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  1. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Here you go folks, My wife and I will be heading to Wilmington on Tuesday to meet up with Nag and enjoy a little conversation and exchange.
  2. Borrowed time, or still life left?

    Glad to see the kids helping out!! sweet job on saving money and getting it done at home. I am the same way....just can't pay someone to do something I know I can handle...just the way I was raised.
  3. Borrowed time, or still life left?

    whichwaysup: can you get a hand touch "small canister acetylene" in there and heat the bolt and stay off the stud...not to much heat and you should get them to move
  4. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    So it sold....am I out of the running?
  5. WTB 18' Maverick Master Angler

    hurricane,,,stop advertising for Nag. I am trying to buy that boat...:-)
  6. Gauge Readout Restoration

    Whenever I am removing something now a days I always take a picture with my cell phone. helps keep me from writing everything down and it's easy to read and follow. Just a thought !!!!
  7. Savannah Sunrise

    All I can say is WOW !!!!!
  8. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Nag, sent you a PM concerning Smurfette...
  9. 1806V on CL

  10. THIS is a sunrise

    Thnx! I think we were on the water by 5:45 that day.....incredible day trip !!!!!
  11. THIS is a sunrise

    This was last year out of St. Georges, SC w/ Capt. Newman. Had a great day with my two boys. Caught some really nice reds.....
  12. 19 hewes bayfisher finished

    Why sell after all the work? I don't get it. Most people that have these boats normally don't want to let them go. I am in the market and currently working on getting the wife to agree to take a trip down to you and check it out. I am in Spartanburg, SC and am looking for 18 - 19 ft Hewes or Maverick. Yours caught my eye yesterday. my only problem right now is that I have no where to put it until the garage is cleared.
  13. First time Hewes owner to be !!!

    Funny you should mention the MA, I found a 17 2001 in Ft. Meyers with a 115 and it looks super clean. I wanted a lappy because I love the looks and I know they fish incredibly well. "That may end up being a project boat if I ever get the chance." If I was in a position to pull the trigger today, I would be driving there right now. If looking to include the MA's what am I looking for. I am pretty stuck on owning a Hewes or Maverick, I don't necessarily what to go beyond 18ft. It needs to be able to fit in my garage.
  14. First time Hewes owner to be !!!

    gotcha! , let me take a look at them...thanks
  15. First time Hewes owner to be !!!

    Everyone thanks for the warm welcome to the Hewes family and all the words of encourgement. Wanaflatsfish, I thought about a bay boat buy they just are not as appealing to me as the RF. While I plan to spend most of my time at the lakes it will be more for shallow water fishing, I am only 3-4 hours from the coast so those trips may be farther apart but they will be there and I prefer to have the boat to handle that when the time comes.also, this will be my only purchase for quite sometime....