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  1. Big fan of WM here... I got the entended warranty on my Xi5. Somehow I managed to fry the board (heard it pop and started to smoke despite me having an inline fuse.) and made the call for service. Since there were no auth dealers with in 50 miles, they paid me the full cost that I paid for the unit.... I ended up swapping out the circuit board with the one that broke on me before that one... It now works again!!!!!
  2. WTB: Rf 18 or MA 18.5

    I have an 18rf I'd be willing to part with. Been on the hunt for a PF... I've got a growing family and the 18 is a little too much for mom.
  3. 2011 Pathfinder 2200 Tournament Edition 250SHO

    I concur....awesome rig. Exactly what I'm looking for... Interested in a Hewes? lol
  4. Bilge Leak info for the forum members

    How much water did you notice in your bilge?
  5. MBC Tampa Owners Tournament

    Was that posted on this site before? I'm definatly going,,,, Gandy is basically my back yard!
  6. Porpoising Redfisher

    With out tabs.. I would bounce my cooler off the bow of my 18rf....It is annoying at times but Ive learnerd to deal with it. Its like playing piano with the tab buttons, jp, motor trim. And I too really need a new prop and that X7 looks appealing!
  7. Hewes 18 Redfisher Prop Results

    From what I understand at some point (not sure what year) MBG moved the fuel tank slightly forward. Besides that our boats are the same I assume? And rigged similar. I need a new prop badly and that x7 has been on my radar for some time!
  8. Redfisher 18

    Be careful with that 60" TM... I have the 48" on my 07' and I think its a good fit. I measured out the 54" and I felt that the head would stick out way too much. Heck... I have gotten hung up on the trailer guides a few times already, and I just noticed that the head is cracked not to mention worring about when your tied up to a dock. 60" seems overkill IMHO
  9. Hewes 18 Redfisher Prop Results

    Do you have a jp?
  10. I'm totally interested. I have the F115 and would love to get into a 2 stroke... Most would think Im crazy.. but I miss that power..
  11. New Redfisher 18 / Introduction

    Ive got the 48" XI5. It's a good fit... any longer and the head would stick out too far imho. And very rarely am I fishing in enough chop to blow out.
  12. Nolezone

    My 07 sits about the same with the 115 and Im more then willing to trade. PM me if your still interested
  13. Bak flip

    Just because I'm not a fan of CL I figured I'd try and post something to my fellow mbg mates here 1st. Ive got a brand new, in the box, MX4 Bakflip for a dodge ram, short bed, no ram boxes. PM me if interested.
  14. 18 RF

    Of course I would be interested. PMme with your contact info and we can discuss further.
  15. 18 RF

    Ive come to the realization that with news of a growing family ( another on the way) I need a bigger boat for the kids and mama. I take my dad out as much as possible as well and despite him not saying anything, I know the ride is a little harsh on him, hence why the upgrade. Currently I have a 2007 18' RedFisher. I would say above average condition, the F115 is just about perfect, and its been under cover since Ive owned it and the previous owner as well. I could go on for a while with all that I've done and/or fixed and repaired, but rest assured its been pampered! An ideal situation would be a trade with another forum member up to a 22' PF, 2 or 4 stroke, a tower would be ideal, but at min a T-Top. I'm in the Tampa area and willing to hear offers and can of course meet for a ride. Gandy or CCC is ideal.