html
  6. Finally cleaned her up ...... South Georgia PF2200

    Ron, Has that thing ever seen the water! That looks amazing!!! That is a mirror shine if I have ever seen one.
  7. Craigslist 18.5 MA

    Gotcha! I would say very on point on that statement. scag is broken also, it has a cover on it. All in all still a good buy I think. I'll know for sure as I am going to have my brother take a look at it. He lives down there.
  8. Craigslist 18.5 MA

    Nag, I may send my brother to look at it. he lives about 20-30 minutes away.
  9. Beautiful looking sled!!! have you owned from day one? and I gotta ask, any relation via last name...
  10. Craigslist 18.5 MA

    Ejermoe09, What do you mean by put up wet?
  11. 1991 maverick 17 price reduced

    Nice Sled, Where are you located? Jensen Beach or Stuart!!!
  12. Look what I found!!

    Lapitup, do you know Dean Gaffney or Mike Ryan...we grew up just outside of Cutler bay in South Miami Heights.
  13. THIS is a sunrise

    Spent the week in Mrytle last week and got a few pics...
  14. Key Largo Sunrise!!!!!

    Man, when I see pics like this it makes me wanna move back home to Miami. But then I remember all the crazies down there and how congested it is. I am glad I move to SC...love it here...
  15. Bad Boating Day

    yep, I think that is what happened here. Looks like he didn't lock the tongue and hit a bump and away she went.