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  1. harbday

    How much gas is in your tank?

    Good post. I ran out of gas on Tampa Bay just a couple weekends ago due to this exact issue. Fuel gauge was reading full even though it was empty. I couldn't remember if I had filled her up before I left so I didn't bother topping off. Should've known better when I was pulling 2 extra mph at WOT. Ended up getting a tow in from a fellow boater and paid him $120 cash. A lot cheaper than $900 for SeaTow which I now have. Also, having a handheld VHF was very very clutch. I would recommend every inshore skiff have one. I will always top off the tank before going out now. I have replaced my fuel sender 3 times now and it has never really worked properly anyways.
  2. harbday

    Florida Marine Tracks - Anyone Using On What

    same exact setup. love FMT. great customer service. the owner always calls me back and is willing to spend time explaining things. not cheap, but he has put in thousands of hours making something that competes with garmin. pretty impressive if you think about it.
  3. harbday

    Removable 24v Battery Setup

    Thanks, polliwog. I currently run Group27s for house and 12v trolley. Would one D34 or D34M typically be enough to power a house system all day (Livewell, stereo, Lowrance HDS9, trim tabs, powerpole, jackplate, bilge)? The 90 only has a small stator charger (can't find charging amperage right now). I do have a battery switch though.
  4. harbday

    Removable 24v Battery Setup

    Fair question. It will stay on the majority of the time. I only have a 90hp and have loaded my boat with a poling platform, jack plate, and soon trim tabs and a power pole. It would be nice to shed the extra 60lbs when family cruising as that usually entails more people, ice and drinks on board.
  5. harbday

    Removable 24v Battery Setup

    I just upgraded from a 12v trolling motor to a 24v MG Xi5, which means I need to add a second trolley battery. I'm looking to use Hobo's wiring method but would like to add quick disconnects so I can remove the second trolley batt on days when I don't plan to use the TM. I was told I could use Anderson quick connect plugs. Anyone currently doing this? I currently have a 4 bank onboard charger and was also told that I could wire 2 charging banks to the cranking battery to decrease charging time. My diagram reflects this, but let me know if there's any reason not to do it. Thanks.
  6. harbday

    Cockpit Drain Pump System

    Thanks guys. This is all great information and insight. I am definitely over thinking it. Your idea is obviously way simpler and would basically accomplish the same thing. I was hoping to find the best of both worlds in a deck drain that had both a strainer grate but could also be plugged from the top. The ball valve idea was just for redundancy if the system failed and I wanted to make sure no water got into the bilge. I've actually been using rabuds and plugging the stern drains for a while and it works very well. This idea was more for convenience for situations when I have the stern plugs in and am in one spot throwing the cast net alot or dumping buckets of water to clean off the deck. My boat is also a little squatty and has a notched transom, so there is some use to being able to pump water out of the cockpit without letting it get into the bilge like in the case of a stern wave or boat wake. My livewell had also delaminated from the console and so water would spill out of the resulting gap and drain into my cockpit through the console. I have since had this fix and there shouldnt be anymore gaps for water to spill out. I'm going to think more about your idea and may end up going that route. This is pretty much what I was envisioning except for the fact that your cockpit already drains through the deck but then discharges through either your under deck stern drain or the washdown pump system. Glad to find someone doing something similar. Would love to see any photos of your setup if possible.
  7. harbday

    Cockpit Drain Pump System

    Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful replies so far. Adding a second discharge line is definitely possible and probably the best way to do it. I have added the TH Marine big square hatch so the sump with auto bilge might be possible. I agree this would add another level of protection against water getting into the bilge area. I think its easiest to think about it like you would a livewell set up instead of a traditional bilge pump system. The water in the cockpit is the ocean. The deck drain is like your livewell thru-hull intake scoop which is normally connected to a seacock. From there, water is sucked through the drain line directly through the intake port of a livewell pump with a strainer or a macerator pump and then pushed out the side hull bilge discharge line.Unless there is a drain/hose fitting failure, I'm not sure how water would get into the bilge. Correct me if I'm wrong, but unless the pump is switched on, wouldn't water only fill the drain lines up to the pump intake and any excess water would be left above the deck to flow through the existing stern drains? I thought the pump would act as something of a third valve to prevent free-flow of water through it unless it is in the on position. If I am right, then I think any pump failure would leave me in basically the same position I am in right now I am envisioning three points where water could be prevented from moving through the system: a removable plug at the deck drain (think old bathtub style) a ball valve or seacock connected directly to the deck drain the pump itself when in the off position If I am wrong about this point, that would be the design flaw I was looking for that would make this a bad idea. As you said, the sump would be a potential work-around.
  8. harbday

    Cockpit Drain Pump System

    Thanks for the reply Frozen. You are spot on about my love for perfecting my rig and the resulting lack of sleep. This is exactly what I am going for. I thought about putting some sort of float switch above deck in the cockpit to make it automatic. I keep a lot of gear in the back so I would have to find somewhere to mount it so it wouldn't get broken. Johnson makes a small electric sensor float switch that looks like it would work although I've been told they are not very reliable. I found too many posters on other forums citing cockpit drainage directly into the bilge as the fatal design flaw that sunk their boats. My bilge stays pretty dry and I leave my boat in the water over the weeked fairly often. I'd hate to completely rely on a bilge pump and float switch that could always fail. I think I would still be able to "automatically" drain the cockpit underway the same way I do now. Correct me if I'm wrong, but unless the pump is switched on, wouldn't the water only fill the drain lines up to the pump intake and any water left above the deck would flow through the existing stern drains? I think I would only lose this self-bailing ability if I drained directly into the bilge. This is a photo of someone else's 1806, but you can clearly see how the existing stern drains are set-up to flow directly through the transom (unlike the bigger PFs which I think go through the floor then out the transom?)
  9. harbday

    Cockpit Drain Pump System

    Cockpit drainage and wet feet is a topic that has been discussed at length on this and many forums. My 1806v has self-bailing thru-transom drains which usually sit below the waterline. Even with rabuds, there are situations when standing water pools in the cockpit. This is especially annoying during long stretches of fishing between self-bailing while underway. I have what may be a very stupid idea and figured some of you would enjoy telling me as much. My thought was to add cockpit deck drains that feed directly into a pump/macerator in the the bilge. Water would discharge out the existing bilge line via a 3-way connector with a check valve. The pump would be switch-controlled separate from the existing bilge pump. I figured I could use deck drains that can be plugged if needed and connect them directly to a cutoff valve in case a hose fitting breaks or for any other reason that I wouldn't want water getting into the bilge. I hate drilling holes in my boat and especially in the deck, but the addition of a second bilge makes me think that this system could be a net positive. The fact that I haven't been able to find anyone doing something similar online says otherwise. I'd love to know why this may be a bad idea.
  10. harbday

    Cleaning Out the Garage

    updated to reflect sales. Make me an offer on any of the remaining items.
  11. harbday

    Registration number suggestions

    Agreed on 3D lettering. Super high quality and match my factory logos pretty good!
  12. Link to Craigslist Ad (22 photos) I have a white 6' power pole for sale with a sandwich style transom mount. It is in excellent condition. The bolts and bushings have recently been replaced and the fiberglass pole has always had a protective spike wrap. The hydraulic pump was just tested and serviced by the factory this past week and includes brand new hose fittings. The reversing relay is brand new from the factory. A wireless module which was also just inspected by the factory is included, but you will need to get a remote. A hard wired rocker switch with wiring is included. A new bottle of factory hydraulic fluid will also be included. $600 OBO just for the pole without the mount. $700 including the mount or $100 for just the mount. PM me with all reasonable offers. I am located in Tampa. I would strongly prefer not to ship but would consider it at the buyer's expense. ___________________________ Also I have another white 6' Sportsman Power Pole for sale which is also in excellent condition. The pump on that one is missing the metal pump base that connects the motor to the fluid tank. It does have a reversing relay, but no wireless module or switch. I would take $350 for the lot or $250 just for the pole and $100 for the pump motor and relay. I can provide more info or photos on this one upon request (note that the photos below are of the complete pole package described above).
  13. harbday

    Free Nav Light

    I have the same light. FYI these LEDs will fit: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015X6MWQU/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. harbday

    Rubber Hatch Gasket/Seal 2005 2200

    This is the size that worked on my 2000 1806v. Weather-Resistant Vinyl Edge-Grip with EPDM Seal with 7/16" Diameter Bulb on Side, Fits 1/4" Edge, 10 ft. Length I ordered the wrong size at first but McMaster overnighted me the correct size free of charge and didnt make me send back the old one. Great customer service.
  15. harbday

    The death.... and resurrection of my Dreamboat.

    Awesome post. I followed both your Redfisher build and the first Pathfinder rebuild. One day, the wiring in my console will look like that. Would your charging system work with a 90hp with a stator charger instead of an alternator?
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