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  1. Leading Edge Propeller

    I've used Rich quite a few times. Brilliant man in his trade. After a bad experiance with another place in town, he helped me out, fixed me up and was more then willing to share advise. Thumbs up 10x over!!!
  2. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    Sudden, direct, physical loss. I Was a cat ( property @ auto) adjuster and had to explain the SDPL quite a few times. I have no knowledge on the marine side but it sounds like to me they are considering your claim as long term damage, neglect. When the policy does not state named peril , its usually up to the policy holder to prove the claim is a covered loss.
  3. Re Locate

    How much distance is there between the bottom of the bin and the hull?
  4. Re Locate

    The bin stays relatively dry and with sealed batteries you think I would need to worry about leaks? I was just going to attach a beefed up version of battery trays, with lids, to the bottom and run my wire. My goal is to have a little more proportional stance.
  5. Re Locate

    For my winter project this year I want to re locate the tm batteries to the large bow hatch. Is there anyone that has done this that can share info? 07 18rf
  6. Where are the fish

    Ive had the same success as linesider in my neck of the woods. Reds have been on the smaller side, but plentiful. Snook have been around 22" with an occasional 26" and trout mixed in. All on arti's.
  7. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    Ive got the same type problem. Few weeks ago I filled the bilge and found no leaks. My thoughts are the rub rail.
  8. F115

    Bump. Still looking for takers. Im drooling for a 150!!
  9. F115

    Bump. Still looking for takers. Im drooling for a 150!!
  10. RATS

    Get a couple ferrel cats from the Humane Society. Ask if they paticipate in the barn program.
  11. F115

  12. F115

    Looking to sell my F115. Its still on the boat and can be water tested if needed. I'm securing an F150 this week and I want to move this motor quickly. It's an 07 with 550H 20" shaft. Maintained and normal year servicing. Kept under cover and in great shape. Looking for 5500. Located in Tampa
  13. Hewes 18 vs maverick

    I ran a same prop, a PT SCD17 4 blade and even ported it to allow the motor to spin up a little quicker. Not acceptable to me. It gets the job done, but that motor just dosent have the umph. If anyone is interested in a F115 in excellect shape send me a PM.
  14. Hewes 18 vs maverick

    I have an 07 and love the layout and the ride is phenomenal ( once up and over) in imo. And yes, do not bother with the F115. I truly cant understand how MBG sold that boat equipped with that motor. I've proped, ported and done everything in between, if you have a full live well and 2 people, with gear, its sloooowww to plane. This winter ill have a F150.
  15. Red tide upper Tampa Bay

    I was out yesterday. I had some decent luck, trout, rat reds and jacks, despite getting a late start. Saw some legs and decent amount of reds around Weeden and 4th st. Unfortunately no one was hungry.