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  1. 1978 Maverick (Berg Boat)

    Did you ever do the rebuild? I would like to know what you ran into. I have my eyes on a 78 in the north east.
  2. 18 MA Console

    Were you looking at the 18 in FL, that has the tall tower and no console. Ad states just don't have time for it. https://pensacola.craigslist.org/boa/d/maverick-tower-boat/6304684830.html
  3. 2002 21MA Repower/Reno

    So the only thing left is the deck, you did the tank and everything else already? Looks really slick. Is that new spray at the rear awlgrip?
  4. Just saw a post that a 2010 is getting ready to hit the forum...mid 20's..
  5. THIS is a sunrise

    That ought to feed your family for a night Yum !Yum !
  6. Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    What were your expectations? I have been wanting to buy a Maverick for the last year! I didn't care what shape it was in. I came close but I screwed that up and to this day feel like SH!T about it. If you want a Maverick and it has been used, your going to have some issues. Everyone on this site has been open and honest about what they know. I can tell you this, I am not a Maverick owner yet, but I will be and when I have an issue this is the first and only place I will go to seek information and knowledge. As for this specific issue. My father found his boat half sunk in Biscayne Bay back in the late sixties, paid $300 bucks to have it towed. 50+ year later that boat sits in his backyard with not one blister. Why!!! Have no idea. What I do know of technology and innovation is that, things change, some because of safety issue others because of environmental. Has anyone given thought that the resin product used or gelcoat products used during that time made a change of properties? Just my $.02
  7. Cheap 21 Master Angler

    Oh most definitely. I will document everything that happens if I get it.
  8. Cheap 21 Master Angler

    Thanks for the offer ififish. I will be in touch.
  9. Cheap 21 Master Angler

    Yeah I know, I am doing what I can to get down there and get everything situated
  10. Bad News

    Wow, is all i can say!!!!
  11. Cheap 21 Master Angler

    That is what I am thinking....
  12. Cheap 21 Master Angler

    SnookHunter81 - Did you walk on the floor and were there any soft spots. How did the hull sound as you tapped it, if you did. I am not so much worried about the paint as that can be sanded and resprayed which I would be doing anyway along with new non-skid on top. As for the holes in the transom and anywhere else on the hull, after checking out the cavity and stringers, short of sanding, glassing, faring out and then re-geloating, not a problem. As I stated prior, I am looking for a project hull that I can spend some money on and make the boat my own. I will keep you all posted. If this becomes a reality and that motor gives me 3-5 years, to me it is worth it.
  13. THIS is a sunrise

    Beautiful! Where is this...?
  14. Cheap 21 Master Angler

    Nice to hear that about this motor.
  15. Cheap 21 Master Angler

    It's a Merc 225