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  1. Swordfish

    That's awesome!!!
  2. Swordfish

    Fished the Gulfstream all my life with my dad and brother's. Never knew that Swordfish were that far south. Wow
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

    Nothing with the boat today or this weekend. However, I was able to build my rod holders in my new shed/workshop that I just completed. Took a 2x4 drilled as many 1 1/2 inches holes as needed and then rip'd it on my table saw and had two units to hang from. Pre-drilled holes and counter sunk the screws. I lined each slot with felt for protection. Used .88 cent plastic coated hooks that I bought at Lowe's on the tip side.
  4. Chine walking Chittum!

    So, what was the top speed...?
  5. Was just wondering what they are used for ?

    A mat that you just lay down so that it is not permanent? I like that idea better.
  6. New MBG Facility

    Sweet looking facility
  7. Was just wondering what they are used for ?

    Interesting! I thought it might have something to do with that but then again I was like the fly line will just slip though... and I guess that they are a little less expensive than integrating a toe rail. Thanks A-Salt
  8. THIS is a sunrise

    Outlaw, you are always camping or fishing. What in the world do you do for work?
  9. So, I was watching an episode of The SeaHunter this morning while nuking my oatmeal at work. The guide and the host where fishing Choko. I noticed for starters that they were not on a Seahunter Flats or Bay, perhaps they don't make a flats yet. Anyway, the Mirage they were fishing had what looked like 4-6 inches antennas all the way around the bow of the boat. They started right about were the front storage compartment is and then wrapped all they way around to match the other side, approximately 4-6 inches apart. I was just wondering what in the world are those used for? Feel free to chime in
  10. What did you do to your boat today?

    Prayers are being piled on brother I really hope that you can get her fixed right and permanently !
  11. sweet deal, looks really nice all washed up and all.!!!
  12. New Mav Owner

    Hey!, I am getting there. in the mid 50's now
  13. Just bought 1995 bayfisher 18

    It absolutely is......
  14. New Mav Owner

    Jem, Thanks, I am such an idiot. I even posted on his thread...I read so much I can't remember what I read and where? Lol