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  1. This Pathfinder will take your manhood away😂

    Too much hype. Nice boat GLWS!
  2. T-top canvas replacement solution

    Hey Outlaw. Need your canvas guy. Just got a top and want to replace with weblon. Let me know.
  3. Friction Hinge for Front Dry Storage

    FH-3669-TM. Note that these will need to mount on the outside of the lid instead of inside. However, it’s the best thing I’ve done for all the front hatches.
  4. 2006 PF 2200V baitwell rubber gasket

    Anyone know where to source this?
  5. Friction Hinge for Front Dry Storage

    I replaced them. They are not direct fit. I had the lid backing and edge done cause of a crack so drilling the lid side was going to happen. The boat side drilled and tapped just fine. They hold the lid at 90 +/-. It works well and i get more clearance than with the gas shock. I also installed the ones on the anchor locker and the side dry storage lockers. What a genious move!!! Love them all and they work incredibly well. The side lockers had to go installed on the outside of the lid and box instead of in the recess. None of them are direct fit but work well for me.
  6. Tarpon April

    stay at Parmer's Resort in Little Torch Key http://www.parmersresort.com . And Call Jason Gabriel at Boneafide Charters.http://boneafidecharters.com He is the current Pres of the CCA in Key West and loves taking clients out for poons. We hire him 3-4 times a year and always have a great time!
  7. Pathfinder 22 - GPS Upgrade

    i felt that installing it in the dash was too low for viewing. I decided to mount it on top of the console right in my sight view. works perfect for me and easy to see and use. you can install your on top with just one screw each side just to test it and use the lowrance as just a depth finder or even a backup unit.
  8. Pathfinder glove box

    I bought one from dusky and I like it! Bigger inside storage space and fits perfect on my 06' 2200v
  9. Trolling motor / Chargers for 23' Pathfinder

    I have 3 Brute Force 34 AGM's for my Motorguide Xi5 and 2 Brute force 27 & 34 for the house. I have been so impressed by the usage i get out of them. I also have 2 power mania chargers a 3 bank for the troller batteries and a 2 bank for the house. I have 3- 34's and 1- 27 under the console along with my 10gal fresh water tank but i have a v2200 with the big console. love my setup!
  10. T top for sale- sold

    PM sent
  11. t-top or Bimini top

    X2 Love to see it and where you ordered it from. how are the rod holders on the console affected by the height of the shade?
  12. Power Pole problems

    yep. fluid level is good. will be calling them tomorrow. someone else said the same thing.
  13. Power Pole problems

    Fellas! My power pole isn't working. When I hit the switch the motor moves like its working but power pole doesn't move. any thoughts from anyone?
  14. Rabuds 100%. Easy, inexpensive and they work like magic! No more wet feet.
  15. Fuel leak 22T

    same here. drove me nuts and filter didn't have 80 hours on it.